February 15, 2014
Armory Track & Field Center - New York, NY
200m (Banked)

Men's 800 Meters

1.2.5.Booker, KadaraiBooker, KadaraiBooker, Kadarai 66Bronx TigersProspect Park Youth ClubECLIPSE TF42:02:24.3834 18:02:36.1270 35:02:30.91
2.6.4.Rice, EthanRice, EthanPerrineau, Quentin 6 Prospect Park Youth ClubMetro Eagles Track & FieldProspect Park Youth Club46:02:25.015 12:02:26.2959 12:02:26.2959
3.8.2.Zinner, TobiasRice, EthanPerrineau, Quentin 6 Prospect Park Youth ClubOur Lady of LourdesBronx Tigers12:02:26.2959 35:02:30.91 35:02:30.91
4.9.6.Exantus, NathanLofsnes-Scott, DemianRice, Ethan 6 Medgar Evers TCOur Lady of LourdesECLIPSE TF2:27.743 45:02:40.43 2:27.743
5.1.2.Lofsnes-Scott, DemianRice, EthanRobinson, Trevon  6Prospect Park Youth ClubMetro Eagles Track & FieldMedgar Evers TC35:02:30.91 57:02:34.76 12:02:26.2959
6.3.7.Perrineau, Quentinking rodriguez, mikeking rodriguez, mike   ECLIPSE TFProspect Park Youth ClubProspect Park Youth Club29:02:34.43 2:27.743 57:02:34.76
7.4.2.king rodriguez, mikeLofsnes-Scott, DemianPerrineau, Quentin   Island Express Track ClubMedgar Evers TCProspect Park Youth Club57:02:34.76 46:02:25.015 42:02:24.3834
8.6.8.Robinson, TrevonBearreira, Matisse Lofsnes-Scott, Demian   Metro Eagles Track & FieldIsland Express Track ClubMedgar Evers TC18:02:36.1270 46:02:25.015 57:02:34.76
9.2.3.Bearreira, Matisse king rodriguez, mikeLofsnes-Scott, Demian6  Our Lady of LourdesMetro Eagles Track & FieldProspect Park Youth Club45:02:40.43 45:02:40.43 18:02:36.1270