February 10-11, 2017
Marshall-Indoor Track - Huntington, WV
300m (Flat)

Women's 200 Meters

PL PL PL PL NAMENAMENAMENAMEYEARYEARYEARYEARTEAMTEAMTEAMTEAMTIMETIMETIMETIME, Tamdra Thornton, D'Myia Markley, Gabrielle Kilgore, Briauna SO-2SO-2FR-1FR-1Murray StateWest VirginiaNorthern KentuckyWinthrop4824.3485 7326.1635 25.4469 4426.797, Norma Welker, Bria Gibson, Argia Abdur-Rafia, Norma FR-1JR-3SO-2SO-2Murray StateVMIMurray StateWright State24.345 7626.54 127.33 27.9579, Jasmine Campbell, Cameron West, Anna-Kay Cox, Jasmine FR-1FR-1SO-2SO-2Ball StateWilliam and MaryRadfordWest Virginia024.86 27.02 0426.05 526.287, Jazmin Harris, Jasmine Payne, Jocelyn Thornton, D'Myia SO-2SO-2SR-4SO-2Ball StateWright StateWright StateNorthern Kentucky5825.07 527.2784 024.86 926.7457, Kerisha Guiley, Courtney Vandross, LaSamrae Reid, Sabrena JR-3JR-3FR-1FR-1VMIMurray StateBall StateVMI8725.324 3327.252 9925.9091 7626.54, Mia Savoy, Chynna Harris, Jasmine Reid, Sabrena JR-3FR-1JR-3FR-1VMIWinthropWinthropRadford25.4469 1726.09 9925.9091 4426.797, Anna-Kay Miller, Bri Cox, Jasmine Markley, Gabrielle JR-3FR-1SO-2FR-1Ball StateRadfordWilliam and MaryIPFW25.517 127.33 5825.07 25.4469, Andrea Coleman, Olivia Sullivan, Margaret Grimes, Jailah JR-3SO-2FR-1SO-2MarshallWright StateOhioUNC-Asheville525.63 26.937 526.4611 24.345, LaTisha Guiley, Courtney Thornton, D'Myia Mallory, Monica FR-1SR-4JR-3SR-4RadfordMurray StateMurray StateWilliam and Mary1125.67 25.8549 526.4611 024.86, Olivia Sullivan, Margaret Guiley, Courtney Grimes, Jailah SO-2SR-4JR-3FR-1IPFWMurray StateNorthern KentuckyMurray State9925.748 25.4469 2626.072 527.2784, Chynna Cox, Jasmine Crawford, Sara McClain, Mia FR-1SR-4FR-1JR-3Eastern KentuckyUNC-AshevilleWilliam and MaryMurray State25.8549 26.42 9925.748 0426.05, Jocelyn McClain, Mia Campbell, Cameron Cox, Jasmine SO-2JR-3SO-2SO-2Murray StateUNC-AshevilleMurray StateVMI9925.9091 7326.1635 4824.3485 9426.66, Gabriel Abdur-Rafia, Norma Shelton, Jessica Harris, Jasmine FR-1FR-1SO-2JR-3William and MaryRadfordWilliam and MaryWright State0426.05 5926.6683 527.2784 3327.252, Bria Payne, Jocelyn Cox, Jasmine Runge, Gabriel SR-4SR-4JR-3JR-3West VirginiaIPFWWinthropBall State2626.072 525.63 527.2784 5825.07, Desire Grimes, Jailah Vandross, LaSamrae Vandross, LaSamrae FR-1SO-2FR-1FR-1UNC-AshevilleMurray StateWright StateVMI1726.09 26.389 7626.54 0426.05, D'Myia Chidester, Andrea Robinson , Chaqieta Brown, Desire FR-1FR-1SO-2SR-4Murray StateWilliam and MaryWright StateMurray State26.122 127.73 27.02 7626.54 , Chaqieta Kilgore, Briauna Campbell, Cameron Curlin, Anna SO-2SR-4SO-2FR-1West VirginiaIPFWMurray StateRadford7326.1635 1526.5194 526.287 527.2784, LaSamrae Smith, Jazmin Harris, Jasmine Thornton, D'Myia SO-2SO-2JR-3SO-2WinthropMurray StateMurray StateMurray State3326.231 24.345 25.517 526.4611, Aaliyah Thornton, D'Myia Markley, Gabrielle Sullivan, Margaret SO-2FR-1SO-2FR-1Wright StateBall StateUNC-AshevilleEastern Kentucky526.287 9426.66 227.4095 9925.748, Daijah White, Daijah Miller, Bri Abdur-Rafia, Norma SO-2SR-4SR-4FR-1Murray StateIPFWUNC-AshevilleWilliam and Mary26.389 4426.797 1125.67 7127.0099, Serena Markley, Gabrielle Coleman, Olivia Brimlett, Jabreuna SO-2FR-1SO-2JR-3William and MaryMurray StateMurray StateWinthrop26.42 1125.67 127.33 4824.3485, Cameron Payne, Jocelyn Brown, Desire Goode, Kerisha FR-1FR-1FR-1SR-4Wright StateIPFWWest VirginiaWinthrop526.4611 26.971 27.9579 227.4095, Courtney Markley, Gabrielle Reid, Tori Chidester, Andrea JR-3JR-3FR-1FR-1OhioBall StateBall StateMurray State1526.5194 9426.66 26.389 525.63, Kassidy Savoy, Chynna Chidester, Andrea Hauck, Jordan SR-4SO-2JR-3SO-2Ball StateWest VirginiaBall StateVMI26.526 127.33 4426.797 25.517, Sara Savoy, Chynna Vandross, LaSamrae Gibson, Argia SR-4SR-4SR-4SO-2IPFWWilliam and MaryMurray StateUNC-Asheville7626.54 926.7457 525.63 5825.07, Sabrena Brown, Desire Cox, Jasmine Chidester, Andrea JR-3FR-1FR-1SR-4WinthropMurray StateWest VirginiaWinthrop9426.66 24.345 5825.07 3326.231, Argia Gibson, Argia Chambers, LaTisha Chidester, Andrea SR-4SO-2JR-3SR-4UNC-AshevilleMurray StateVMIVMI5926.6683 2626.072 9925.748 1726.09, Jasmine Reid, Tori Abdur-Rafia, Norma Chambers, LaTisha FR-1SO-2SO-2JR-3UNC-AshevilleEastern KentuckyWinthropMarshall926.7457 525.63 9426.66 1125.67, Margaret Campbell, Cameron Chambers, LaTisha Miller, Bri SO-2SR-4SR-4JR-3William and MaryMurray StateBall StateBall State4426.797 526.287 26.389 27.02, Anna Grimes, Jailah Curlin, Anna Gibson, Argia JR-3SO-2SR-4JR-3Murray StateUNC-AshevilleVMIEastern Kentucky26.937 27.9579 227.4095 4824.3485, Jailah Campbell, Cameron Crawford, Sara Thornton, D'Myia FR-1SR-4JR-3FR-1UNC-AshevilleUNC-AshevilleWest VirginiaWest Virginia26.971 25.4469 26.937 26.389, Bri Brimlett, Jabreuna Goode, Kerisha Markley, Gabrielle SO-2SO-2FR-1FR-1William and MaryRadfordWilliam and MaryIPFW7127.0099 26.389 26.526 7127.0099, Jessica Chambers, LaTisha Abdur-Rafia, Norma Swenson, Kassidy SR-4SR-4JR-3SR-4RadfordWright StateWest VirginiaWilliam and Mary27.02 926.7457 7127.0099 5926.6683, Gabrielle Curlin, Anna Welker, Bria Guiley, Courtney SR-4JR-3JR-3FR-1Wright StateRadfordMurray StateBall State3327.252 9925.9091 26.122 26.122, Tori McClain, Mia Markley, Gabrielle Reid, Tori FR-1FR-1SR-4SR-4WinthropUNC-AshevilleWest VirginiaMurray State527.2784 7326.1635 26.526 024.86, Monica Brown, Desire Reid, Sabrena Vandross, LaSamrae SR-4FR-1SR-4SO-2RadfordMurray StateWilliam and MaryNorthern Kentucky127.33 25.4469 9925.748 26.971, Jabreuna Brimlett, Jabreuna Hooker, Serena Brimlett, Jabreuna SO-2SR-4SR-4SR-4Murray StateWright StateMurray StateNorthern Kentucky227.4095 26.122 26.42 8725.324, Briauna Hooker, Serena Vandross, LaSamrae Patten, Aaliyah SR-4JR-3SO-2JR-3WinthropUNC-AshevilleBall StateNorthern Kentucky27.663 25.517 27.663 527.2784, Jordan Coleman, Olivia Savoy, Chynna Mallory, Monica JR-3SR-4SR-4SO-2Northern KentuckyWinthropBall StateMurray State127.73 4824.3485 24.345 25.517, Katie Reid, Sabrena Coleman, Olivia Guiley, Courtney JR-3JR-3SR-4JR-3Wright StateMurray StateBall StateWinthrop27.9579 4824.3485 26.937 527.2784
200 Meters Section 1
1.5.Lawrence, Tamdra Goode, Kerisha SO-2JR-3Murray StateVMI424.349424.349
2.38.Abdur-Rafia, Norma Goode, Kerisha FR-1JR-3Murray StateMurray State424.345325.32
5.2.Goode, Kerisha Goode, Kerisha JR-3JR-3VMIWinthrop25.3227.66
38.5.Kilgore, Briauna Kilgore, Briauna SR-4FR-1WinthropMurray State27.6627.66
200 Meters Section 3
PLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIME, Olivia Coleman, Olivia Harris, Jasmine Coleman, Olivia FR-1SO-2FR-1SO-2Wright StateMurray StateBall StateIPFW27.40625.7424.8627.40, Aaliyah Brimlett, Jabreuna Coleman, Olivia Brimlett, Jabreuna SO-2FR-1SO-2SO-2IPFWBall StateIPFWBall State5326.2852625.74625.7424.86, Jasmine Brimlett, Jabreuna Patten, Aaliyah Harris, Jasmine SO-2FR-1SO-2SO-2Murray StateIPFWWright StateBall State5326.2852625.745326.2852625.74, Jabreuna Coleman, Olivia Brimlett, Jabreuna Harris, Jasmine SO-2SO-2SO-2SO-2Murray StateBall StateMurray StateMurray State24.8624.8627.4027.40
200 Meters Section 4
7.18.West, Anna-Kay West, Anna-Kay JR-3JR-3Ball StateMurray State3825.5163825.516
8.40.Chidester, Andrea West, Anna-Kay JR-3JR-3MarshallMurray State25.63426.9335
18.40.Vandross, LaSamrae Abrahamowicz, Katie SO-2JR-3WinthropMarshall26.2305627.9572
23.40.Guiley, Courtney Chidester, Andrea JR-3JR-3OhioWinthrop26.5129426.9335
30.8.Curlin, Anna Vandross, LaSamrae JR-3JR-3Murray StateWinthrop426.93353825.516
40.23.Abrahamowicz, Katie Curlin, Anna JR-3SO-2Wright StateMurray State627.957226.5129
200 Meters Section 5
PLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIME, Mia Reid, Tori McClain, Mia Chambers, LaTisha JR-3SO-2JR-3SO-2VMIUNC-AshevilleVMIMurray State25.44251426.7471426.74725.9027, LaTisha Chambers, LaTisha Reid, Tori Reid, Tori FR-1FR-1JR-3JR-3RadfordUNC-AshevilleUNC-AshevilleMurray State3825.6740727.2725.442525.4425, Jocelyn Chambers, LaTisha Chambers, LaTisha Cox, Jasmine SO-2FR-1FR-1FR-1Murray StateMurray StateVMIRadford25.90273825.67401426.74725.9027, Jasmine McClain, Mia McClain, Mia Cox, Jasmine FR-1FR-1SO-2FR-1UNC-AshevilleMurray StateUNC-AshevilleUNC-Asheville1426.74725.90273825.674025.9027, Tori Cox, Jasmine Reid, Tori Cox, Jasmine FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1WinthropWinthropUNC-AshevilleUNC-Asheville727.27727.2725.902725.4425
200 Meters Section 6
14.4.4.Gibson, Argia Smith, Jazmin Gibson, Argia SR-4SO-2SR-4Ball StateBall StateWilliam and Mary25.07125.07125.071
27.13.14.Gibson, Argia Runge, Gabriel Smith, Jazmin SR-4FR-1FR-1West VirginiaWilliam and MaryWest Virginia25.0715926.05815926.0581
27.14.4.Welker, Bria Welker, Bria Smith, Jazmin FR-1SR-4SO-2William and MaryWest VirginiaBall State27.25326.07925.071
13.27.27.Gibson, Argia Gibson, Argia Smith, Jazmin SR-4SR-4SR-4William and MaryUNC-AshevilleWilliam and Mary326.07926.6627.25
14.34.27.Welker, Bria Markley, Gabrielle Runge, Gabriel FR-1SR-4SR-4UNC-AshevilleWright StateWest Virginia26.6627.255926.0581
200 Meters Section 7
PLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIME, Sara Savoy, Chynna Hauck, Jordan Shelton, Jessica FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1Wright StateEastern KentuckyEastern KentuckyEastern Kentucky25.85725.8577927.732925.857, Chynna Campbell, Cameron Crawford, Sara Savoy, Chynna FR-1FR-1FR-1SR-4IPFWWright StateNorthern KentuckyWright State426.542026.4625.85725.857, Cameron Crawford, Sara Crawford, Sara Crawford, Sara FR-1SR-4FR-1JR-3Eastern KentuckyIPFWRadfordRadford426.54426.5427.02426.54, Jordan Shelton, Jessica Savoy, Chynna Crawford, Sara JR-3SR-4FR-1FR-1IPFWRadfordWright StateEastern Kentucky7927.732927.0227.0227.02, Jessica Hauck, Jordan Savoy, Chynna Campbell, Cameron FR-1JR-3SR-4JR-3RadfordNorthern KentuckyNorthern KentuckyWright State426.547927.73292026.4627.02
200 Meters Section 8
PLPLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIMETIME, Margaret White, Daijah Reid, Sabrena Robinson , Chaqieta Robinson , Chaqieta SO-2SO-2JR-3SO-2SO-2William and MaryWest VirginiaUNC-AshevilleWest VirginiaWest Virginia8526.16626.66826.3868526.168526.16, Daijah Sullivan, Margaret Reid, Sabrena White, Daijah Robinson , Chaqieta SO-2FR-1SO-2SO-2SO-2Murray StateWilliam and MaryWilliam and MaryMurray StateWinthrop26.386126.97126.9726.386126.97, Daijah Robinson , Chaqieta White, Daijah Reid, Sabrena Sullivan, Margaret SO-2FR-1SO-2JR-3SO-2WinthropWilliam and MaryWilliam and MaryWinthropMurray State8526.1626.38626.7995626.668626.668, Daijah Sullivan, Margaret Reid, Sabrena Sullivan, Margaret Sullivan, Margaret SO-2SO-2JR-3SO-2SO-2William and MaryUNC-AshevilleWest VirginiaWilliam and MaryWest Virginia626.668126.97626.66826.799526.7995 , Chaqieta Robinson , Chaqieta White, Daijah Grimes, Jailah Grimes, Jailah FR-1JR-3SO-2FR-1SO-2Murray StateWilliam and MaryWest VirginiaUNC-AshevilleWest Virginia26.38626.38626.7995126.978526.16
200 Meters Section 9
15.15.32.Brown, Desire Miller, Bri Thornton, D'Myia FR-1FR-1SO-2UNC-AshevilleRadfordRadford26.09435526.429926.125
16.16.32.Thornton, D'Myia Swenson, Kassidy Thornton, D'Myia FR-1SR-4SO-2Murray StateWilliam and MaryWilliam and Mary9926.1259926.1255526.42
21.24.21.Hooker, Serena Hooker, Serena Hooker, Serena SO-2FR-1FR-1William and MaryUNC-AshevilleWilliam and Mary5526.42326.52379926.125
24.15.16.Swenson, Kassidy Brown, Desire Mallory, Monica SR-4SR-4SR-4Ball StateWilliam and MaryRadford326.523727.335526.42
32.32.21.Miller, Bri Mallory, Monica Swenson, Kassidy SO-2FR-1FR-1William and MaryRadfordWilliam and Mary427.0089926.12526.0943
36.32.21.Mallory, Monica Hooker, Serena Mallory, Monica SR-4FR-1SR-4RadfordUNC-AshevilleUNC-Asheville27.3327.3326.0943