February 23, 2014
Harvard-Gordon Track and Tennis - Cambridge, MA
200m (Banked)

Women's 60 Meters

PL PL PL PL PL PL NAMENAMENAMENAMENAMENAMEYEARYEARYEARYEARYEARYEARTEAMTEAMTEAMTEAMTEAMTEAMTIMETIMETIMETIMETIMETIME, AlexisLittle, CamillePatin, AsileDiedricksen, DawnMcIntosh, QuashiraTao, Meghan      UnattachedNorwichNaval Academy Prep SchoolHope HSHope HSNU Club Running8.54 098.447 8.54 197.8798 97.786 197.8798, AsileMei, KaylaDiedricksen, DawnDigiovanni , Gabrielle Twombly, DominiqueMautz, Grace      Phillips Academy AndoverHope HSThe Governor's AcademyGreater Boston Track ClubUnattachedNaval Academy Prep School778.4107 197.8798 8.54 8.54 197.8798 197.8798, JosettePatin, AsileMautz, GraceMcIntosh, QuashiraLittle, CamilleMautz, Grace      Naval Academy Prep SchoolHope HSNaval Academy Prep SchoolUnattachedPhillips Academy AndoverPhillips Exeter Academy428.8974 778.4107 8.54 188.199 7.94 197.8798, ElizaDaly, AlexisMei, KaylaDaly, AlexisDaly, AlexisTwombly, Dominique      Hope HSPhillips Academy AndoverNU Club RunningGreater Boston Track ClubCambridge Jets Youth T&FCambridge Jets Youth T&F8.3964 188.199 97.786 428.8974 188.199 358.6179, DawnMcIntosh, QuashiraBurg, BrittanyTwombly, DominiquePierre-Louis, JosetteBurg, Brittany      NU Club RunningPhillips Academy AndoverUnattachedNU Club RunningGreater Boston Track ClubNU Club Running778.93 7.94 7.94 519.011 8.3964 8.54, KaylaMautz, GraceMautz, GraceMcIntosh, QuashiraBurg, BrittanyDorsey, Eliza      Hope HSPhillips Academy AndoverPhillips Academy AndoverUnattachedNaval Academy Prep SchoolPhillips Academy Andover098.447 098.447 7.94 188.199 778.4107 8.6220, QuashiraLittle, CamilleHughes-Barnes, DestinyPierre-Louis, JosetteTao, MeghanTao, Meghan      The Governor's AcademyPhillips Exeter AcademyHope HSNU Club RunningPhillips Academy AndoverNU Club Running188.199 358.6179 188.199 778.93 098.447 519.011, GraceDaly, AlexisBurg, BrittanyDaly, AlexisDorsey, ElizaPatin, Asile      Cambridge Jets Youth T&FHope HSUnattachedPhillips Exeter AcademyThe Governor's AcademyUnattached8.54 098.447 7.94 97.786 8.54 188.199 , Gabrielle Diedricksen, DawnBurg, BrittanyDigiovanni , Gabrielle Hughes-Barnes, DestinyNirmalan, Aarathi      NU Club RunningUnattachedNU Club RunningHope HSHope HSNaval Academy Prep School188.199 318.94 358.6179 197.8798 358.6179 358.6179, JosettePierre-Louis, JosetteBurg, BrittanyDaly, AlexisDigiovanni , Gabrielle Digiovanni , Gabrielle       Phillips Academy AndoverNorwichUnattachedCambridge Jets Youth T&FNorwichThe Governor's Academy358.6179 8.3964 8.8055 098.447 8.6220 197.8798, DestinyBurg, BrittanyPierre-Louis, JosetteHughes-Barnes, DestinyNirmalan, AarathiNirmalan, Aarathi      Phillips Academy AndoverPhillips Academy AndoverPhillips Exeter AcademyPhillips Academy AndoverNU Club RunningPhillips Exeter Academy197.8798 098.447 188.199 098.447 8.8055 197.8798, AlexisTao, MeghanPatin, AsileMcIntosh, QuashiraDiedricksen, DawnBurg, Brittany      Hope HSPhillips Academy AndoverPhillips Academy AndoverThe Governor's AcademyUnattachedUnattached428.8974 519.011 778.4107 318.94 428.8974 8.54, GraceDiedricksen, DawnLittle, CamillePierre-Louis, JosetteMei, KaylaDiedricksen, Dawn      Hope HSPhillips Academy AndoverHope HSUnattachedNU Club RunningHope HS519.011 8.54 8.3964 97.786 778.93 8.6220, GraceDigiovanni , Gabrielle Burg, BrittanyMcIntosh, QuashiraMautz, GracePierre-Louis, Josette      UnattachedPhillips Exeter AcademyPhillips Academy AndoverHope HSPhillips Exeter AcademyPhillips Academy Andover778.93 7.94 519.011 098.447 318.94 197.8798 , Gabrielle Mei, KaylaPatin, AsileTao, MeghanPatin, AsileDigiovanni , Gabrielle       Phillips Academy AndoverPhillips Exeter AcademyUnattachedPhillips Academy AndoverPhillips Exeter AcademyPhillips Academy Andover098.447 519.011 8.8055 7.94 519.011 318.94
60 Meters Section 1
1.2.McIntosh, QuashiraMcIntosh, Quashira  Hope HSNaval Academy Prep School7.780068.413
2.4.Twombly, DominiqueTwombly, Dominique  UnattachedNaval Academy Prep School47.8718.1902
3.4.Little, CamilleNirmalan, Aarathi  Phillips Academy AndoverHope HS7.9418.1902
4.5.Daly, AlexisDaly, Alexis  Cambridge Jets Youth T&FNaval Academy Prep School18.19028.80
5.7.Pierre-Louis, JosetteDaly, Alexis  Greater Boston Track ClubNU Club Running68.39167.7800
6.6.Burg, BrittanyNirmalan, Aarathi  Naval Academy Prep SchoolNaval Academy Prep School68.41368.3916
7.7.Tao, MeghanTao, Meghan  Phillips Academy AndoverNaval Academy Prep School88.44888.448
11.3.Nirmalan, AarathiBurg, Brittany  NU Club RunningNU Club Running8.8047.87
60 Meters Section 2
PLPLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIMETIME , Gabrielle Dorsey, ElizaMei, KaylaHughes-Barnes, DestinyDigiovanni , Gabrielle      Phillips Exeter AcademyThe Governor's AcademyUnattachedThe Governor's AcademyUnattached89.0128.547989.01218.613438.936, AsileHughes-Barnes, DestinyDorsey, ElizaPatin, AsileMei, Kayla     NU Club RunningHope HSHope HSNorwichThe Governor's Academy478.8993218.61348.621478.899378.9485 , Gabrielle Digiovanni , Gabrielle Patin, AsileHughes-Barnes, DestinyDorsey, Eliza     NU Club RunningNorwichPhillips Exeter AcademyNU Club RunningPhillips Exeter Academy438.93648.621478.899328.547948.621, GraceDiedricksen, DawnHughes-Barnes, DestinyMautz, GraceDiedricksen, Dawn     Phillips Exeter AcademyUnattachedUnattachedNU Club RunningNU Club Running89.01478.8993438.93678.9485218.613, KaylaMei, KaylaHughes-Barnes, DestinyDiedricksen, DawnPatin, Asile     The Governor's AcademyNU Club RunningPhillips Exeter AcademyNU Club RunningNorwich78.9485438.936438.936218.613478.8993, DawnMautz, GraceHughes-Barnes, DestinyDigiovanni , Gabrielle Diedricksen, Dawn     UnattachedPhillips Exeter AcademyUnattachedHope HSNorwich78.948578.948548.62178.948589.01, KaylaPatin, AsileHughes-Barnes, DestinyMautz, GraceDiedricksen, Dawn     Phillips Exeter AcademyPhillips Exeter AcademyNorwichThe Governor's AcademyUnattached438.93689.0189.0148.62189.01