February 2, 2013
Boise State-Jackson's Track - Nampa, ID
200m (Banked)

Women's 60 Meters Finals

1.12.Gennette, JanaeBurr, Megan  FR-1Unattached BSUUtah Valley7.439 18.1728
2.12.Thompson, Breeauna Young-Baker, Natalie SR-4SR-4Fresno StateCollege of Idaho7.611 7.7856
3.7.Lewis, Shakira Young-Baker, Natalie FR-1JR-3Fresno StateBoise State27.739 48.12
4.3.Jordan, Steffanie Wilson, Kia JR-3SR-4Boise StateUnattached BSU497.75 7.439
5.6.Gammage, Destiny King, Bethany SR-4SR-4Boise StateFresno State7.7856 27.739
6.2.Burr, Megan Gennette, JanaeSR-4SR-4Utah ValleyCollege of Idaho7.882 497.75
7.4.Brown-Renshaw, Rebecca Hayes, Jameela SR-4SR-4Utah ValleyUtah17.908 497.75
8.1.Wilson, Kia Brown-Renshaw, Rebecca SO-2 UtahBoise State618.00 18.1728
9.1.Young-Baker, Natalie Holman, Kate JR-3SR-4Utah ValleyUtah8.0303 17.908
10.11.Hayes, Jameela Wilson, Kia FR-1JR-3UtahUtah State8.07 7.611
11.9.King, Bethany Young-Baker, Natalie FR-1SR-4Utah StateFresno State8.1042 7.882
12.6.Lange, Lexis Wilson, Kia SR-4SR-4College of IdahoBoise State8.1126 17.908
13.5.Holman, Kate Holman, Kate JR-3SO-2Boise StateUtah Valley48.12 27.739
14.12.Knowles, Krissy Brown-Renshaw, Rebecca SR-4FR-1Utah ValleyUtah Valley18.1728 7.611
60 Meters Finals Section 2
8.8.Wilson, Kia Hayes, Jameela SO-2SR-4UtahBoise State938.00448.11
10.12.Hayes, Jameela Wilson, Kia FR-1SO-2UtahCollege of Idaho8.07898.120
11.14.King, Bethany Hayes, Jameela FR-1SR-4Utah StateUtah Valley8.10638.1063
12.14.Lange, Lexis Holman, Kate SR-4FR-1College of IdahoUtah State8.11898.120
13.10.Holman, Kate Knowles, Krissy JR-3SO-2Boise StateBoise State898.1208.1063
14.13.Knowles, Krissy Hayes, Jameela SR-4FR-1Utah ValleyCollege of Idaho868.1744938.0044

Women's 60 Meters Preliminaries

1.24.29.Gennette, JanaeWilliams, Kiyana Knowles, Krissy  SO-2FR-1Unattached BSUUtah ValleyBSU TC37.4705 218.410 NT
2.8.11.Thompson, Breeauna Young-Baker, Natalie Funkhouser, Emily SR-4JR-3SR-4Fresno StateUtah ValleyUtah Valley77.6561 48.503 8.9705
3.34.29.Lewis, Shakira Wilson, Kia Young-Baker, Natalie FR-1JR-3SR-4Fresno StateBoise StateNorthwest Nazarene7.7487 648.073 89.239
4.31.27.Jordan, Steffanie Bosen, Aubri Leonce, Christabel JR-3SR-4SR-4Boise StateCal St. Los AngelesFresno State97.812 8.353 568.519
5.27.28.Gammage, Destiny Bosen, Aubri Bosen, Aubri SR-4SR-4SR-4Boise StateBoise StateBoise State7.833 8.353 158.72
6.34.34.Burr, Megan Harris, Alice Grammer, Melissa SR-4SR-4 Utah ValleyFresno StateCollege of Idaho87.9268 89.239 7.7487
7.4.21.Brown-Renshaw, Rebecca Wilson, Kia Funkhouser, Emily SR-4FR-1JR-3Utah ValleyNorthwest NazareneCollege of Idaho307.95 78.21 8.259
8.1.28.Young-Baker, Natalie Jordan, Steffanie Peterson, Wendy JR-3FR-1JR-3Utah ValleyNorthwest NazareneUnattached BSU797.9776 8.308 9.200
9.23.24.Leonce, Christabel Bosen, Aubri Hawwa, Nashfa SR-4SO-2FR-1Northwest NazareneUtah ValleyNorthwest Nazarene558.00 307.95 558.00
10.23.1.Wilson, Kia Gammage, Destiny Forza, AnnaMarie SO-2SR-4SR-4UtahNorthwest NazareneUtah State648.073 8.308 258.59
11.4.13.Lange, Lexis Messick, Mekenzie Sever, Brittany SR-4JR-3SR-4College of IdahoUtah ValleyUtah Valley038.1278 568.519 87.9268
11.23.2.King, Bethany Hawwa, Nashfa Messick, Mekenzie FR-1JR-3SR-4Utah StateCollege of IdahoBSU TC88.12 568.519 NT
13.3.21.Hayes, Jameela Gennette, JanaeKnowles, Krissy FR-1FR-1FR-1UtahUtah ValleyUtah08.14 108.160 08.14
14.21.20.Holman, Kate Kaplar, Angela Burr, Megan JR-3SO-2SR-4Boise StateCollege of IdahoCal St. Los Angeles108.160 558.00 218.410
15.18.34.Knowles, Krissy Hawwa, Nashfa Harris, Alice SR-4SR-4FR-1Utah ValleyUtah StateUtah State8.18 7.7487 218.410
16.29.3.Grammer, Melissa Wheeler, Aimee Wilson, Kia SR-4FR-1 Northwest NazareneNorthwest NazareneBSU TC78.21 038.1278 8.33
17.9.31.Peterson, Wendy Young-Baker, Natalie Wheeler, Aimee SO-2JR-3FR-1Utah ValleyCal St. Los AngelesNorthwest Nazarene088.222 49.3328 98.5353
18.8.10.Funkhouser, Emily Case, Jessica Williams, Kiyana JR-3JR-3 Boise StateNorthwest NazareneCollege of Idaho8.259 9.200 9.200
19. 7.Kaplar, Angela Jordan, Steffanie Kaplar, Angela SR-4SR-4SR-4UtahUtah ValleyCollege of Idaho8.308 98.5353 8.18
20.33.1.Beame, Brittany Thompson, Breeauna Harris, Alice SO-2 SR-4College of IdahoCollege of IdahoNorthwest Nazarene8.33 49.3328 158.72
21.29.1.Bull, Hailey Pope, ShelbieGrammer, Melissa SR-4FR-1JR-3College of IdahoFresno StateNorthwest Nazarene8.353 158.72 49.3328
22.31.17.Wheeler, Aimee Beame, Brittany Grammer, Melissa FR-1FR-1SR-4Utah ValleyUnattached BSUUtah Valley98.4031 49.3328 218.410
23.13.20.Williams, Kiyana Peterson, Wendy Wheeler, Aimee FR-1SR-4SR-4Cal St. Los AngelesUnattached BSUNorthwest Nazarene218.410 9.200 088.222
24.28.21.Sever, Brittany Hawwa, Nashfa Lewis, Shakira FR-1SR-4SR-4Northwest NazareneUtah ValleyUtah Valley48.503 9.200 8.9705
25. 21.Bosen, Aubri Gammage, Destiny Sever, Brittany SR-4 JR-3Utah StateCollege of IdahoCal St. Los Angeles568.519 8.353 78.21
26.1.17.Case, Jessica Knowles, Krissy Funkhouser, Emily SR-4JR-3SO-2Northwest NazareneBoise StateUtah Valley98.5353 158.72 088.222
27.29.24.Schroeder, Courtney Thompson, Breeauna Bull, Hailey SO-2SR-4FR-1Northwest NazareneUtah ValleyUnattached BSU258.59 58.6556 88.12
28.21.4.Wiedmeier, Morgan Case, Jessica King, Bethany SR-4SR-4JR-3Northwest NazareneNorthwest NazareneCal St. Los Angeles58.6556 7.7487 8.308
29.24.7.Pope, ShelbieCraddock, Ashley Funkhouser, Emily  FR-1SR-4BSU TCBoise StateUtah Valley158.72 7.833 8.33
30.34.22.Forza, AnnaMarie King, Bethany Bull, Hailey FR-1SO-2 Northwest NazareneUtah ValleyCal St. Los Angeles28.766 258.59 218.410
31.32.18.Messick, Mekenzie Grammer, Melissa Brown-Renshaw, Rebecca FR-1FR-1SO-2College of IdahoUtah ValleyUnattached BSU8.9705 88.12 37.4705
32.33.31.Harris, Alice Gennette, JanaeSchroeder, Courtney JR-3SO-2SO-2Northwest NazareneNorthwest NazareneNorthwest Nazarene9.200 89.239 218.410
33.2.30.Hawwa, Nashfa Funkhouser, Emily Schroeder, Courtney SO-2SO-2SR-4College of IdahoUtahNorthwest Nazarene89.239 8.9705 58.6556
34.9.18.Mosbrucker, DaniHolman, Kate Thompson, Breeauna  FR-1 BSU TCBoise StateUtah State49.3328 8.308 568.519
 11.25.Craddock, Ashley King, Bethany Grammer, Melissa JR-3SR-4SR-4Cal St. Los AngelesFresno StateFresno StateNT 78.21 8.308
60 Meters Preliminaries Heat 1
PLPLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIMETIME, JanaeSchroeder, Courtney Schroeder, Courtney Grammer, Melissa Grammer, Melissa  SR-4SR-4SR-4 Unattached BSUUnattached BSUNorthwest NazareneNorthwest NazareneNorthwest Nazarene7.4795028.21268.1274669.2017.4795, Rebecca Bosen, Aubri Schroeder, Courtney Grammer, Melissa Bosen, Aubri SR-4SR-4SR-4SR-4 Utah ValleyUtah ValleyCollege of IdahoUtah ValleyNorthwest Nazarene937.9505669.2018.1274669.201028.2126, Lexis Bosen, Aubri Gennette, JanaeBrown-Renshaw, Rebecca Schroeder, Courtney SR-4SR-4SR-4SR-4SR-4College of IdahoUtah ValleyNorthwest NazareneUnattached BSUUtah Valley8.1274028.21268.1274518.595669.201, Melissa Gennette, JanaeGennette, JanaeBrown-Renshaw, Rebecca Brown-Renshaw, Rebecca SR-4SR-4 SO-2SR-4Northwest NazareneNorthwest NazareneUtah StateUtah ValleyCollege of Idaho028.2126937.9505937.9505518.595028.2126, Aubri Brown-Renshaw, Rebecca Lange, Lexis Lange, Lexis Schroeder, Courtney SR-4 SR-4SR-4SR-4Utah StateUnattached BSUUtah ValleyCollege of IdahoNorthwest Nazarene48.5168518.595937.95058.12748.1274, Courtney Lange, Lexis Grammer, Melissa Harris, Alice Gennette, JanaeSO-2SR-4SO-2SR-4SR-4Northwest NazareneNorthwest NazareneCollege of IdahoUtah ValleyUtah Valley518.595518.5957.4795028.2126669.201, Alice Lange, Lexis Lange, Lexis Harris, Alice Harris, Alice JR-3JR-3SR-4SO-2SO-2Northwest NazareneUtah StateUnattached BSUCollege of IdahoCollege of Idaho669.201028.2126937.9505937.9505937.9505
60 Meters Preliminaries Heat 2
PLPLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIMETIME, AnnaMarie Forza, AnnaMarie Thompson, Breeauna Sever, Brittany Kaplar, Angela SO-2FR-1SR-4SO-2SO-2Utah ValleyNorthwest NazareneFresno StateUtahNorthwest Nazarene738.22738.22247.65238.50288.76, Angela Sever, Brittany Young-Baker, Natalie Thompson, Breeauna Young-Baker, Natalie SR-4FR-1JR-3SR-4SO-2College of IdahoUtahUtah ValleyCollege of IdahoUtah288.769.23717.978.50738.22, Nashfa Sever, Brittany Peterson, Wendy Peterson, Wendy Peterson, Wendy FR-1SR-4SO-2SR-4SR-4Northwest NazareneUtah ValleyUtah ValleyNorthwest NazareneNorthwest Nazarene17.9717.97738.22738.229.237, Angela Hawwa, Nashfa Kaplar, Angela Sever, Brittany Sever, Brittany SR-4SO-2SR-4FR-1FR-1Fresno StateCollege of IdahoUtahFresno StateUtah247.6523247.652358.30629.237247.6523, Breeauna Sever, Brittany Sever, Brittany Thompson, Breeauna Forza, AnnaMarie SO-2JR-3FR-1SO-2SR-4UtahCollege of IdahoNorthwest NazareneFresno StateNorthwest Nazarene8.5017.978.508.50288.76, Breeauna Peterson, Wendy Forza, AnnaMarie Thompson, Breeauna Hawwa, Nashfa JR-3SR-4FR-1FR-1FR-1Utah ValleyNorthwest NazareneNorthwest NazareneUtah ValleyUtah17.9717.97288.7658.3062288.76, Natalie Forza, AnnaMarie Hawwa, Nashfa Forza, AnnaMarie Thompson, Breeauna SO-2FR-1SO-2FR-1SR-4Fresno StateNorthwest NazareneCollege of IdahoCollege of IdahoNorthwest Nazarene8.50738.229.2378.508.50
60 Meters Preliminaries Heat 3
PLPLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIMETIME, Bethany Messick, Mekenzie Gammage, Destiny King, Bethany Bull, Hailey SO-2FR-1SR-4SR-4SR-4Northwest NazareneUtah ValleyBoise StateUtahUtah Valley7.83657.83657.83657.83658.65, Kia Wilson, Kia Wilson, Kia Messick, Mekenzie Knowles, Krissy SR-4FR-1SO-2SR-4SO-2College of IdahoUtahUtahUtahBoise State8.978.9798.078.6598.1248, Kia Wiedmeier, Morgan King, Bethany Bull, Hailey Wilson, Kia SO-2SO-2FR-1FR-1SR-4Utah StateNorthwest NazareneUtah StateUtahUtah State7.83657.836598.124888.35698.07, Destiny Wiedmeier, Morgan Knowles, Krissy Gammage, Destiny Wiedmeier, Morgan SR-4FR-1SR-4FR-1FR-1UtahCollege of IdahoUtah ValleyNorthwest NazareneNorthwest Nazarene98.124888.3568.1848.1848.65, Kia Bull, Hailey Bull, Hailey Knowles, Krissy Messick, Mekenzie SO-2SO-2SR-4SO-2SR-4Boise StateNorthwest NazareneCollege of IdahoCollege of IdahoNorthwest Nazarene98.12488.6588.35698.0798.1248, Morgan Gammage, Destiny Wiedmeier, Morgan Wilson, Kia Wiedmeier, Morgan SR-4FR-1SR-4SR-4SR-4Utah ValleyUtah ValleyNorthwest NazareneUtahUtah98.078.658.657.836588.356, Hailey Bull, Hailey Messick, Mekenzie King, Bethany Knowles, Krissy SO-2SR-4FR-1SR-4SR-4Northwest NazareneUtah ValleyCollege of IdahoNorthwest NazareneUtah State8.657.83658.9798.124888.356
60 Meters Preliminaries Heat 4
3.20.Lewis, Shakira Lewis, Shakira FR-1 Fresno StateNorthwest Nazarene7.748.167
9.34.Leonce, Christabel Mosbrucker, DaniSR-4FR-1Northwest NazareneBSU TC98.00 8.419
14.29.Holman, Kate Pope, ShelbieJR-3 Boise StateNorthwest Nazarene8.1678.72
20.3.Beame, Brittany Mosbrucker, DaniSO-2FR-1College of IdahoCollege of Idaho928.3383928.3383
23.14.Williams, Kiyana Lewis, Shakira FR-1SR-4Cal St. Los AngelesCal St. Los Angeles8.4198.167
29.9.Pope, ShelbieWilliams, Kiyana  SO-2BSU TCBoise State8.727.74
34.14.Mosbrucker, DaniWilliams, Kiyana  SO-2BSU TCCal St. Los Angeles9.339.33
60 Meters Preliminaries Heat 5
PLPLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIMETIME, Jessica Jordan, Steffanie Jordan, Steffanie Wheeler, Aimee Case, Jessica FR-1JR-3JR-3FR-1JR-3UtahUtahBoise StateUtahUtah Valley8.256418.407397.81788.25667.92, Jessica Craddock, Ashley Burr, Megan Hayes, Jameela Funkhouser, Emily JR-3JR-3SR-4JR-3JR-3Boise StateCal St. Los AngelesUtah ValleyBoise StateNorthwest Nazarene8.149067.9267.92418.407367.92
  13.18. Funkhouser, Emily Craddock, Ashley Hayes, Jameela Craddock, Ashley Craddock, Ashley SR-4JR-3FR-1JR-3JR-3Cal St. Los AngelesCal St. Los AngelesUtahCal St. Los AngelesNorthwest Nazarene8.1490418.40738.149067.928.256, Jessica Wheeler, Aimee Funkhouser, Emily Hayes, Jameela Jordan, Steffanie SR-4JR-3JR-3FR-1SR-4Utah ValleyUtah ValleyBoise StateUtah ValleyCal St. Los Angeles8.2568.14908.25697.81788.53, Jessica Funkhouser, Emily Wheeler, Aimee Burr, Megan Burr, Megan FR-1JR-3FR-1SR-4JR-3Boise StateNorthwest NazareneUtah ValleyBoise StateCal St. Los Angeles8.5367.92418.4073418.40738.256, Jameela Funkhouser, Emily Case, Jessica Burr, Megan Funkhouser, Emily SR-4JR-3SR-4SR-4FR-1Boise StateUtah ValleyNorthwest NazareneCal St. Los AngelesCal St. Los AngelesNT8.2568.538.14908.1490
6.22.  4.Jordan, Steffanie Jordan, Steffanie Craddock, Ashley Hayes, Jameela Wheeler, Aimee SR-4FR-1JR-3JR-3SR-4Utah ValleyBoise StateCal St. Los AngelesUtah ValleyBoise State97.81788.256NT8.538.53

Women's 200 Meters Finals

19.1.30.Booth, Kadie Thompson, Breeauna Wareham, Dana SR-4SR-4FR-1BSU TCFresno StateUtah State7227.2317 424.27 7226.5712
11.2.23.Simmons, Tajanee Flannigan, Mackenzie Paddock, Courtney FR-1JR-3FR-1Cal St. Los AngelesBoise StateBoise State5526.1276 0424.37 0627.9099
29.3.28.Jordan, Steffanie Campos, Taryn Wilcox, Kaitlyn  SR-4SO-2Utah StateBoise StateUtah Valley726.901 24.57 NT
14.4.36.Wiedmeier, Morgan Lewis, Shakira Escobar, Allison SR-4FR-1JR-3Cal St. Los AngelesFresno StateUtah Valley2728.6371 25.274 27.1136
 5.21.Booth, Kadie Gammage, Destiny Lewis, Shakira SR-4SR-4JR-3College of IdahoBoise StateBoise State0728.2891 7025.323 26.007
 6.32.Hansen, Sally Jordan, Steffanie Lewis, Shakira SR-4JR-3JR-3Utah ValleyBoise StateBoise State27.1136 25.75 NT
22.7.16.Thompson, Breeauna Grammer, Melissa McSpadden, Kyli SO-2SR-4SR-4Cal St. Los AngelesNorthwest NazareneUtah State26.007 26.007 8326.058
15.8.34.Escobar, Allison Simmons, Tajanee Alletag, Stevee JR-3SR-4FR-1College of IdahoBoise StateNorthwest Nazarene827.402 226.049 7927.287
18.9.13.Sweet, Samantha Booth, Kadie Alletag, Stevee JR-3JR-3 College of IdahoEastern OregonUtah State0026.80 8326.058 327.25
13.9.31.Harris, Alice Minnoch, Mikkell King, Bethany FR-1FR-1FR-1Utah ValleyUtah StateUtah State2728.6371 26.054 26.07
1.11.13.Craddock, Ashley Bosworth, Hollie Booth, Kadie FR-1SR-4JR-3BSU TCUtah StateCollege of Idaho424.27 26.07 0728.2891
9.11.2.McSpadden, Kyli Wilson, Kia Knowles, Krissy SR-4SO-2SO-2Cal St. Los AngelesUtahUtah State24.57 226.0733 27.1136
8.13.9.Wilcox, Kaitlyn Brown-Renshaw, Rebecca Mosbrucker, Dani SR-4SR-4Utah ValleyUtah ValleyUtah Valley727.011 126.1072 27.1136
41.14.7.Bosworth, Hollie Sullivan, Megan Grammer, Melissa  FR-1JR-3Utah StateEastern OregonUtah Valley29.88 5526.1276 7025.323
8.15.20.Young-Baker, Natalie McSpadden, Kyli Hayes, Jameela FR-1FR-1FR-1Cal St. Los AngelesUtah StateUtah Valley827.169 7226.5712 26.07
21.16.19.Lingwall, Jessica Craddock, Ashley Wilcox, Kaitlyn SO-2JR-3SO-2College of IdahoCal St. Los AngelesUtah26.054 26.612 26.007
9.17.19.Bosworth, Hollie Funkhouser, Emily Pope, ShelbieFR-1JR-3SR-4Utah StateBoise StateBSU TC326.7523 526.6963 726.901
 18.9.Booth, Kadie Hayes, Jameela Flannigan, Mackenzie SR-4FR-1FR-1Boise StateUtahUtah Valley29.88 326.7523 7927.3133
36.19.6.Gammage, Destiny King, Bethany Simmons, Tajanee SO-2FR-1JR-3Cal St. Los AngelesUtah StateUtah Valley8326.058 0026.80 5526.1276
31.20.18.Escobar, Allison Lange, Lexis Wiedmeier, Morgan SR-4SR-4SR-4Utah ValleyCollege of IdahoCal St. Los Angeles25.75 26.821 26.007
25.21.4.Jones, Cara Sweet, Samantha Jordan, Steffanie FR-1FR-1JR-3Cal St. Los AngelesUtah ValleyBoise State0728.2891 26.8887 526.6963
24.22.24.Wilson, Kia Holman, Kate Minnoch, Mikkell FR-1JR-3SO-2Boise StateBoise StateBoise State26.821 726.901 26.007
14.23.20.Wareham, Dana Rippy, Shanna Paddock, Courtney SR-4SR-4SR-4Fresno StateNorthwest NazareneUtah Valley0728.2891 727.011 327.25
31.24.5.Harris, Alice Williams, Kiyana Hayes, Jameela FR-1FR-1SR-4Utah ValleyCal St. Los AngelesNorthwest NazareneNT 27.1136 424.27
34.25.36.Sullivan, Megan Hansen, Sally McSpadden, Kyli SR-4SR-4SR-4Utah StateUtah ValleyCal St. Los Angeles126.1072 827.169 26.8887
39.26.25.Sweet, Samantha Jones, Cara Minnoch, Mikkell SO-2SR-4SR-4Utah StateCal St. Los AngelesBoise State326.7523 7227.2317 7227.2317
22.27.15.Sweet, Samantha Wareham, Dana King, Bethany JR-3SO-2JR-3Utah ValleyUtah StateBoise State5727.6409 327.25 9329.1385
18.28.36.Harris, Alice Peterson, Wendy Craddock, Ashley FR-1SO-2SR-4Northwest NazareneUtah ValleyCal St. Los Angeles7226.5712 7927.287 827.169
19.29.32.Mosbrucker, DaniKnowles, Krissy Sullivan, Megan JR-3SR-4SR-4Utah ValleyUtah ValleyCollege of Idaho327.25 7927.3133 NT
11.30.34.Jordan, Steffanie Beame, Brittany Williams, Kiyana SR-4SO-2FR-1Utah ValleyCollege of IdahoEastern Oregon26.8887 4527.323 7227.2317
21.31.29.Craddock, Ashley Lingwall, Jessica Rippy, Shanna JR-3JR-3FR-1Boise StateUtah ValleyBSU TC530.99 827.402 4527.323
15.32.9.Grammer, Melissa Schulz, Ashli Messick, Mekenzie SR-4FR-1FR-1College of IdahoUtah ValleyUtah Valley0424.37 27.4139 5727.6409
13.33.6.Wilson, Kia Lentz, Hannah Lentz, Hannah JR-3FR-1SO-2Utah ValleyCollege of IdahoUtah Valley27.4139 5727.6409 24.57
1.34.36.Hansen, Sally Wiedmeier, Morgan Wilson, Kia FR-1SR-4SR-4Utah ValleyNorthwest NazareneEastern Oregon0627.9099 0627.9099 0728.2891
11.35.39.Alletag, Stevee Escobar, Allison Grammer, Melissa SO-2JR-3FR-1Boise StateEastern OregonEastern OregonNT 28.1719 31.04
25.36.18.Beame, Brittany Alletag, Stevee Rippy, Shanna SR-4SR-4FR-1Utah StateCollege of IdahoCollege of Idaho2728.6371 0728.2891 NT
33.37.40.Thompson, Breeauna Sever, Brittany Funkhouser, Emily JR-3FR-1JR-3Eastern OregonNorthwest NazareneUtah Valley25.274 2728.6371 7227.2317
40.38.34.Grammer, Melissa Pope, ShelbieYoung-Baker, Natalie SR-4 JR-3Utah ValleyBSU TCFresno State26.07 9329.1385 29.88
36.39.20.King, Bethany Messick, Mekenzie Young-Baker, Natalie SR-4FR-1JR-3Utah ValleyCollege of IdahoUtah State530.99 29.88 7927.3133
30.40.31.Campos, Taryn Harris, Alice Craddock, Ashley SR-4JR-3FR-1College of IdahoNorthwest NazareneNorthwest Nazarene26.07 530.99 25.274
39.41.1.Minnoch, Mikkell Mosbrucker, DaniThompson, Breeauna JR-3 FR-1BSU TCBSU TCBSU TC7227.2317 31.04 827.169
11. 31.Wilson, Kia Young-Baker, Natalie Sweet, Samantha FR-1JR-3SR-4Utah StateUtah ValleyCal St. Los Angeles0424.37 NT NT
34. 15.Campos, Taryn Paddock, Courtney Escobar, Allison SO-2FR-1FR-1Northwest NazareneUtah ValleyNorthwest Nazarene530.99 NT 5526.1276
14. 31.Rippy, Shanna Wilcox, Kaitlyn Funkhouser, Emily FR-1FR-1SR-4Boise StateUtah StateBSU TC526.6963 NT 29.88
200 Meters Finals Section 1
1.1.Thompson, Breeauna Flannigan, Mackenzie SR-4JR-3Fresno StateFresno State724.27383024.37
2.2.Flannigan, Mackenzie Flannigan, Mackenzie JR-3SR-4Boise StateBoise State3024.3725.320
3.1.Campos, Taryn Campos, Taryn SR-4SR-4Boise StateFresno State9124.574925.320
5.3.Gammage, Destiny Campos, Taryn SR-4SR-4Boise StateBoise State25.32025.320
200 Meters Finals Section 2
PLPLPLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIMETIMETIME, Steffanie Jones, Cara Brown-Renshaw, Rebecca Jones, Cara Jones, Cara Brown-Renshaw, Rebecca JR-3SR-4JR-3SR-4SR-4JR-3Boise StateBoise StateBoise StateBoise StateUtah ValleyCal St. Los Angeles425.75425.756327.236826.106425.75425.75, Rebecca Jones, Cara Brown-Renshaw, Rebecca Jordan, Steffanie Brown-Renshaw, Rebecca Brown-Renshaw, Rebecca SR-4SR-4SR-4JR-3SR-4SR-4Utah ValleyUtah ValleyBoise StateBoise StateCal St. Los AngelesCal St. Los Angeles826.106425.75826.106826.106425.75425.75, Cara Jones, Cara Brown-Renshaw, Rebecca Jones, Cara Brown-Renshaw, Rebecca Jordan, Steffanie SR-4SR-4JR-3SR-4SR-4JR-3Cal St. Los AngelesUtah ValleyUtah ValleyCal St. Los AngelesUtah ValleyUtah Valley6327.2366327.236826.106425.756327.2366327.236
200 Meters Finals Section 4
PLPLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIMETIME, Megan Booth, Kadie Sullivan, Megan McSpadden, Kyli Sullivan, Megan SR-4JR-3FR-1SR-4FR-1Utah StateEastern OregonUtah StateEastern OregonEastern Oregon1526.0591526.05926.07426.0741526.059, Kyli Bosworth, Hollie Sullivan, Megan Booth, Kadie McSpadden, Kyli FR-1SR-4FR-1FR-1FR-1Eastern OregonUtah StateUtah StateEastern OregonEastern Oregon526.12526.0741526.05926.57726.577, Megan Sullivan, Megan Booth, Kadie Booth, Kadie Sullivan, Megan SR-4FR-1JR-3JR-3SR-4Utah StateEastern OregonUtah StateUtah StateUtah State526.125526.125526.12526.074526.125, Kyli McSpadden, Kyli Sullivan, Megan Sullivan, Megan Sullivan, Megan SR-4FR-1SR-4JR-3SR-4Utah StateUtah StateUtah StateEastern OregonEastern Oregon526.12526.5771526.05926.57726.074
200 Meters Finals Section 5
PLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIME, Kia Grammer, Melissa Wilson, Kia Grammer, Melissa FR-1SR-4SO-2FR-1Utah ValleyNorthwest NazareneUtahNorthwest Nazarene26.07326.00 2726.69495026.052, Mikkell Minnoch, Mikkell Minnoch, Mikkell Sweet, Samantha FR-1FR-1FR-1JR-3Boise StateUtah StateUtah ValleyUtah State26.075026.0522726.69492726.6949, Melissa Wilson, Kia Wilson, Kia Sweet, Samantha JR-3SO-2FR-1SR-4Boise StateUtahUtah StateUtah326.00 26.07326.00 26.07, Kia Funkhouser, Emily Grammer, Melissa Minnoch, Mikkell FR-1JR-3FR-1SO-2Northwest NazareneBoise StateUtahUtah2726.69492726.6949326.00 5026.052, Samantha Sweet, Samantha Grammer, Melissa Sweet, Samantha SO-2FR-1SO-2FR-1UtahUtah ValleyUtah ValleyUtah326.00 8326.8826.07326.00
200 Meters Finals Section 6
PLPLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIMETIME, Tajanee Simmons, Tajanee Holman, Kate Simmons, Tajanee Simmons, Tajanee JR-3SR-4SO-2SR-4SO-2Boise StateBoise StateUtahBoise StateUtah026.901426.0426.04627.31026.9014, Kate Hayes, Jameela Knowles, Krissy Peterson, Wendy Knowles, Krissy FR-1FR-1SO-2FR-1SR-4Boise StateUtahUtah ValleyUtah ValleyUtah Valley26.043626.75626.043626.756627.31, Wendy Holman, Kate Simmons, Tajanee Simmons, Tajanee Simmons, Tajanee SO-2JR-3SR-4SO-2SR-4Utah ValleyBoise StateUtahUtah ValleyUtah026.9014026.901426.04026.90143626.756, Kate Peterson, Wendy Knowles, Krissy Knowles, Krissy Peterson, Wendy SR-4SO-2JR-3FR-1SO-2UtahUtah ValleyUtah ValleyBoise StateBoise State627.3127.283627.31627.313626.756, Krissy Knowles, Krissy Simmons, Tajanee Hayes, Jameela Peterson, Wendy SO-2SR-4FR-1SR-4SR-4Utah ValleyUtah ValleyBoise StateUtahUtah Valley26.04627.31026.901426.0427.283
200 Meters Finals Section 7
PLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIME, Ashley Craddock, Ashley Wareham, Dana King, Bethany FR-1JR-3FR-1FR-1Cal St. Los AngelesCal St. Los AngelesCal St. Los AngelesCal St. Los Angeles326.6187326.6187227.254326.6187, Sally King, Bethany Williams, Kiyana Wareham, Dana SO-2FR-1SR-4JR-3Utah StateUtah StateUtah ValleyUtah Valley5527.16926.80926.805527.16, Bethany Williams, Kiyana Hansen, Sally Williams, Kiyana FR-1FR-1FR-1SR-4Utah StateCal St. Los AngelesUtah StateUtah State227.254127.113926.80127.113, Bethany Hansen, Sally Hansen, Sally Craddock, Ashley FR-1SR-4JR-3FR-1Cal St. Los AngelesUtah ValleyUtah StateCal St. Los Angeles926.805527.16127.1135527.16, Dana Wareham, Dana King, Bethany Hansen, Sally SO-2SO-2SR-4SO-2Utah StateUtah StateUtah StateCal St. Los Angeles326.6187227.254127.1135527.16
200 Meters Finals Section 9
PLPLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIMETIME, Ashli Schulz, Ashli Schulz, Ashli Sever, Brittany Sever, Brittany FR-1FR-1 JR-3 Eastern OregonUtah ValleyUtah ValleyUtah ValleyBSU TC931.049127.41728.1728.63127.641, Brittany Lentz, Hannah Sever, Brittany Lentz, Hannah Mosbrucker, Dani FR-1 FR-1FR-1BSU TCCollege of IdahoUtah ValleyCollege of IdahoEastern Oregon931.04927.64128.1727.641931.049, Ashli Escobar, Allison Escobar, Allison Escobar, Allison Mosbrucker, DaniFR-1JR-3 FR-1FR-1Utah ValleyEastern OregonCollege of IdahoUtah ValleyEastern Oregon127.41728.17931.04928.1728.17, DaniSever, Brittany Lentz, Hannah Mosbrucker, DaniSchulz, Ashli FR-1FR-1  JR-3College of IdahoNorthwest NazareneNorthwest NazareneNorthwest NazareneCollege of Idaho127.41728.631931.04927.64127.641, DaniMosbrucker, DaniSever, Brittany Sever, Brittany Schulz, Ashli FR-1 FR-1JR-3FR-1Utah ValleyBSU TCEastern OregonBSU TCCollege of Idaho931.049931.049931.04928.63128.17
200 Meters Finals Section 10
36.38.Alletag, Stevee Pope, ShelbieSR-4SR-4College of IdahoNorthwest Nazarene728.2874728.2874
38.38.Pope, ShelbieAlletag, Stevee   BSU TCBSU TC029.13729.8837
39.40.Messick, Mekenzie Harris, Alice FR-1JR-3College of IdahoBSU TC729.88378030.99
40.39.Harris, Alice Alletag, Stevee JR-3FR-1Northwest NazareneBSU TC8030.99729.8837

Women's 400 Meters Finals

1.7.Bennett, Yvonne Bennett, Yvonne SR-4FR-1Boise StateBoise State457.02 558.50
1.5.Pierce, Cyntrail Pierce, Cyntrail SR-4SR-4Boise StateEastern Oregon57.0276 7558.809
3.13.Johnson, Alyssa Sullivan, Megan SR-4FR-1UtahEastern Oregon57.4508 1:01.76
4.22.Kelley, Megan Klingensmith, Megan SO-2SR-4Boise StateCal St. Los Angeles58.063 50:01:00.5012
5.20.Washington, Chelsey Johnson, Alyssa SO-2JR-3Boise StateBoise State258.09 1:01.76
6.9.Paddock, Courtney Funkhouser, Emily FR-1SR-4Utah ValleyCal St. Los Angeles558.50 1:01.044
7.6.McKay, Lauryn Thayne, Sarah SR-4FR-1UtahUtah State58.631 457.02
8. Grammer, Melissa Sullivan, Megan SR-4SR-4Northwest NazareneUtah2858.7805 7558.809
9.12.Funkhouser, Emily Pierce, Cyntrail JR-3SO-2Boise StateUtah State7558.809 1:00.88
10.13.Simmons, Tajanee Alderman, Sam SR-4SR-4Boise StateUtah State59.1094 57.0276
11.18.Sullivan, Megan Kelley, Megan FR-1FR-1Eastern OregonEastern Oregon59.8712 50:01:00.5012
12.24.Borden, Hannah Borden, Hannah FR-1SR-4Northwest NazareneCal St. Los Angeles1:00.4354 37:01:00.7113
13.20.VandePol, Katherine Younge, Ayana FR-1FR-1Utah StateCal St. Los Angeles50:01:00.5012 1:02.4475
14.16.Sweet, Samantha Wiedmeier, Morgan FR-1FR-1Utah ValleyUtah Valley1:00.5523 558.50
15.4.Palomaki, Lisa Kelley, Megan SO-2JR-3UtahUtah13:01:00.666 1:00.5523
16.24.Booth, Kadie Funkhouser, Emily JR-3SR-4Eastern OregonBoise State37:01:00.7113 7558.809
17.13.Rippy, Shanna Simmons, Tajanee SR-4FR-1Northwest NazareneNorthwest Nazarene1:00.88 50:01:00.5012
18.7.Wareham, Dana Sullivan, Megan SO-2JR-3Utah StateNorthwest Nazarene1:01.044 1:01.43
19.14.Alderman, Sam Younge, Ayana SR-4SR-4Boise StateUtah1:01.43 37:01:00.7113
20.21.McSpadden, Kyli Rippy, Shanna FR-1SR-4Utah StateEastern Oregon1:01.489 20:01:05.5770
21.17.Younge, Ayana Wiedmeier, Morgan SR-4FR-1Cal St. Los AngelesNorthwest Nazarene1:01.76 29:01:01.97
22.17.Wiedmeier, Morgan Curtis, Kathryn SR-4FR-1Northwest NazareneCal St. Los Angeles29:01:01.97 57.4508
23.19.Thayne, Sarah Rippy, Shanna FR-1SR-4UtahBoise State1:02.4475 1:00.88
24.18.Klingensmith, Megan Borden, Hannah FR-1FR-1Utah StateBoise State1:03.964 1:05.0537
25.1.Escobar, Allison Funkhouser, Emily JR-3FR-1Eastern OregonBoise State1:05.0537 13:01:00.666
26.8.Bedke, Adelaide Booth, Kadie FR-1SR-4Utah StateUtah Valley20:01:05.5770 59.1094
27.7.Curtis, Kathryn Grammer, Melissa FR-1FR-1Northwest NazareneCal St. Los Angeles15:01:06.97 1:01.489
 26.Rochon, Raquel Wareham, Dana JR-3SR-4Cal St. Los AngelesUtah StateNT 1:00.5523
400 Meters Finals Section 1
PLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIME, Megan Johnson, Alyssa Paddock, Courtney Johnson, Alyssa SR-4SR-4SO-2SO-2UtahUtahUtahUtah Valley3158.095057.4594258.0624258.062, Courtney Kelley, Megan Kelley, Megan Kelley, Megan FR-1SO-2SR-4FR-1Boise StateBoise StateUtah ValleyUtah Valley3158.0954258.0624258.0624258.062, Courtney Washington, Chelsey Kelley, Megan Johnson, Alyssa SO-2SO-2SO-2SO-2Utah ValleyBoise StateBoise StateBoise State3158.0953158.0954258.062057.459, Alyssa Paddock, Courtney Kelley, Megan Washington, Chelsey FR-1FR-1FR-1SO-2Boise StateUtah ValleyUtahUtah Valley3158.095758.5094258.062758.509
400 Meters Finals Section 2
PLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIME, Emily McKay, Lauryn Pierce, Cyntrail Funkhouser, Emily SR-4SR-4SR-4SR-4Boise StateBoise StateBoise StateUtah Valley57.0257.0257.0258.8061, Samantha Sweet, Samantha McKay, Lauryn McKay, Lauryn SR-4SR-4SR-4JR-3UtahBoise StateUtahBoise State558.632159.1050558.63258.8061, Tajanee McKay, Lauryn Funkhouser, Emily Sweet, Samantha SR-4JR-3JR-3FR-1Boise StateUtahBoise StateBoise State1:00.55558.63258.8061558.632, Cyntrail Pierce, Cyntrail Simmons, Tajanee Sweet, Samantha FR-1JR-3SR-4JR-3UtahBoise StateBoise StateBoise State558.632558.632159.105058.8061, Samantha Simmons, Tajanee Sweet, Samantha Sweet, Samantha SR-4FR-1FR-1FR-1Boise StateUtahUtah ValleyBoise State558.632558.6321:00.55159.1050
400 Meters Finals Section 3
1.21.1.Bennett, Yvonne Grammer, Melissa Grammer, Melissa SR-4FR-1SR-4Boise StateBoise StateBoise State57.022157.022157.0221
8.11.11.Grammer, Melissa Sullivan, Megan Sullivan, Megan SR-4SR-4FR-1Northwest NazareneNorthwest NazareneEastern Oregon8058.78 0959.8757.0221
11.11.11.Sullivan, Megan Bennett, Yvonne Sullivan, Megan FR-1FR-1SR-4Eastern OregonEastern OregonBoise State0959.878058.78 1:01.76
21.8.1.Younge, Ayana Bennett, Yvonne Sullivan, Megan SR-4FR-1SR-4Cal St. Los AngelesCal St. Los AngelesCal St. Los Angeles1:01.760959.878058.78
400 Meters Finals Section 4
PLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIME, Kadie McSpadden, Kyli Borden, Hannah McSpadden, Kyli FR-1SO-2FR-1FR-1Northwest NazareneNorthwest NazareneNorthwest NazareneNorthwest Nazarene1:01.0451:01.04543:01:00.4343:01:00.43, Kadie Rippy, Shanna Booth, Kadie Borden, Hannah FR-1JR-3JR-3SO-2Eastern OregonUtah StateEastern OregonEastern Oregon43:01:00.431:01.0451:00.71811:00.7181, Shanna McSpadden, Kyli Rippy, Shanna Rippy, Shanna SO-2FR-1SR-4JR-3Utah StateNorthwest NazareneNorthwest NazareneEastern Oregon1:00.8801:00.8801:00.8801:01.48, Kadie McSpadden, Kyli Wareham, Dana Wareham, Dana FR-1FR-1SO-2JR-3Utah StateUtah StateUtah StateNorthwest Nazarene1:01.4843:01:00.431:01.0451:01.48, Hannah Booth, Kadie McSpadden, Kyli Borden, Hannah FR-1JR-3FR-1SR-4Utah StateNorthwest NazareneUtah StateUtah State1:01.04543:01:00.431:01.4843:01:00.43
400 Meters Finals Section 5
PLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIME, Morgan Escobar, Allison VandePol, Katherine Wiedmeier, Morgan JR-3SO-2FR-1FR-1Utah StateUtahUtah StateNorthwest Nazarene20:01:00.50781:01.97820:01:00.507820:01:00.5078, Katherine Palomaki, Lisa Palomaki, Lisa Alderman, Sam JR-3SO-2SO-2SO-2Utah StateEastern OregonUtahUtah State1:00.668020:01:00.50781:00.66801:00.6680, Lisa VandePol, Katherine Alderman, Sam Escobar, Allison JR-3SR-4SR-4FR-1Utah StateUtah StateBoise StateEastern Oregon1:05.051:00.668055:01:01.43321:00.6680, Sam Wiedmeier, Morgan Wiedmeier, Morgan Alderman, Sam SO-2SR-4SR-4JR-3Utah StateBoise StateNorthwest NazareneNorthwest Nazarene1:05.051:01.9781:01.9781:01.978, Katherine Escobar, Allison Escobar, Allison Palomaki, Lisa SR-4JR-3JR-3SO-2Eastern OregonNorthwest NazareneEastern OregonBoise State20:01:00.50781:05.051:05.0555:01:01.4332
400 Meters Finals Section 6
23.24.Thayne, Sarah Thayne, Sarah FR-1FR-1UtahUtah State1:02.4444:01:05.57
24.26.Klingensmith, Megan Curtis, Kathryn FR-1FR-1Utah StateUtah State52:01:03.961:02.44
26. Bedke, Adelaide Rochon, Raquel FR-1JR-3Utah StateUtah44:01:05.571:06.974
27.26.Curtis, Kathryn Curtis, Kathryn FR-1FR-1Northwest NazareneUtah State1:06.97444:01:05.57
 27.Rochon, Raquel Klingensmith, Megan JR-3FR-1Cal St. Los AngelesUtah StateNT52:01:03.96

Women's 600 Meters Finals

1.6.Baldovino, Talissa Thomas, Tiana JR-3FR-1Eastern OregonEastern Oregon44:01:40.91 44:01:40.91
2.3.Olivo, Irene Baldovino, Talissa SO-2SO-2Eastern OregonEastern Oregon52:01:43.992 1:48.236
3.2.Thomas, Tiana Hollingsworth, Hailee FR-1FR-1College of IdahoEastern Oregon1:45.8826 1:51.9186
4.4.Hansen, Laura Kost, Emma SO-2JR-3Eastern OregonCollege of Idaho1:48.236 1:45.8826
5.1.Hollingsworth, Hailee Hollingsworth, Hailee FR-1JR-3Eastern OregonEastern Oregon1:50.949 1:45.8826
6.6.Kost, Emma Hansen, Laura FR-1SO-2Eastern OregonEastern Oregon1:51.9186 52:01:43.992

Women's 800 Meters Finals

1.23.Bates, Emma Gomez, Taylor SO-2SeniorBoise StateUtah35:02:11.146 51:02:18.47
2.15.Waller, Rosalie Newman, Tylee JR-3 UtahUtah Valley5:02:11.709 41:02:24.2314
3.19.Eisenbeiss, Ali Eisenbeiss, Ali SO-2 UtahUtah2:12.8255 2:13.3419
4.9.Newman, Tylee Waller, Rosalie FR-1SR-4Utah StateOiselle Racing Team2:13.3419 51:02:18.47
5.14.Miller, AshleyEisenbeiss, Ali  FR-1Oiselle Racing TeamOiselle Racing Team37:02:14.098 2:12.8255
6.20.Paracholski, Meagan Burt, Stephanie SO-2SO-2Fresno StateUtah33:02:14.840 41:02:24.2314
7.18.Chavez, Andrea Gomez, Taylor SO-2FR-1UtahFresno State2:15.1376 37:02:14.098
8.22.Opatz, Marissa Garnett, Gately SO-2SeniorBoise StateBoise State2:17.9484 43:02:29.5009
9.22.Melvin, Kendahl Paracholski, Meagan SO-2SO-2UtahUtah2:18.207 37:02:14.098
10.3.Kuzminsky, Charlotte Bates, Emma FR-1SR-4UtahUtah51:02:18.47 41:02:24.2314
11.14.Evans, Natalie Newman, Tylee JR-3 Northwest NazareneBoise State36:02:18.48 2:23.9098
12.10.Knapp, Jamie Knapp, Jamie SR-4FR-1Boise StateBoise State47:02:19.79 8:02:19.9724
13.18.Hodson-Davies, Brooke Chavez, Andrea SeniorJR-3UnattachedCal St. Los Angeles8:02:19.9724 27:02:22.8647
14.24.Bushman, Brittany Bates, Emma JR-3SeniorUtah StateUtah State6:02:20.9861 0:02:26.743
15.10.Burt, Stephanie Miller, AshleySR-4FR-1Utah StateFresno State2:21.35 43:02:29.5009
16.14.Thompson, Megan Eisenbeiss, Ali FR-1SO-2Cal St. Los AngelesBoise State27:02:22.8647 2:23.9098
17.19.Aafedt, Allison Aafedt, Allison FR-1JR-3UtahCal St. Los Angeles2:23.671 2:18.207
18.8.Rietz, Nikki Burt, Stephanie FR-1FR-1UtahBoise State43:02:23.76 37:02:14.098
19.22.Williams, Alyssa Evans, Natalie FR-1SO-2Boise StateUtah2:23.9098 5:02:11.709
20.10.Sweatfield, Shaelee Thompson, Megan FR-1 Utah ValleyFresno State41:02:24.2314 43:02:23.76
21.20.Harwood, Christine Burt, Stephanie SR-4SO-2Northwest NazareneCal St. Los Angeles3:02:26.2757 37:02:14.098
22.24.Gomez, Taylor Chavez, Andrea JR-3SR-4Utah ValleyUtah Valley0:02:26.743 37:02:14.098
23.14.Garnett, Gately Bates, Emma FR-1SeniorUtah ValleyFresno State24:02:28.48 51:02:18.47
24.22.Miller, Marie Paracholski, Meagan JR-3JR-3Northwest NazareneUtah Valley43:02:29.5009 2:17.9484
800 Meters Finals Section 1
1.2.Bates, Emma Miller, AshleySO-2SO-2Boise StateUtah47:02:11.142:15.13
2.2.Waller, Rosalie Miller, AshleyJR-3 UtahOiselle Racing Team2:11.702:14.0917
3.5.Eisenbeiss, Ali Paracholski, Meagan SO-2SO-2UtahUtah37:02:12.8232:13.346
4.7.Newman, Tylee Miller, AshleyFR-1SO-2Utah StateUtah2:13.3462:14.0917
5.4.Miller, AshleyParacholski, Meagan  JR-3Oiselle Racing TeamFresno State2:14.09172:11.70
6.2.Paracholski, Meagan Waller, Rosalie SO-2SO-2Fresno StateOiselle Racing Team2:14.84422:11.70
7.5.Chavez, Andrea Waller, Rosalie SO-2SO-2UtahOiselle Racing Team2:15.1337:02:12.823
800 Meters Finals Section 2
PLPLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIMETIME, Marissa Gomez, Taylor Gomez, Taylor Gomez, Taylor Gomez, Taylor SO-2FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1Boise StateNorthwest NazareneUtahBoise StateNorthwest Nazarene1:02:17.9442:26.7430:02:21.3551:02:17.9442:26.74, Kendahl Knapp, Jamie Knapp, Jamie Aafedt, Allison Opatz, Marissa SO-2SR-4SR-4SR-4SR-4UtahUtahUtahNorthwest NazareneUtah43:02:18.202:23.67862:23.7642:23.7642:26.74, Charlotte Melvin, Kendahl Rietz, Nikki Gomez, Taylor Aafedt, Allison FR-1SR-4FR-1SR-4FR-1UtahUtah StateUtahUtahUtah State28:02:18.4772:23.678628:02:18.4772:23.7641:02:18.480, Natalie Rietz, Nikki Melvin, Kendahl Burt, Stephanie Evans, Natalie JR-3FR-1JR-3SR-4FR-1Northwest NazareneUtah StateBoise StateUtah ValleyNorthwest Nazarene1:02:18.480 1:02:18.480 43:02:18.202:23.7642:26.74, Jamie Burt, Stephanie Melvin, Kendahl Rietz, Nikki Gomez, Taylor SR-4FR-1SR-4JR-3FR-1Boise StateUtahUtahBoise StateBoise State2:19.79543:02:18.202:23.67862:23.67862:23.764, Stephanie Rietz, Nikki Rietz, Nikki Knapp, Jamie Opatz, Marissa SR-4SO-2SO-2SO-2JR-3Utah StateUtah ValleyUtahUtahBoise State30:02:21.3552:19.7952:23.7642:19.7952:23.6786, Allison Opatz, Marissa Kuzminsky, Charlotte Burt, Stephanie Burt, Stephanie FR-1FR-1FR-1SR-4JR-3UtahUtahUtahBoise StateUtah2:23.67862:23.67861:02:17.9442:23.67862:26.74, Nikki Melvin, Kendahl Gomez, Taylor Gomez, Taylor Rietz, Nikki FR-1SO-2JR-3JR-3JR-3UtahUtah StateUtahUtahBoise State2:23.7642:23.678643:02:18.202:19.7951:02:17.944, Taylor Gomez, Taylor Opatz, Marissa Knapp, Jamie Rietz, Nikki JR-3JR-3SR-4FR-1JR-3Utah ValleyUtahUtahUtahUtah2:26.741:02:17.94428:02:18.47730:02:21.3551:02:18.480
800 Meters Finals Section 3
PLPLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIMETIME, Brooke Garnett, Gately Bushman, Brittany Garnett, Gately Harwood, Christine SeniorSeniorFR-1SR-4JR-3UnattachedUtah ValleyCal St. Los AngelesBoise StateUtah Valley2:19.979441:02:28.486111:02:22.862129:02:23.905029:02:23.9050, Brittany Garnett, Gately Hodson-Davies, Brooke Williams, Alyssa Sweatfield, Shaelee JR-3JR-3FR-1SR-4SR-4Utah StateUtah ValleyUtah ValleyUnattachedCal St. Los Angeles2:20.982:29.501629:02:23.90502:29.50162:26.27, Megan Harwood, Christine Garnett, Gately Sweatfield, Shaelee Harwood, Christine FR-1FR-1SeniorSR-4FR-1Cal St. Los AngelesUtah ValleyBoise StateUnattachedCal St. Los Angeles11:02:22.862129:02:23.905041:02:28.486129:02:23.905011:02:22.8621, Alyssa Miller, Marie Garnett, Gately Hodson-Davies, Brooke Thompson, Megan FR-1FR-1JR-3JR-3JR-3Boise StateUtah ValleyUnattachedUtah ValleyBoise State29:02:23.905029:02:23.905041:02:28.48612:19.97942:20.98, Shaelee Harwood, Christine Miller, Marie Sweatfield, Shaelee Williams, Alyssa FR-1FR-1JR-3FR-1JR-3Utah ValleyUtah ValleyCal St. Los AngelesCal St. Los AngelesUtah Valley2:24.23932:29.501641:02:28.48612:24.239311:02:22.8621, Christine Harwood, Christine Thompson, Megan Garnett, Gately Thompson, Megan SR-4JR-3FR-1FR-1JR-3Northwest NazareneUtah ValleyUtah ValleyUtah StateNorthwest Nazarene2:26.272:26.2711:02:22.86212:19.97942:19.9794, Gately Sweatfield, Shaelee Miller, Marie Bushman, Brittany Hodson-Davies, Brooke FR-1SR-4FR-1FR-1FR-1Utah ValleyUnattachedUtah ValleyCal St. Los AngelesUtah Valley41:02:28.48612:24.239311:02:22.862141:02:28.48612:26.27, Marie Miller, Marie Bushman, Brittany Bushman, Brittany Miller, Marie JR-3SeniorFR-1FR-1JR-3Northwest NazareneBoise StateUtah ValleyUnattachedNorthwest Nazarene2:29.501611:02:22.86212:26.272:19.97942:29.5016

Women's 1000 Meters Finals

1.2.Engelhardt, Jordan Smith, Elynn FR-1FR-1College of IdahoCollege of Idaho10:03:07.1288 36:03:20.99
2.3.Smith, Elynn Engelhardt, Jordan SR-4FR-1College of IdahoEastern Oregon0:03:10.5564 10:03:07.1288
3.3.Hansen, Laura Engelhardt, Jordan SO-2SR-4Eastern OregonCollege of Idaho20:03:15.3043 0:03:10.5564
4.4.Hollingsworth, Hailee Hansen, Laura FR-1FR-1Eastern OregonEastern Oregon36:03:20.99 0:03:10.5564

Women's Mile Finals

PL PL PL PL NAMENAMENAMENAMEYEARYEARYEARYEARTEAMTEAMTEAMTEAMTIMETIMETIMETIME, Hayley Celis, Arianna VanderMalle, Marissa Dotter, Nikki SO-2JR-3SO-2FR-1Boise StateUtah ValleyBoise StateUtah Valley5:35.3882 4:55.0230 4:55.0230 5:10.46, Amanda Powell, Jordan Litzsinger, Alex Litzsinger, Alex FR-1JR-3SR-4JR-3Utah StateBoise StateUtah StateCollege of Idaho5:10.46 9:05:18.9603 4:56.121 5:35.7932, Mikesell Dotter, Nikki Morrill, Rici Clegg, Mikesell JR-3JR-3JR-3SR-4Utah ValleyCollege of IdahoBoise StateUtah5:05.39 5:20.44 43:05:04.424 5:35.7932, Celeste Kubasch, Stella Lucas, Lauren Shaw, Alex SR-4FR-1JR-3SR-4College of IdahoUtah StateBoise StateBoise State5:10.46 42:05:20.23 5:05.39 16:05:32.98, Sarah Allen, Jocelyn Celis, Arianna Morrill, Rici SR-4FR-1SR-4JR-3College of IdahoBoise StateCal St. Los AngelesUtah Valley41:05:09.692 9:05:18.9603 5:05.428 13:05:18.829, Bridget Zehrung, Danielle Susbauer, Shannon Dotter, Nikki SO-2SR-4FR-1FR-1Boise StateBoise StateBoise StateBoise State22:05:16.592 4:55.0230 9:05:05.66 5:35.3882, Hayley Walsh, Sarah Rietz, Nikki Blackham, Angela FR-1JR-3FR-1SR-4College of IdahoBoise StateUtahUtah Valley48:05:25.244 5:05.39 27:05:07.79 2:05:20.12, Kenna Hazel, Bridget Kubasch, Stella Sharp, Darian SR-4FR-1FR-1FR-1College of IdahoCal St. Los AngelesFresno StateBoise State5:05:19.95 5:35.7932 41:05:09.692 27:05:07.79, Jessica Zehrung, Danielle Treadway, Taryn Susbauer, Shannon FR-1SR-4JR-3FR-1Utah ValleyUtah ValleyBoise StateUtah Valley5:43.36 21:05:22.18 5:10.46 41:05:09.692, Harley Rietz, Nikki Sharp, Darian Allen, Jocelyn JR-3JR-3FR-1JR-3Boise StateNorthwest NazareneUtah ValleyBoise State43:05:04.424 5:42.040 41:05:12.090 13:05:18.829, Taryn Middleton, Kenna Klopfenstein, Sora Litzsinger, Alex JR-3JR-3JR-3SO-2College of IdahoBoise StateCollege of IdahoUtah9:05:05.66 13:05:18.829 22:05:16.592 35:05:20.2709, Sarah Clegg, Mikesell Stanford, Mattie Powell, Jordan JR-3JR-3SO-2SR-4Fresno StateCollege of IdahoBoise StateBoise State5:21.58 21:05:22.18 13:05:18.829 27:05:07.79, Harley Shaw, Alex Clegg, Mikesell Morrill, Rici JR-3JR-3FR-1FR-1Utah ValleyBoise StateUtah ValleyUtah Valley5:20.44 5:05:19.95 9:05:18.9603 5:35.7932, Nikki Klopfenstein, Sora Johnson, Sarah Wisenor, Amanda JR-3FR-1JR-3SO-2Utah ValleyUtahCollege of IdahoUtah Valley16:05:32.98 5:19.8493 56:05:19.283 5:05.39, Harley Walsh, Sarah Middleton, Kenna Johnson, Sarah FR-1JR-3JR-3FR-1UtahUtahCollege of IdahoCollege of Idaho5:05.39 22:05:16.592 5:19.8493 2:05:20.12, Jessica Sharp, Darian Blackham, Angela Lucas, Lauren SO-2SO-2SR-4SR-4College of IdahoFresno StateUtah ValleyBoise State5:35.3882 4:56.121 5:05:19.95 42:05:20.23, Sora Zehrung, Danielle Strodel, Cara Wilding, Jessica JR-3JR-3SO-2SO-2Boise StateUtah ValleyBoise StateFresno State41:05:09.692 5:05.39 2:05:20.12 22:05:16.592, Lauren Gregoire, Hayley Wilding, Jessica Wisenor, Amanda SO-2FR-1JR-3FR-1Utah ValleyUtah ValleyUtah ValleyCollege of Idaho59:05:21.2707 48:05:25.244 42:05:20.23 5:05.428, Darian Shaw, Alex Bisterfeldt, Sarah Lucas, Lauren JR-3SO-2SR-4JR-3Boise StateBoise StateBoise StateCollege of Idaho5:21.58 5:19.8493 35:05:20.2709 4:55.0230, Sarah Hazel, Bridget Gutzman, Celeste Dotter, Nikki JR-3SO-2FR-1JR-3UtahUtah ValleyUtah ValleyBoise State5:35.7932 5:21.58 5:20.44 48:05:25.244, Stella Wisenor, Amanda Preciado, Anna Sharp, Darian FR-1JR-3SO-2JR-3Utah ValleyUtah ValleyBoise StateUtah13:05:18.829 35:05:20.2709 59:05:21.2707 5:42.040, Jessica Clegg, Mikesell Powell, Jordan Preciado, Anna JR-3SR-4JR-3JR-3Boise StateUtah ValleyNorthwest NazareneBoise State5:35.7932 48:05:25.244 5:21.58 16:05:32.98, Harley Mock, Julianna Hazel, Bridget Hazel, Bridget JR-3FR-1FR-1FR-1Utah StateCollege of IdahoUtah ValleyCal St. Los Angeles41:05:12.090 5:35.7932 21:05:22.18 2:05:20.12, Shannon Walsh, Sarah Gregoire, Hayley Preciado, Anna FR-1JR-3SO-2JR-3Utah ValleyFresno StateBoise StateUtah Valley9:05:05.66 5:35.7932 48:05:25.244 56:05:19.283, Sarah Stanford, Mattie Murray, Harley Johnson, Sarah FR-1SR-4FR-1FR-1College of IdahoUtahUtah ValleyUtah4:56.121 5:35.7932 5:29.7012 9:05:05.66, Bridget Celis, Arianna Dotter, Nikki Susbauer, Shannon JR-3FR-1JR-3FR-1College of IdahoCollege of IdahoUtahUtah35:05:20.2709 22:05:16.592 5:31.50 5:10.46, Stella Stanford, Mattie Zehrung, Danielle Wisenor, Amanda SR-4JR-3JR-3FR-1College of IdahoUtahBoise StateUtah5:19.8493 22:05:16.592 16:05:32.98 41:05:12.090, Lauren Morrill, Rici Mock, Julianna Dotter, Nikki JR-3SR-4FR-1JR-3Boise StateUtahBoise StateUtah4:56.121 13:05:18.829 5:35.3882 5:29.7012, Kenna Blackham, Angela Shaw, Alex Klopfenstein, Sora JR-3SO-2SO-2JR-3College of IdahoUtah StateUtahBoise State5:29.7012 41:05:12.090 5:35.7932 5:42.040, Julianna Litzsinger, Alex Allen, Jocelyn Litzsinger, Alex SR-4FR-1SO-2SO-2Boise StateUtah ValleyCollege of IdahoUtah Valley4:55.0230 56:05:19.283 5:42.040 59:05:21.2707, Alex Morrill, Rici Walsh, Sarah Klopfenstein, Sora FR-1JR-3FR-1FR-1Fresno StateBoise StateCollege of IdahoBoise State5:35.3882 5:21.58 5:43.36 56:05:19.283, Arianna Morrill, Rici Wisenor, Amanda Lucas, Lauren FR-1SO-2FR-1SO-2Utah ValleyBoise StateBoise StateCollege of Idaho5:35.7932 5:31.50 55:05:44.642 42:05:20.23
Mile Finals Section 1
PLPLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIMETIME, Rici VanderMalle, Marissa Litzsinger, Alex Morrill, Rici Blackham, Angela JR-3SO-2FR-1FR-1FR-1Utah ValleyBoise StateUtah ValleyBoise StateBoise State56:05:05.4251:04:55.0245:05.665:05.6639:05:09.692, Darian Litzsinger, Alex VanderMalle, Marissa Susbauer, Shannon Blackham, Angela SR-4SR-4FR-1JR-3FR-1Cal St. Los AngelesUtah StateCal St. Los AngelesUtah ValleyBoise State5:10.4656:04:56.120014:05:07.79325:10.4612:05:04.427, Anna Morrill, Rici Rietz, Nikki Blackham, Angela Preciado, Anna SR-4JR-3FR-1JR-3SR-4Boise StateBoise StateUtahUtah StateUtah55:05:21.27912:05:04.42756:05:05.425:10.4656:05:05.42, Lauren Lucas, Lauren VanderMalle, Marissa Susbauer, Shannon Sharp, Darian FR-1JR-3SO-2FR-1FR-1Boise StateBoise StateUtah ValleyBoise StateUtah Valley51:04:55.0245:05.395414:05:07.79325:05.39545:05.66, Nikki Celis, Arianna Kubasch, Stella Litzsinger, Alex Preciado, Anna SR-4SR-4SR-4SO-2FR-1Cal St. Los AngelesCal St. Los AngelesBoise StateUtah ValleyBoise State14:05:07.793256:05:05.425:05.39545:10.465:05.66, Alex Susbauer, Shannon Litzsinger, Alex Morrill, Rici Treadway, Taryn JR-3FR-1SR-4FR-1JR-3Utah ValleyBoise StateUtah ValleyUtah ValleyCal St. Los Angeles56:05:05.425:05.6655:05:21.27912:05:04.4275:05.3954, Taryn Rietz, Nikki Litzsinger, Alex Celis, Arianna Blackham, Angela JR-3FR-1FR-1JR-3SR-4Boise StateUtahUtahBoise StateFresno State12:05:04.42714:05:07.793256:04:56.120014:05:07.79325:05.66, Marissa Kubasch, Stella Litzsinger, Alex VanderMalle, Marissa VanderMalle, Marissa FR-1FR-1FR-1SR-4SO-2Boise StateFresno StateUtah ValleyFresno StateUtah56:05:05.4239:05:09.69251:04:55.0245:05.665:05.3954, Alex Treadway, Taryn Preciado, Anna Blackham, Angela Rietz, Nikki JR-3JR-3FR-1SO-2FR-1Boise StateBoise StateUtah StateBoise StateBoise State14:05:07.79325:10.465:19.95214:05:07.793214:05:07.7932, Nikki Sharp, Darian Treadway, Taryn Treadway, Taryn Blackham, Angela SO-2FR-1JR-3FR-1FR-1Boise StateUtah ValleyBoise StateUtah ValleyBoise State12:05:04.4275:12.0965:12.09614:05:07.793256:04:56.1200, Stella Blackham, Angela Preciado, Anna Kubasch, Stella Lucas, Lauren FR-1SR-4JR-3JR-3FR-1Boise StateUtah ValleyBoise StateUtah ValleyUtah Valley55:05:21.2795:19.9525:12.0965:05.6651:04:55.024, Nikki Preciado, Anna VanderMalle, Marissa Rietz, Nikki Treadway, Taryn JR-3SO-2SR-4SO-2JR-3Fresno StateBoise StateBoise StateFresno StateBoise State5:19.95255:05:21.2795:10.465:19.95212:05:04.427
Mile Finals Section 2
PLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIME, Sarah Klopfenstein, Sora Gutzman, Celeste Wilding, Jessica SR-4JR-3JR-3SR-4Boise StateCollege of IdahoNorthwest NazareneBoise State5:20.4465:16.59085:20.44618:05:22.1827, Celeste Johnson, Sarah Gutzman, Celeste Powell, Jordan SO-2JR-3JR-3FR-1Utah ValleyCollege of IdahoBoise StateUtah Valley5:21.5857 37:05:19.28818:05:22.18275:20.125, Celeste Strodel, Cara Wilding, Jessica Bisterfeldt, Sarah FR-1SO-2JR-3JR-3Boise StateBoise StateCollege of IdahoBoise State5:20.2745:20.1255:20.12518:05:22.1827, Sarah Wilding, Jessica Johnson, Sarah Klopfenstein, Sora FR-1JR-3FR-1FR-1Utah ValleyUtah ValleyCollege of IdahoCollege of Idaho5:20.1251:05:20.235:20.4465:16.5908, Sarah Bisterfeldt, Sarah Johnson, Sarah Klopfenstein, Sora JR-3SR-4JR-3JR-3Northwest NazareneBoise StateCollege of IdahoUtah Valley5:16.59085:20.2745:20.12537:05:19.288, Celeste Gutzman, Celeste Wilding, Jessica Gutzman, Celeste FR-1FR-1JR-3JR-3Utah ValleyUtah ValleyCollege of IdahoCollege of Idaho5:20.2745:20.4465:21.5857 18:05:22.1827, Celeste Powell, Jordan Strodel, Cara Powell, Jordan JR-3JR-3SR-4JR-3College of IdahoNorthwest NazareneUtah ValleyBoise State5:21.5857 5:21.5857 5:16.590818:05:22.1827, Sarah Hazel, Bridget Gutzman, Celeste Johnson, Sarah JR-3FR-1FR-1JR-3College of IdahoUtah ValleyBoise StateCollege of Idaho5:20.27418:05:22.18271:05:20.235:20.274
Mile Finals Section 3
12.31.Stanford, Mattie Dotter, Nikki SO-2JR-3Boise StateBoise State10:05:18.82525:43.365
13.12.Clegg, Mikesell Middleton, Kenna FR-1FR-1Utah ValleyBoise State5:18.96510:05:18.8252
15.30.Middleton, Kenna Zehrung, Danielle JR-3FR-1College of IdahoCollege of Idaho51:05:19.845:31.50
24.26.Gregoire, Hayley Dotter, Nikki SO-2SO-2Boise StateUtah51:05:25.24085:29.704
25.25.Murray, Harley Zehrung, Danielle FR-1JR-3Utah ValleyCollege of Idaho5:29.7045:42.0498
26.31.Dotter, Nikki Dotter, Nikki JR-3SO-2UtahCollege of Idaho5:31.5051:05:19.84
27.15.Zehrung, Danielle Stanford, Mattie JR-3FR-1Boise StateUtah Valley2:05:32.985:18.965
28.25.Mock, Julianna Clegg, Mikesell FR-1FR-1Boise StateCollege of Idaho39:05:35.38255:29.704
29.26.Shaw, Alex Murray, Harley SO-2SO-2UtahCollege of Idaho5:35.7932:05:32.98
30.29.Allen, Jocelyn Mock, Julianna SO-2JR-3College of IdahoBoise State5:42.04985:18.965
31.13.Walsh, Sarah Middleton, Kenna FR-1FR-1College of IdahoCollege of Idaho5:43.36551:05:25.2408
32.13.Wisenor, Amanda Allen, Jocelyn FR-1SO-2Boise StateCollege of Idaho5:44.6410:05:18.8252

Women's 3000 Meters Finals

23.1.19.Holt, Hillary Holt, Hillary Hurst, Susannah SO-2JR-3SO-2Utah ValleyCollege of IdahoUtah Valley30:10:51.8572 9:45.9670 10:10:14.775
5.2.15.Hayes, Andi Hurst, Susannah Winterton, Rebekah SR-4SO-2FR-1College of IdahoUtahUtah State30:10:51.8572 3:10:08.1532 9:11:12.0464
12.3.19.Clegg, Mikesell Winterton, Rebekah Maki, Myja SO-2SO-2SR-4College of IdahoUtahUtah Valley8:10:30.123 10:10:14.775 6:10:39.07
16.4.15.Stetler, Alyssa Sharp, Darian Hurst, Susannah FR-1FR-1SR-4Utah ValleyUtah ValleyCollege of Idaho10:11:25.50 34:10:16.4892 6:10:39.07
17.5.8.Gerard, Kaitlyn Hernandez, Maritza Gourley, Jaydn JR-3SR-4FR-1Eastern OregonCal St. Los AngelesCollege of Idaho15:10:24.9024 15:10:24.9024 9:11:12.0464
23.6.3.Gourley, Jaydn Giardelli, Kelsey Blackham, Angela JR-3FR-1JR-3Utah ValleyUtah StateCollege of Idaho34:10:16.4892 10:10:27.50 30:11:41.4438
13.7.15.Hurst, Susannah Gutzman, Celeste Maki, Myja FR-1FR-1FR-1Utah StateUtah ValleyUtah Valley10:44.77 43:10:29.59 15:10:24.9024
18.8.10.Gerard, Kaitlyn Blackham, Angela Hayes, Andi FR-1SR-4SO-2Eastern OregonUtah ValleyCollege of Idaho9:11:12.0464 8:10:30.123 10:44.77
4.9.7.Clegg, Mikesell Robison, Ashley Maki, Myja FR-1JR-3JR-3Utah ValleyUtah StateUtah State3:10:08.1532 10:31.15 10:31.15
4.10.7.Giardelli, Kelsey Lopez, Sabrina Maki, Myja SO-2SR-4FR-1Utah StateCal St. Los AngelesNorthwest Nazarene18:11:02.99 44:10:32.77 6:10:39.07
14.11.18.Robison, Ashley Stringfellow, Katelyn Gerard, Kaitlyn SO-2JR-3SO-2Eastern OregonUtahUtah Valley10:31.15 18:10:36.136 34:10:16.4892
1.12.2.Sharp, Darian Wilding, Jessica Blackham, Angela JR-3JR-3SO-2UtahUtah ValleyUtah Valley15:10:24.9024 10:38.7033 6:10:39.07
21.13.22.Troutner, Hilary Stetler, Alyssa Hazel, Bridget SR-4FR-1JR-3UtahUtahUtah18:10:36.136 6:10:39.07 8:10:30.123
23.14.13.Gourley, Jaydn Hayes, Andi Wilson, Kailey SR-4SR-4SO-2Utah ValleyCollege of IdahoUtah Valley11:20.26 42:10:39.8942 10:10:27.50
16.15.18.Sharp, Darian Hazel, Bridget Robison, Ashley JR-3FR-1FR-1Utah ValleyUtah ValleyUtah Valley18:10:36.136 10:44.77 6:10:39.07
6.16.14.Winterton, Rebekah Clegg, Mikesell Gerard, Kaitlyn FR-1FR-1SO-2Utah ValleyUtah ValleyUtah Valley10:38.7033 30:10:51.8572 15:10:24.9024
19.17.21.Gutzman, Celeste Gerard, Kaitlyn Hurst, Susannah FR-1SR-4SO-2Eastern OregonCollege of IdahoEastern Oregon10:53.117 10:53.117 10:38.7033
4.18.22.Clegg, Mikesell Troutner, Hilary Maki, Myja FR-1JR-3SR-4College of IdahoUtahUtah Valley6:10:39.07 18:11:02.99 8:10:30.123
11.19.22.Clegg, Mikesell Bradshaw, Hailey Wilson, Kailey FR-1SO-2FR-1College of IdahoNorthwest NazareneUtah44:10:32.77 11:11.282 10:10:14.775
23.20.10.Hernandez, Maritza Maki, Myja Maki, Myja FR-1JR-3FR-1UtahCollege of IdahoUtah Valley10:44.77 9:11:12.0464 34:10:16.4892
14.21.12.Delgado, Cristal Getty, Angeline Winterton, Rebekah JR-3SO-2FR-1Eastern OregonCollege of IdahoCollege of Idaho11:20.26 11:20.26 42:10:39.8942
5.22.12.Bradshaw, Hailey Delgado, Cristal Clegg, Mikesell FR-1JR-3SR-4College of IdahoEastern OregonUtah Valley10:11:25.50 10:11:25.50 18:10:36.136
12.23.5.Robison, Ashley Gourley, Jaydn Lopez, Sabrina SR-4FR-1SO-2Northwest NazareneNorthwest NazareneCal St. Los Angeles11:46.49 30:11:41.4438 30:10:51.8572
13.24.23.Stringfellow, Katelyn Wilson, Kailey Gerard, Kaitlyn JR-3FR-1FR-1UtahEastern OregonUtah Valley30:10:51.8572 11:46.49 44:10:32.77
3000 Meters Finals Section 1
1.1.1.Holt, Hillary Winterton, Rebekah Gerard, Kaitlyn JR-3SR-4JR-3College of IdahoCollege of IdahoUtah Valley40:09:45.9651 50:10:38.70510:39.898
2.5.2.Hurst, Susannah Winterton, Rebekah Holt, Hillary SO-2JR-3FR-1UtahUtahUtah Valley37:10:08.1550:10:38.70510:36.139
3.12.2.Winterton, Rebekah Hurst, Susannah Winterton, Rebekah SO-2FR-1JR-3UtahUtahUtah Valley10:14.777118:10:30.12250:10:38.705
4.8.4.Sharp, Darian Holt, Hillary Winterton, Rebekah FR-1SR-4FR-1Utah ValleyCal St. Los AngelesUtah Valley50:10:16.487018:10:30.12240:09:45.9651
5.3.2.Hernandez, Maritza Hayes, Andi Holt, Hillary SR-4SO-2SR-4Cal St. Los AngelesUtah ValleyUtah Valley10:24.90650:10:16.487018:10:30.122
8.12.17.Blackham, Angela Sharp, Darian Gerard, Kaitlyn SR-4JR-3SR-4Utah ValleyCollege of IdahoUtah18:10:30.12250:10:38.70510:14.7771
11.15.12.Stringfellow, Katelyn Wilding, Jessica Winterton, Rebekah JR-3JR-3SR-4UtahUtah ValleyUtah Valley10:36.13910:36.13910:14.7771
12.11.12.Wilding, Jessica Winterton, Rebekah Hayes, Andi JR-3JR-3SO-2Utah ValleyCollege of IdahoCollege of Idaho50:10:38.70510:14.777150:10:16.4870
14.5.11.Hayes, Andi Wilding, Jessica Hernandez, Maritza SR-4JR-3JR-3College of IdahoCollege of IdahoUtah10:39.89810:24.90640:09:45.9651
15.2.17.Hazel, Bridget Blackham, Angela Blackham, Angela FR-1FR-1JR-3Utah ValleyUtah ValleyUtah Valley31:10:44.77510:24.90610:36.139
17.17.14.Gerard, Kaitlyn Stringfellow, Katelyn Blackham, Angela SR-4SO-2SR-4College of IdahoUtah ValleyUtah31:10:53.11810:36.13910:39.898
3000 Meters Finals Section 2
PLPLPLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIMETIMETIME, Kelsey Maki, Myja Delgado, Cristal Stetler, Alyssa Delgado, Cristal Robison, Ashley FR-1JR-3FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1Utah StateCal St. Los AngelesNorthwest NazareneEastern OregonUtah ValleyEastern Oregon10:27.502253:10:29.59811:12.04011:12.04011:12.0401:10:51.8556, Celeste Clegg, Mikesell Maki, Myja Maki, Myja Robison, Ashley Giardelli, Kelsey FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1JR-3SO-2Utah ValleyCollege of IdahoCollege of IdahoNorthwest NazareneNorthwest NazareneEastern Oregon53:10:29.59811:25.503610:27.502210:32.77522:11:02.99411:20.2677, Ashley Lopez, Sabrina Robison, Ashley Delgado, Cristal Clegg, Mikesell Stetler, Alyssa JR-3FR-1SO-2FR-1FR-1SR-4Utah StateCollege of IdahoCollege of IdahoUtahUtah StateUtah State10:31.1510:27.50221:10:51.855610:39.074:11:11.28010:31.15, Sabrina Getty, Angeline Gutzman, Celeste Clegg, Mikesell Gutzman, Celeste Bradshaw, Hailey SR-4SO-2JR-3FR-1SO-2FR-1Cal St. Los AngelesNorthwest NazareneUtah StateCollege of IdahoCollege of IdahoUtah Valley10:32.7754:11:11.28010:39.0711:12.04010:27.502210:31.15, Alyssa Maki, Myja Stetler, Alyssa Robison, Ashley Gutzman, Celeste Troutner, Hilary FR-1SO-2FR-1JR-3JR-3SR-4UtahUtahCollege of IdahoNorthwest NazareneUtah ValleyUtah State10:39.0722:11:02.99410:27.50224:11:11.2804:11:11.28011:25.5036, Mikesell Robison, Ashley Lopez, Sabrina Clegg, Mikesell Clegg, Mikesell Delgado, Cristal FR-1FR-1JR-3FR-1SO-2FR-1Utah ValleyUtah ValleyCollege of IdahoUtahUtahEastern Oregon1:10:51.85561:10:51.855610:31.1511:20.267710:27.502211:20.2677, Hilary Clegg, Mikesell Gourley, Jaydn Clegg, Mikesell Delgado, Cristal Maki, Myja JR-3FR-1FR-1SR-4JR-3FR-1UtahUtah ValleyCollege of IdahoNorthwest NazareneEastern OregonNorthwest Nazarene22:11:02.99422:11:02.9941:10:51.85564:11:11.28053:10:29.59810:39.07, Hailey Delgado, Cristal Maki, Myja Delgado, Cristal Troutner, Hilary Troutner, Hilary SO-2FR-1FR-1JR-3FR-1SO-2Northwest NazareneEastern OregonCollege of IdahoUtahUtahNorthwest Nazarene4:11:11.28010:31.1510:39.0711:25.50361:10:51.855627:11:46.49, Myja Bradshaw, Hailey Bradshaw, Hailey Gutzman, Celeste Gourley, Jaydn Delgado, Cristal JR-3FR-1FR-1SR-4SO-2SO-2College of IdahoUtah ValleyEastern OregonEastern OregonNorthwest NazareneUtah State11:12.04053:10:29.59853:10:29.59810:32.77511:12.04027:11:46.49, Angeline Gutzman, Celeste Clegg, Mikesell Delgado, Cristal Giardelli, Kelsey Maki, Myja SO-2FR-1SO-2FR-1FR-1FR-1College of IdahoNorthwest NazareneCal St. Los AngelesCollege of IdahoUtah StateUtah Valley11:20.26774:11:11.2801:10:51.855610:27.502222:11:02.99411:25.5036, Cristal Giardelli, Kelsey Clegg, Mikesell Stetler, Alyssa Gourley, Jaydn Gutzman, Celeste JR-3JR-3SR-4SO-2FR-1JR-3Eastern OregonEastern OregonUtah ValleyNorthwest NazareneEastern OregonUtah State11:25.503611:41.4410:27.502210:32.77511:12.0404:11:11.280, Jaydn Gourley, Jaydn Stetler, Alyssa Maki, Myja Stetler, Alyssa Giardelli, Kelsey FR-1SO-2JR-3SR-4FR-1FR-1Northwest NazareneCollege of IdahoUtahUtah StateCal St. Los AngelesCollege of Idaho11:41.4410:31.1510:32.77510:31.1511:20.267711:12.040, Kailey Delgado, Cristal Troutner, Hilary Wilson, Kailey Stetler, Alyssa Delgado, Cristal FR-1JR-3FR-1SO-2SR-4JR-3Eastern OregonUtah ValleyUtah StateUtah ValleyCollege of IdahoEastern Oregon27:11:46.4927:11:46.4911:41.444:11:11.28022:11:02.99411:25.5036

Women's 60 Hurdles Finals

6.1.8.Vozarova, Suzie Kaplar, Angela Knowles, Krissy JR-3SR-4FR-1Cal St. Los AngelesUtahNorthwest Nazarene9.5H 8.5H 8.5H
14.2.8.Campbell, Brianne Campbell, Brianne Smith, Marie SR-4JR-3FR-1Utah StateUtah StateBoise State8.7H 8.7H 9.5H
9.3.8.Pridgen, Laura Smith, Marie Knowles, Krissy FR-1JR-3JR-3Cal St. Los AngelesNorthwest NazareneBoise State8.9H 8.9H 9.0H
8.3.2.Holman, Kate Knowles, Krissy Simmons, Tajanee SO-2SR-4SO-2UtahUtah ValleyUtah Valley9.5H 8.9H 9.1H
3.3.3.Heaton, Mykah Simmons, Tajanee Jones, Cara JR-3SR-4JR-3Utah ValleyBoise StateUtah State9.1H 8.9H 9.5H
14.6.11.Borden, Hannah Taylor, Cree Schroeder, Courtney SR-4SO-2SR-4Utah StateUtah StateUtah Valley9.1H 9.0H 9.5H
13.6.1.Smith, Marie Holman, Kate Holman, Kate FR-1JR-3SR-4Utah ValleyBoise StateUtah Valley9.1H 9.0H 8.9H
2.8.8.Jones, Cara Hansen, Sally Heaton, Mykah SR-4SR-4JR-3Eastern OregonUtah ValleyUtah Valley8.7H 9.0H 9.5H
13.9.9.Holman, Kate Esplin, Lexie Vozarova, Suzie SO-2SO-2SO-2Northwest NazareneUtah ValleyUtah9.1H 9.1H 9.5H
6.9.14.Jones, Cara Jones, Cara Smith, Marie SR-4SR-4JR-3UtahCal St. Los AngelesBoise State9.0H 9.1H 9.1H
1.11.11.Pridgen, Laura Borden, Hannah Pridgen, Laura SR-4FR-1SR-4UtahNorthwest NazareneNorthwest Nazarene8.9H 9.1H 9.5H
8.12.14.Holman, Kate Heaton, Mykah Kaplar, Angela SR-4FR-1JR-3Northwest NazareneUtah ValleyNorthwest Nazarene10.2H 9.1H 9.1H
8.13.14.Jones, Cara Olivo, Irene Knowles, Krissy SR-4SO-2JR-3Utah ValleyEastern OregonCal St. Los Angeles10.2H 9.5H 8.9H
14.14.3.Holman, Kate Pridgen, Laura Borden, Hannah SR-4SR-4JR-3Utah StateNorthwest NazareneUtah State9.0H 9.5H 9.0H
9.14.3.Hansen, Sally Vozarova, Suzie Taylor, Cree SO-2JR-3SR-4Boise StateUtahUtah Valley9.1H 9.5H 9.1H
1.16.9.Pridgen, Laura Schroeder, Courtney Hansen, Sally JR-3SO-2SO-2Utah ValleyNorthwest NazareneUtah Valley9.0H 10.2H 9.5H
60 Hurdles Finals Section 1
1.9.Kaplar, Angela Smith, Marie SR-4SR-4UtahBoise State8.5H8.9H
2.1.Campbell, Brianne Kaplar, Angela JR-3JR-3Utah StateUtah State8.7H8.9H
3.2.Smith, Marie Knowles, Krissy JR-3SO-2Northwest NazareneBoise State8.9H 8.9H
3.3.Knowles, Krissy Taylor, Cree SR-4JR-3Utah ValleyUtah Valley8.9H8.7H
3.3.Simmons, Tajanee Knowles, Krissy SR-4SR-4Boise StateBoise State8.9H8.5H
6.1.Taylor, Cree Taylor, Cree SO-2JR-3Utah StateUtah9.0H9.1H
6.2.Holman, Kate Esplin, Lexie JR-3SR-4Boise StateUtah Valley9.0H8.5H
9.2.Esplin, Lexie Knowles, Krissy SO-2SR-4Utah ValleyBoise State9.1H8.9H

Women's 60 Hurdles Preliminaries

PL PL PL PL PL PL NAMENAMENAMENAMENAMENAMEYEARYEARYEARYEARYEARYEARTEAMTEAMTEAMTEAMTEAMTEAMTIMETIMETIMETIMETIMETIME, Angela Kaplar, Angela Simmons, Tajanee Thomas, Tiana Thomas, Tiana Elliott, Laycee SR-4SR-4SR-4JR-3FR-1SO-2Utah StateUtah ValleyBoise StateBoise StateNorthwest NazareneUtah State010.32 29.3356 899.02 619.41 510.198 11.7500, Tajanee Elliott, Laycee Kaplar, Angela Kost, Emma Holman, Kate Adams, Trish FR-1SO-2SR-4FR-1JR-3FR-1Utah ValleyBoise StateUtahUtah ValleyUtah ValleyUtah Valley10.17 389.633 79.03 9.6235 119.5209 619.41, Hannah Shields, Ali Smith, Marie Thomas, Tiana Smith, Marie Kost, Emma FR-1SO-2JR-3SR-4JR-3JR-3Utah ValleyEastern OregonNorthwest NazareneUtah StateUtah ValleyUtah Valley479.365 99.20 09.03 910.30 119.5209 79.355, Courtney Hansen, Sally Taylor, Cree Rodgers, Allison Shields, Ali Bedke, Adelaide FR-1SO-2SO-2SO-2SR-4JR-3College of IdahoUtah ValleyUtah StateCal St. Los AngelesUtah StateUtah Valley29.9849 899.02 99.12 9.88 99.12 8810.7815, Allison Bosen, Aubri Campbell, Brianne Smith, Marie Thomas, Tiana Kost, Emma FR-1SR-4JR-3SO-2FR-1SO-2Utah StateNorthwest NazareneUtah StateUtah StateNorthwest NazareneUtah Valley319.80 9.59 649.14 929.5811 99.20 479.365, McKenzie Bedke, Adelaide Knowles, Krissy Rodgers, Allison Lingwall, Jessica Sarver, Lexi SR-4JR-3SR-4JR-3JR-3JR-3Utah ValleyUtah ValleyUtah ValleyUtahUtahUtah State79.355 11.7500 99.20 99.12 10.1286 010.32, Adelaide Curtis, Kathryn Esplin, Lexie Hansen, Sally Smith, Marie Sarver, Lexi FR-1SO-2SO-2SR-4SR-4JR-3UtahUtah ValleyUtah ValleyEastern OregonBoise StateUtah Valley119.5209 29.3356 29.3356 510.198 8810.7815 79.03, Kathryn Heaton, Mykah Holman, Kate Campbell, Brianne Campbell, Brianne Simmons, Tajanee SR-4FR-1JR-3JR-3FR-1SO-2Utah StateEastern OregonBoise StateBoise StateUtah ValleyUtah Valley119.5209 619.41 79.355 99.20 99.12 010.32, Courtney Hansen, Sally Borden, Hannah Schulz, Ashli Sarver, Lexi Pridgen, Laura SO-2JR-3FR-1FR-1SO-2JR-3Utah ValleyUtah StateNorthwest NazareneUtah ValleyEastern OregonNorthwest Nazarene29.3356 8810.7815 479.365 389.633 479.365 319.80, Tajanee Borden, Hannah Jones, Cara Johnson, McKenzie Garnett, Gately Elliott, Laycee JR-3SR-4SR-4FR-1FR-1JR-3Northwest NazareneNorthwest NazareneCal St. Los AngelesBoise StateUtah ValleyBoise State910.30 9.59 619.41 9.59 99.12 910.30, Gately Robertson, Autumn Hansen, Sally Heaton, Mykah Schulz, Ashli Taylor, Cree JR-3JR-3SR-4FR-1SO-2SR-4Utah StateUtah ValleyUtah ValleyUtah StateUtah ValleyBoise State9.88 9.6235 119.5209 389.633 479.365 09.03, McKenzie Lingwall, Jessica Pridgen, Laura Simmons, Tajanee Garnett, Gately Thomas, Tiana FR-1SR-4SR-4SR-4SO-2JR-3College of IdahoUtah ValleyNorthwest NazareneUtah StateUtah ValleyUtah Valley929.5811 99.12 759.555 119.5209 79.355 829.8446, Krissy Curtis, Kathryn Olivo, Irene Heaton, Mykah Vozarova, Suzie Borden, Hannah FR-1SR-4SO-2FR-1FR-1SO-2Eastern OregonUtah ValleyEastern OregonCal St. Los AngelesUtah StateUtah Valley829.8446 510.198 929.5811 929.5811 149.61 289.66, Angela Olivo, Irene Vozarova, Suzie Garnett, Gately Smith, Marie Knowles, Krissy FR-1JR-3JR-3JR-3FR-1JR-3Utah ValleyNorthwest NazareneUtahUtah StateUtahUtah State11.7500 619.41 9.59 99.20 829.8446 859.862, Mykah Elliott, Laycee Schroeder, Courtney Rodgers, Allison Borden, Hannah Elliott, Laycee FR-1FR-1SO-2SR-4JR-3FR-1Utah StateUtah ValleyNorthwest NazareneNorthwest NazareneUtahUtah State389.633 11.7500 149.61 11.7500 829.8446 99.12, McKenzie Taylor, Cree Heaton, Mykah Bedke, Adelaide Robertson, Autumn Pridgen, Laura SO-2JR-3FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1Utah ValleyNorthwest NazareneUtah ValleyNorthwest NazareneUtah ValleyUtah Valley10.1286 859.862 9.6235 10.1286 899.02 649.14, Gately Smith, Marie Lingwall, Jessica Vozarova, Suzie Thomas, Tiana Lingwall, Jessica SR-4SO-2JR-3SO-2SR-4JR-3Utah ValleyUtahUtah ValleyUtah ValleyUtah StateNorthwest Nazarene79.03 10.17 389.633 910.30 859.862 9.88, Tajanee Bosen, Aubri Bosen, Aubri Johnson, McKenzie Smith, Marie Schulz, Ashli FR-1FR-1SR-4JR-3FR-1SO-2Utah ValleyBoise StateUtah StateUtah StateNorthwest NazareneNorthwest Nazarene8810.7815 99.12 289.66 99.12 649.14 289.66, Trish Heaton, Mykah Elliott, Laycee Bedke, Adelaide Pridgen, Laura Knowles, Krissy SR-4FR-1JR-3SO-2SO-2SO-2Northwest NazareneNorthwest NazareneUtah StateUtah StateUtah StateUtah389.633 10.1286 319.80 389.633 010.32 9.59, Gately Kost, Emma Adams, Trish Thomas, Tiana Shields, Ali Smith, Marie FR-1SR-4FR-1FR-1SO-2FR-1Utah ValleyBoise StateUtah StateUtah StateNorthwest NazareneNorthwest Nazarene829.8446 9.6235 989.8224 9.88 9.59 11.7500, Tiana Sarver, Lexi Garnett, Gately Kaplar, Angela Kaplar, Angela Esplin, Lexie JR-3JR-3FR-1SR-4SR-4FR-1Northwest NazareneUtah ValleyUtah ValleyNorthwest NazareneUtah ValleyCal St. Los Angeles929.5811 8810.7815 829.8446 859.862 8810.7815 10.1286, Hannah Pridgen, Laura Robertson, Autumn Smith, Marie Taylor, Cree Johnson, McKenzie JR-3JR-3JR-3SR-4FR-1FR-1Utah StateNorthwest NazareneUtah ValleyEastern OregonUtah ValleyCal St. Los Angeles79.355 479.365 859.862 010.32 9.6235 9.88, Brianne Esplin, Lexie Johnson, McKenzie Lingwall, Jessica Campbell, Brianne Schroeder, Courtney JR-3SR-4SO-2JR-3JR-3FR-1Eastern OregonUtah ValleyUtah StateUtah StateUtah ValleyUtah State99.20 649.14 9.88 389.633 989.8224 829.8446, Aubri Shields, Ali Thomas, Tiana Holman, Kate Kost, Emma Thomas, Tiana JR-3FR-1FR-1JR-3SR-4SR-4Utah ValleyUtah ValleyCollege of IdahoEastern OregonCollege of IdahoNorthwest Nazarene29.9849 9.59 29.9849 649.14 389.633 29.9849, Gately Smith, Marie Kost, Emma Curtis, Kathryn Heaton, Mykah Pridgen, Laura FR-1JR-3FR-1SO-2FR-1JR-3Northwest NazareneUtah ValleyEastern OregonEastern OregonUtah ValleyUtah Valley9.59 79.355 10.1286 319.80 859.862 29.3356, Gately Adams, Trish Bedke, Adelaide Olivo, Irene Adams, Trish Garnett, Gately SO-2JR-3FR-1JR-3SR-4JR-3Utah StateNorthwest NazareneUtah StateEastern OregonUtah StateUtah Valley289.66 389.633 10.17 10.1286 09.03 29.3356, Aubri Garnett, Gately Shields, Ali Sarver, Lexi Bosen, Aubri Borden, Hannah JR-3JR-3JR-3JR-3SR-4JR-3Boise StateUtah ValleyUtah ValleyUtah ValleyUtah StateUtah Valley11.7500 619.41 510.198 10.17 79.355 989.8224, Tajanee Pridgen, Laura Schulz, Ashli Schulz, Ashli Olivo, Irene Smith, Marie SR-4JR-3FR-1SR-4SO-2FR-1UtahUtah StateUtah ValleyUtah StateUtah ValleyUtah Valley8810.7815 319.80 910.30 929.5811 899.02 899.02, Trish Shields, Ali Rodgers, Allison Garnett, Gately Thomas, Tiana Garnett, Gately JR-3JR-3JR-3SR-4JR-3SO-2Utah ValleyUtah StateEastern OregonUtahUtah ValleyCal St. Los Angeles10.17 11.7500 010.32 11.7500 09.03 149.61, Lexie Kost, Emma Curtis, Kathryn Holman, Kate Smith, Marie Shields, Ali FR-1SR-4FR-1JR-3JR-3JR-3Utah ValleyUtah StateNorthwest NazareneEastern OregonEastern OregonUtah State29.9849 510.198 8810.7815 619.41 619.41 759.555, Courtney Simmons, Tajanee Sarver, Lexi Hansen, Sally Robertson, Autumn Borden, Hannah FR-1SO-2FR-1SR-4JR-3SR-4Northwest NazareneUtah StateNorthwest NazareneUtah StateUtah ValleyUtah Valley910.30 759.555 11.7500 11.7500 10.1286 9.88
60 Hurdles Preliminaries Heat 1
PLPLPLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIMETIMETIME, Trish Schroeder, Courtney Schroeder, Courtney Thomas, Tiana Esplin, Lexie Esplin, Lexie FR-1FR-1SO-2SO-2SO-2FR-1Utah StateCollege of IdahoNorthwest NazareneUtah ValleyUtah ValleyNorthwest Nazarene29.520749.61 679.33329.98679.3332679.3332, Tiana Schroeder, Courtney Schroeder, Courtney Adams, Trish Hansen, Sally Schroeder, Courtney SO-2SR-4FR-1SO-2SR-4SO-2Utah ValleyUtah ValleyNorthwest NazareneUtah StateUtah ValleyUtah State679.3332159.8229.520729.520729.52079.98, Lexie Thomas, Tiana Schroeder, Courtney Esplin, Lexie Schroeder, Courtney Adams, Trish FR-1SO-2SO-2SO-2SO-2SO-2College of IdahoNorthwest NazareneUtah ValleyUtah ValleyNorthwest NazareneCollege of Idaho159.829.98159.8249.61 49.61 679.3332, Lexie Esplin, Lexie Hansen, Sally Esplin, Lexie Adams, Trish Hansen, Sally SO-2SO-2FR-1FR-1FR-1SO-2Utah ValleyUtah ValleyNorthwest NazareneCollege of IdahoUtah StateUtah Valley159.82679.333229.520749.61 159.829.98, Lexie Hansen, Sally Schroeder, Courtney Thomas, Tiana Thomas, Tiana Hansen, Sally FR-1SR-4FR-1SR-4FR-1SO-2Utah ValleyUtah ValleyUtah StateNorthwest NazareneCollege of IdahoUtah Valley679.333249.61 29.5207159.829.98159.82
60 Hurdles Preliminaries Heat 2
2.28.22.Kaplar, Angela Bosen, Aubri Schulz, Ashli SR-4SR-4FR-1UtahNorthwest NazareneUtah Valley169.03810.309.665
6.2.18.Knowles, Krissy Kost, Emma Kost, Emma SR-4FR-1FR-1Utah ValleyUtah ValleyUtah9.209110.788169.038
18.22.22.Bosen, Aubri Kost, Emma Robertson, Autumn SR-4FR-1FR-1Utah StateUtah ValleyNorthwest Nazarene9.665110.7889.665
22.6.2.Robertson, Autumn Schulz, Ashli Bosen, Aubri JR-3SR-4SR-4Utah ValleyUtah ValleyUtah Valley9.8649510.12010.30
25.30.25.Kost, Emma Knowles, Krissy Knowles, Krissy FR-1SR-4JR-3Eastern OregonUtah ValleyUtah State510.1209.6659.209
28.6.6.Schulz, Ashli Schulz, Ashli Bosen, Aubri FR-1FR-1FR-1Utah ValleyUtah ValleyNorthwest Nazarene10.309.209510.120
30.25.30.Curtis, Kathryn Kaplar, Angela Schulz, Ashli FR-1JR-3SR-4Northwest NazareneNorthwest NazareneUtah Valley110.78810.309.665
60 Hurdles Preliminaries Heat 3
PLPLPLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIMETIMETIME, Tajanee Vozarova, Suzie Rodgers, Allison Olivo, Irene Vozarova, Suzie Sarver, Lexi SR-4FR-1SO-2SR-4FR-1JR-3Boise StateEastern OregonUtah ValleyNorthwest NazareneUtahNorthwest Nazarene619.0211.7510.329.59811.75089.3546, Kate Rodgers, Allison Holman, Kate Rodgers, Allison Olivo, Irene Garnett, Gately JR-3SO-2JR-3JR-3JR-3JR-3Boise StateEastern OregonEastern OregonNorthwest NazareneEastern OregonEastern Oregon089.354610.32529.8427529.8427609.58089.3546, Irene Holman, Kate Garnett, Gately Vozarova, Suzie Simmons, Tajanee Rodgers, Allison SO-2SO-2SR-4SO-2SO-2FR-1Eastern OregonEastern OregonUtah ValleyUtahEastern OregonEastern Oregon609.58529.8427089.354610.3211.75619.02, Suzie Vozarova, Suzie Vozarova, Suzie Olivo, Irene Holman, Kate Simmons, Tajanee JR-3JR-3FR-1FR-1SO-2FR-1UtahUtahUtahEastern OregonBoise StateBoise State9.5989.59810.3210.3211.75089.3546, Gately Simmons, Tajanee Simmons, Tajanee Holman, Kate Olivo, Irene Simmons, Tajanee FR-1FR-1SO-2SO-2FR-1SR-4Utah ValleyBoise StateEastern OregonBoise StateUtahBoise State529.8427529.8427609.58089.3546089.354610.32, Allison Garnett, Gately Olivo, Irene Sarver, Lexi Olivo, Irene Olivo, Irene JR-3FR-1JR-3FR-1JR-3FR-1Eastern OregonNorthwest NazareneEastern OregonNorthwest NazareneUtahBoise State10.3211.75089.35469.598529.8427529.8427, Lexi Sarver, Lexi Holman, Kate Holman, Kate Rodgers, Allison Holman, Kate FR-1FR-1JR-3JR-3FR-1JR-3Northwest NazareneBoise StateBoise StateEastern OregonBoise StateEastern Oregon11.75529.842710.32089.35469.598609.58
60 Hurdles Preliminaries Heat 4
5.5.Campbell, Brianne Shields, Ali JR-3JR-3Utah StateUtah State29.149529.1495
12.5.Pridgen, Laura Pridgen, Laura SR-4JR-3Northwest NazareneUtah State9.554 29.1495
16.5.Heaton, Mykah Lingwall, Jessica FR-1FR-1Utah ValleyUtah State9.6279.554
17.23.Lingwall, Jessica Pridgen, Laura JR-3JR-3Utah ValleyUtah Valley579.639.554
23.12.Johnson, McKenzie Shields, Ali SO-2FR-1Utah StateUtah Valley109.887229.1495
27.16.Shields, Ali Lingwall, Jessica JR-3JR-3Utah ValleyUtah Valley10.19629.1495
60 Hurdles Preliminaries Heat 5
PLPLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIMETIME, Marie Borden, Hannah Jones, Cara Smith, Marie Taylor, Cree JR-3SO-2SO-2FR-1FR-1Northwest NazareneUtah StateUtah StateCal St. Los AngelesUtah State329.03 49.3621 329.03 89.1279.808, Cree Elliott, Laycee Taylor, Cree Bedke, Adelaide Taylor, Cree SO-2SR-4JR-3SR-4SR-4Utah StateNorthwest NazareneUtah StateNorthwest NazareneUtah State89.1279.8089.41289.4128710.171, Hannah Bedke, Adelaide Jones, Cara Jones, Cara Jones, Cara FR-1FR-1JR-3JR-3JR-3Northwest NazareneCal St. Los AngelesCal St. Los AngelesNorthwest NazareneUtah State49.3621 49.3621 49.3621 710.171710.171, Cara Smith, Marie Bedke, Adelaide Bedke, Adelaide Taylor, Cree SR-4JR-3JR-3FR-1SR-4Cal St. Los AngelesUtah StateCal St. Los AngelesNorthwest NazareneNorthwest Nazarene9.41289.8089.412849.3621 89.127, Laycee Taylor, Cree Smith, Marie Elliott, Laycee Borden, Hannah JR-3SO-2JR-3JR-3FR-1Utah StateNorthwest NazareneNorthwest NazareneUtah StateUtah State9.8089.412849.3621 710.1719.808, Adelaide Smith, Marie Taylor, Cree Elliott, Laycee Bedke, Adelaide FR-1FR-1JR-3SO-2JR-3Utah StateUtah StateNorthwest NazareneUtah StateUtah State710.171329.03 329.03 9.4128710.171

Women's 4 x 400 Relay Finals

1.3.UtahBoise State A AAlyssa Johnson, Ali Eisenbeiss, Lauryn McKay, Rosalie WallerLisa Palomaki, Allison Aafedt, Kendahl Melvin, Sarah Thayne11:03:50.46 11:03:50.46
2.4.Utah StateUtah State A BLaycee Elliott, Hollie Bosworth, Mikkell Minnoch, Kaitlyn WilcoxAlyssa Johnson, Ali Eisenbeiss, Lauryn McKay, Rosalie Waller3:51.7984 4:00.65
3.7.Utah ValleyUtah Valley
A ASamantha Sweet, Rebecca Brown-Renshaw, Mykah Heaton, Courtney PaddockJamie Knapp, Marissa Opatz, Lauren Lucas, Rici Morrill11:03:56.34 8:04:03.572
4.2.Boise StateUtah State A BYvonne Bennett, Steffanie Jordan, Cyntrail Pierce, Destiny GammageLaycee Elliott, Hollie Bosworth, Mikkell Minnoch, Kaitlyn Wilcox4:00.3305 8:04:03.572
5.4.Utah Valley
Boise State
B ANatalie Young-Baker, Lexie Esplin, Taylor Gomez, Sally HansenLisa Palomaki, Allison Aafedt, Kendahl Melvin, Sarah Thayne4:00.65 4:00.3305
Utah Valley
B ALisa Palomaki, Allison Aafedt, Kendahl Melvin, Sarah ThayneLisa Palomaki, Allison Aafedt, Kendahl Melvin, Sarah Thayne51:04:02.62 8:04:03.572
7.8.Eastern OregonCal St. Los Angeles A ATalissa Baldovino, Kadie Booth, Irene Olivo, Megan SullivanNatalie Young-Baker, Lexie Esplin, Taylor Gomez, Sally Hansen8:04:03.572 8:04:03.572
8.5.Boise State
Utah Valley
B AJamie Knapp, Marissa Opatz, Lauren Lucas, Rici MorrillJamie Knapp, Marissa Opatz, Lauren Lucas, Rici Morrill36:04:05.2189 36:04:05.2189
9.9.Cal St. Los AngelesUtah Valley A AAyana Younge, Kiyana Williams, Megan Thompson, Raquel RochonSamantha Sweet, Rebecca Brown-Renshaw, Mykah Heaton, Courtney Paddock17:04:08.97 4:00.65
4 x 400 Relay Finals Section 1
5.7.Utah Valley (B)Utah Valley (B) Young-Baker, Esplin, Gomez, Hansen Knapp, Opatz, Lucas, Morrill54:04:00.65524:03.57
6.8.Utah (B)Utah Valley (B) Palomaki, Aafedt, Melvin, Thayne Baldovino, Booth, Olivo, Sullivan4:02.62254:04:00.6552
7.6.Eastern OregonUtah Valley (B) Baldovino, Booth, Olivo, Sullivan Knapp, Opatz, Lucas, Morrill4:03.57 4:02.622
8.5.Boise State (B)Boise State (B) Knapp, Opatz, Lucas, Morrill Palomaki, Aafedt, Melvin, Thayne4:05.2134:05.213

Women's Distance Medley Relay Finals

PL PL PL PL TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM ATHLETESATHLETESATHLETESATHLETESTIMETIMETIMETIME St. Los AngelesCal St. Los AngelesCal St. Los AngelesCal St. Los AngelesArianna Celis, Ayana Younge, Megan Thompson, Lisa OhbergArianna Celis, Ayana Younge, Megan Thompson, Lisa OhbergArianna Celis,