February 17, 2017
Ohio State-French FH - Columbus, OH
200m (Flat)

Men's Mile

PL PL PL PL PL PL NAMENAMENAMENAMENAMENAMEYEARYEARYEARYEARYEARYEARTEAMTEAMTEAMTEAMTEAMTEAMTIMETIMETIMETIMETIMETIME Edwards, JakeHarter, George Norley, Owen Moody, Mark Moody, Mark Moyer, Harley  SR-4 SO-2 SO-2UnattachedOhio StateOhio StateUnattachedOhio StateWashington and Jefferson4:04.40 4:34.26 4:36.597 4:15.057 DNF DNF
2. 5.4.  Leitch, Mitch Davis, JoshHarter, George Harter, George Harter, George Leitch, Mitch JR-3SR-4SR-4SR-4SR-4SR-4Ohio StateCarnegie MellonUnattachedOhio StateCarnegie MellonOhio State4:11.8847 4:34.26 4:34.26 4:34.26 4:22.706 4:04.40
3.8.1. 2.6.Molinaro, Matt Edwards, JakeMoody, Mark Moyer, Harley Andrews, Richard Harter, George JR-3 SO-2SR-4SR-4 Ohio NorthernWashington and JeffersonCarnegie MellonOhio NorthernOhio StateWashington and Jefferson4:14.2210 DNF DNF 4:34.26 DNF 4:04.40
4.6. 7.7.8.Norley, Owen Edwards, JakeAndrews, Richard Moody, Mark Edwards, JakeMoyer, Harley SR-4SR-4SR-4JR-3JR-3SO-2Carnegie MellonOhio StateUnattached-CincinnatiOhio StateCarnegie MellonCarnegie Mellon4:15.057 28:04:16.039 4:14.2210 4:15.057 4:04.40 4:11.8847
5., Richard Norley, Owen Andrews, Richard Fleming, Jared Andrews, Richard Fleming, Jared SR-4JR-3JR-3JR-3SO-2SO-2Ohio StateWashington and JeffersonOhio StateCarnegie MellonOhio StateOhio Northern28:04:16.039 DNF 4:34.26 4:22.706 4:11.8847 4:04.40
6.  3.  Harter, George Moyer, Harley Andrews, Richard Molinaro, Matt Norley, Owen Moody, Mark SO-2Freshman SO-2 JR-3Carnegie MellonCarnegie MellonCarnegie MellonOhio StateCarnegie MellonUnattached-Cincinnati4:22.706 4:36.597 4:34.26 4:14.2210 4:15.057 DNF
7. 3.3.  Moody, Mark Andrews, Richard Edwards, JakeMolinaro, Matt Edwards, JakeFleming, Jared SO-2JR-3JR-3SO-2JR-3SO-2Carnegie MellonCarnegie MellonOhio StateUnattachedOhio NorthernOhio State4:34.26 4:22.706 4:34.26 DNF 4:14.2210 DNF
8.  1.7.1.Angeline, Austin Angeline, Austin Fleming, Jared Harter, George Angeline, Austin Harter, George FreshmanSO-2SO-2 JR-3SR-4Unattached-CincinnatiOhio StateOhio StateCarnegie MellonWashington and JeffersonOhio State4:36.597 4:14.2210 DNF 4:22.706 4:36.597 4:15.057
  7.4. 8.Moyer, Harley Fleming, Jared Fleming, Jared Leitch, Mitch Norley, Owen Edwards, JakeSO-2SR-4JR-3 FreshmanSR-4Washington and JeffersonOhio StateOhio StateOhio StateWashington and JeffersonCarnegie MellonDNF DNF 4:22.706 4:15.057 DNF 4:14.2210 Fleming, Jared Norley, Owen Moody, Mark Fleming, Jared Leitch, Mitch Leitch, Mitch SR-4  SR-4SR-4 Ohio StateCarnegie MellonOhio NorthernUnattachedOhio StateOhio StateDNF 4:34.26 28:04:16.039 4:14.2210 DNF 4:15.057
    4.2.Davis, JoshHarter, George Edwards, JakeDavis, JoshMolinaro, Matt Edwards, Jake FreshmanSR-4JR-3SO-2SR-4UnattachedUnattachedUnattachedCarnegie MellonCarnegie MellonOhio StateDNF 4:04.40 4:22.706 DNF 4:34.26 DNF
Mile Section 1
1.4. 5.Edwards, JakeMolinaro, Matt Moyer, Harley Davis, Josh JR-3SO-2 UnattachedOhio NorthernOhio NorthernCarnegie Mellon32:04:04.4017DNFDNF4:16.039
2.2.1. Leitch, Mitch Andrews, Richard Moyer, Harley Norley, Owen JR-3SR-4SR-4SR-4Ohio StateOhio StateOhio NorthernOhio State4:11.88774:14.22 DNF4:14.22
3.5.5. Molinaro, Matt Moyer, Harley Molinaro, Matt Norley, Owen JR-3JR-3 SR-4Ohio NorthernOhio NorthernUnattachedCarnegie Mellon4:14.22 4:11.88774:16.0394:14.22
4. 4. Norley, Owen Norley, Owen Norley, Owen Davis, JoshSR-4   Carnegie MellonOhio StateCarnegie MellonCarnegie Mellon12:04:15.050 DNFDNF12:04:15.050, Richard Molinaro, Matt Molinaro, Matt Fleming, Jared SR-4 JR-3SR-4Ohio StateUnattachedOhio StateOhio Northern4:16.03932:04:04.40174:14.22 DNF
  1.3.Moyer, Harley Fleming, Jared Moyer, Harley Edwards, JakeSO-2SO-2 SR-4Washington and JeffersonWashington and JeffersonOhio StateUnattachedDNF4:16.039DNF4:16.039
 4.2. Fleming, Jared Moyer, Harley Edwards, JakeLeitch, Mitch SR-4SO-2SR-4SO-2Ohio StateUnattachedUnattachedOhio StateDNF12:04:15.050 4:14.22 4:11.8877
    Davis, JoshEdwards, JakeMoyer, Harley Andrews, Richard  SR-4  UnattachedOhio NorthernUnattachedOhio StateDNF4:16.03912:04:15.050 DNF
Mile Section 2
PLPLPLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIMETIMETIME, George Moody, Mark Moody, Mark Angeline, Austin Harter, George Angeline, Austin FreshmanSO-2SO-2SO-2SO-2SO-2Unattached-CincinnatiCarnegie MellonCarnegie MellonCarnegie MellonCarnegie MellonCarnegie Mellon4:34.2674:22.70 4:36.59554:36.59554:22.70 4:34.267, Austin Moody, Mark Angeline, Austin Harter, George Moody, Mark Moody, Mark SO-2SO-2FreshmanSO-2SO-2SO-2Carnegie MellonUnattached-CincinnatiCarnegie MellonCarnegie MellonCarnegie MellonCarnegie Mellon4:34.2674:36.59554:34.2674:34.2674:34.2674:34.267, Mark Harter, George Harter, George Angeline, Austin Angeline, Austin Harter, George SO-2SO-2SO-2SO-2FreshmanSO-2Carnegie MellonUnattached-CincinnatiCarnegie MellonCarnegie MellonUnattached-CincinnatiCarnegie Mellon4:22.70 4:36.59554:22.70 4:34.2674:36.59554:36.5955