April 26-27, 2013
Pt. Loma Nazarene - San Diego, CA

Men's 400 Meters Finals

PL PL PL PL PL NAMENAMENAMENAMENAMEYEARYEARYEARYEARYEARTEAMTEAMTEAMTEAMTEAMTIMETIMETIMETIMETIMESCSCSCSCSC, Stephen Howard, Shaquille Smith, Oliver Bryant, Anthony Bain, Mikio JR-3FR-1JR-3FR-1SR-4Grand CanyonAcademy of ArtGrand CanyonGrand CanyonAcademy of Art48.193 247.0742 48.193 448.1593 47.68 12 108 94893 108 94893, Mikio Smith, Oliver Howard, Shaquille Peevy, Stephen Bryant, Anthony JR-3SR-4SR-4SR-4SR-4Azusa PacificGrand CanyonAcademy of ArtGrand CanyonGrand Canyon648.708 47.68 9350.2858 9350.2858 448.1593 3 94893 12 98587 3, Mikio Shulte, David Bain, Mikio Smith, Oliver Bain, Mikio SR-4JR-3SR-4JR-3SR-4Grand CanyonAzusa PacificGrand CanyonAcademy of ArtGrand Canyon449.2222 448.1593 247.0742 48.193 47.68 108 506 42 98587 94893, Stephen Ralston, Josh Ralston, Josh Howard, Shaquille Smith, Oliver JR-3FR-1FR-1JR-3SR-4Grand CanyonGrand CanyonAzusa PacificAcademy of ArtGrand Canyon9350.2858 48.193 648.708 47.68 9350.2858 94893 98587 42 108 98587, Stephen Peevy, Stephen Howard, Shaquille Peevy, Stephen Howard, Shaquille SR-4SR-4SR-4SR-4FR-1Grand CanyonAcademy of ArtAzusa PacificAzusa PacificAzusa Pacific49.498 648.708 449.2222 49.498 648.708 94893 446 12 446 94893, Shaquille Bain, Mikio Bullard, Stephan Smith, Oliver Shulte, David FR-1SR-4FR-1JR-3FR-1Academy of ArtGrand CanyonGrand CanyonGrand CanyonAcademy of Art448.1593 449.2222 49.498 9350.2858 48.193 12 3 94893 506 446, Anthony Bryant, Anthony Peevy, Stephen Bain, Mikio Peevy, Stephen JR-3SR-4SR-4SR-4SR-4Azusa PacificAzusa PacificGrand CanyonGrand CanyonAzusa Pacific49.498 49.498 247.0742 47.68 9350.2858 3 42 98587 12 12, David Bullard, Stephan Ralston, Josh Smith, Oliver Ralston, Josh FR-1JR-3JR-3FR-1SR-4Azusa PacificGrand CanyonGrand CanyonAcademy of ArtAzusa Pacific247.0742 9350.2858 648.708 49.498 448.1593 12 12 94893 94893 108

Men's 400 Meters Preliminaries

1.13.Smith, Oliver Woodlief, Conor SR-4FR-1Grand CanyonFresno Pacific48.0642 0948.340
2.11.Shulte, David Bain, Mikio JR-3SR-4Azusa PacificCal Baptist48.28 NT
3.11.Peevy, Stephen Merrill, Trenton SR-4SR-4Academy of ArtAzusa Pacific1348.4718 455.70
4.11.Ralston, Josh Shulte, David FR-1JR-3Grand CanyonAcademy of Art648.294 3549.6126
5.13.Bullard, Stephan Howard, Shaquille JR-3JR-3Grand CanyonAzusa Pacific0948.340 56.9953
6.12.Howard, Shaquille Morrow, Edward FR-1JR-3Academy of ArtGrand Canyon348.50 48.0642
7.8.Bryant, Anthony Woodlief, Conor SR-4SR-4Azusa PacificAzusa Pacific449.5458 1348.4718
8.1.Bain, Mikio Morrow, Edward SR-4SR-4Grand CanyonCal Baptist3549.6126 48.0642
9.3.Theijs, Niels Shulte, David FR-1SR-4Grand CanyonAzusa Pacific449.8687 449.8687
10.5.Morrow, Edward Peevy, Stephen SR-4SR-4Point LomaAzusa Pacific9850.0447 48.28
11.13.Crawford, Cory Theijs, Niels FR-1SR-4Azusa PacificGrand Canyon6350.1673 48.0642
12.13.Fiedor, Caleb Theijs, Niels SO-2FR-1Fresno PacificAcademy of Art0251.29 9850.0447
13. Merrill, Trenton Bryant, Anthony JR-3SR-4Azusa PacificPoint Loma455.70 348.50
14.5.Solis, David Bullard, Stephan SR-4SR-4Cal BaptistAzusa Pacific056.21 48.28
15.14.Moreno, Raul Peevy, Stephen FR-1FR-1Cal BaptistAzusa Pacific56.9953 348.50
16.9.Woodlief, Conor Solis, David JR-3JR-3Azusa PacificAcademy of Art557.599 0948.340
 11.Piele, Shannon Piele, Shannon FR-1SR-4Fresno PacificCal BaptistNT 9850.0447
400 Meters Preliminaries Heat 1
PLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIME, David Shulte, David Shulte, David Bullard, Stephan SR-4JR-3JR-3SR-4Grand CanyonAzusa PacificAzusa PacificGrand Canyon550.0408 48.282 148.3412056.214, Stephan Bullard, Stephan Solis, David Morrow, Edward SR-4JR-3JR-3JR-3Azusa PacificGrand CanyonCal BaptistCal Baptist148.3412148.3412550.0408 550.0408, Trenton Theijs, Niels Merrill, Trenton Bullard, Stephan FR-1FR-1FR-1SR-4Cal BaptistGrand CanyonGrand CanyonAzusa Pacific550.0408 6349.863748.282 55.7079, Niels Morrow, Edward Theijs, Niels Merrill, Trenton JR-3SR-4JR-3JR-3Grand CanyonPoint LomaPoint LomaAzusa Pacific6349.8637550.0408 550.0408 148.3412, David Merrill, Trenton Shulte, David Bullard, Stephan JR-3JR-3JR-3JR-3Cal BaptistAzusa PacificGrand CanyonAzusa Pacific056.21455.7079148.3412550.0408, David Solis, David Solis, David Shulte, David SR-4SR-4FR-1FR-1Grand CanyonCal BaptistGrand CanyonPoint Loma6349.8637056.214550.0408 6349.8637
400 Meters Preliminaries Heat 2
PLPLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIMETIME, Oliver Crawford, Cory Crawford, Cory Smith, Oliver Crawford, Cory SR-4JR-3SR-4SR-4SR-4Grand CanyonCal BaptistAzusa PacificGrand CanyonCal Baptist348.0649.54 57.592149.54 348.06, Josh Smith, Oliver Moreno, Raul Crawford, Cory Woodlief, Conor FR-1FR-1FR-1SR-4SR-4Grand CanyonAzusa PacificAzusa PacificGrand CanyonAzusa Pacific3948.293948.29348.06348.0649.54, Anthony Moreno, Raul Moreno, Raul Ralston, Josh Woodlief, Conor SR-4JR-3JR-3FR-1FR-1Azusa PacificCal BaptistAzusa PacificCal BaptistGrand Canyon49.54 57.59213948.2950.16 3948.29, Cory Moreno, Raul Woodlief, Conor Bryant, Anthony Ralston, Josh FR-1FR-1FR-1SR-4FR-1Azusa PacificGrand CanyonGrand CanyonAzusa PacificAzusa Pacific50.16 348.0657.592150.16 50.16, Raul Woodlief, Conor Moreno, Raul Ralston, Josh Crawford, Cory FR-1SR-4FR-1SR-4SR-4Cal BaptistAzusa PacificAzusa PacificGrand CanyonAzusa Pacific5956.995956.9950.16 5956.9949.54, Conor Bryant, Anthony Bryant, Anthony Smith, Oliver Ralston, Josh JR-3FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1Azusa PacificAzusa PacificAzusa PacificGrand CanyonGrand Canyon57.59213948.293948.2949.54 49.54
400 Meters Preliminaries Heat 3
3.6.6. 12.Peevy, Stephen Howard, Shaquille Piele, Shannon Fiedor, Caleb Piele, Shannon SR-4SR-4FR-1SR-4SO-2Academy of ArtFresno PacificAcademy of ArtGrand CanyonGrand Canyon7248.47948.5051.29 NTNT
6.6. 3. Howard, Shaquille Peevy, Stephen Piele, Shannon Howard, Shaquille Peevy, Stephen FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1SR-4Academy of ArtAcademy of ArtGrand CanyonFresno PacificAcademy of Art948.5051.29 NT3649.61948.50
8. 12.6.8.Bain, Mikio Howard, Shaquille Howard, Shaquille Fiedor, Caleb Bain, Mikio SR-4FR-1SR-4FR-1FR-1Grand CanyonAcademy of ArtGrand CanyonFresno PacificFresno Pacific3649.617248.4751.29 948.503649.61
12.  3.6.Fiedor, Caleb Peevy, Stephen Bain, Mikio Bain, Mikio Piele, Shannon SO-2SR-4SR-4FR-1FR-1Fresno PacificAcademy of ArtGrand CanyonGrand CanyonGrand Canyon51.29 948.507248.473649.613649.61
  8.  Piele, Shannon Fiedor, Caleb Peevy, Stephen Piele, Shannon Piele, Shannon FR-1SO-2SO-2FR-1SR-4Fresno PacificAcademy of ArtFresno PacificGrand CanyonFresno PacificNT51.29 51.29 7248.4751.29