February 17, 2018
U. of Chicago-Henry Crown FH - Chicago, IL
200m (Flat)

Women's 400 Meters

PL PL PL PL NAMENAMENAMENAMEYEARYEARYEARYEARTEAMTEAMTEAMTEAMTIMETIMETIMETIMESCSCSCSC, Kristen Holden, Crystal Effiong, Mminika Morales, Berenice SO-2FR-1FR-1FR-1North ParkConcordia Univ. ChicagoLake ForestNorth Park1:07.4258 1:03.95 1:05.978 1:15.08 - 1100 - 4, Audrey Morales, Berenice Guataguira, Stephanie Jones, Tyanna FR-1JR-3FR-1FR-1North ParkNorth ParkNorth ParkNorth Park48:01:07.4329 1:05.978 3:01:21.8912 1:15.08 4 18 4 -, Shelley Lentz, Kristen Holden, Crystal Effiong, Mminika JR-3SO-2FR-1SO-2North ParkU. of ChicagoIllinois TechU. of Chicago1:10.24 43:01:07.09 1:10.24 3:01:21.8912 18 5261 - 18, Audrey Jones, Tyanna Krevits, Zoey Jones, Tyanna FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1Lake ForestNorth ParkNorth ParkLake Forest43:01:07.09 1:07.4258 17:01:09.8551 1:08.7155 721 8852 1100 -, Audrey Gonzalez, Kimberly Gonzalez, Kimberly Ramirez, Estefania JR-3FR-1FR-1FR-1U. of ChicagoConcordia Univ. ChicagoConcordia Univ. ChicagoIllinois Tech43:01:07.09 48:01:07.4329 1:08.7155 1:08.7155 721 4 1100 8852, Kimberly Effiong, Mminika Holden, Crystal Guataguira, Stephanie FR-1SO-2FR-1JR-3U. of ChicagoIllinois TechLake ForestNorth Park3:01:21.8912 1:08.7155 3:01:21.8912 1:10.24 721 343 4 5261, Berenice Paglia, Audrey Lentz, Kristen Paglia, Audrey FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1Illinois TechLake ForestLake ForestNorth Park24:01:14.348 17:01:09.8551 43:01:07.09 1:05.978 8852 721 721 -, Stephanie Ramirez, Estefania Krevits, Zoey Gonzalez, Kimberly FR-1FR-1FR-1SO-2Illinois TechLake ForestNorth ParkNorth Park24:01:14.348 1:10.24 17:01:09.8551 1:07.4258 343 931 721 8852, Estefania Parat, Shelley Effiong, Mminika Morales, Berenice FR-1FR-1FR-1SO-2Concordia Univ. ChicagoLake ForestNorth ParkNorth Park1:05.978 24:01:11.657 1:03.95 1:15.08 4 - - 18, Kimberly Guataguira, Stephanie Effiong, Mminika Effiong, Mminika FR-1FR-1SO-2FR-1U. of ChicagoNorth ParkU. of ChicagoNorth Park48:01:07.4329 24:01:14.348 24:01:11.657 1:08.7155 1100 - 931 5261, Audrey Krevits, Zoey Effiong, Mminika Jones, Tyanna FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1North ParkIllinois TechLake ForestConcordia Univ. Chicago48:01:07.4329 1:15.08 17:01:09.8551 1:05.978 18 - 5261 -, Stephanie Kvistad, Abby Holden, Crystal Morales, Berenice FR-1SO-2SO-2FR-1Lake ForestNorth ParkIllinois TechConcordia Univ. Chicago1:08.7155 3:01:21.8912 1:07.4258 24:01:14.348 5261 - 931 1100
400 Meters Section 1
PLPLPLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIMETIMETIMESCSCSCSCSCSC, Mminika Ramirez, Estefania Effiong, Mminika Effiong, Mminika Kvistad, Abby Kvistad, Abby FR-1FR-1SO-2SO-2FR-1FR-1Lake ForestIllinois TechIllinois TechLake ForestNorth ParkIllinois Tech1:09.85891:21.8948:01:08.7148:01:08.711:10.24821:09.8589--013425--, Estefania Ramirez, Estefania Paglia, Audrey Parat, Shelley Effiong, Mminika Paglia, Audrey FR-1SO-2FR-1FR-1SO-2FR-1Lake ForestNorth ParkLake ForestIllinois TechLake ForestLake Forest1:11.6591:11.6591:09.85891:09.85891:21.891:09.858942515425-15013, Shelley Paglia, Audrey Ramirez, Estefania Paglia, Audrey Paglia, Audrey Ramirez, Estefania SO-2SO-2FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1Illinois TechLake ForestLake ForestLake ForestLake ForestLake Forest1:11.6591:09.85891:10.24821:21.891:10.24821:10.2482-42515425013013, Estefania Ramirez, Estefania Parat, Shelley Paglia, Audrey Parat, Shelley Paglia, Audrey FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1SO-2Lake ForestIllinois TechLake ForestLake ForestLake ForestLake Forest48:01:08.7148:01:08.711:11.6591:21.891:11.6591:10.2482----425-, Mminika Parat, Shelley Kvistad, Abby Kvistad, Abby Ramirez, Estefania Kvistad, Abby FR-1SO-2SO-2SO-2FR-1SO-2Lake ForestLake ForestNorth ParkLake ForestLake ForestLake Forest48:01:08.7148:01:08.711:21.891:21.891:11.6591:10.2482---425--
400 Meters Section 2
4.10.Jones, Tyanna Jones, Tyanna FR-1FR-1North ParkNorth Park38:01:07.4215:01:14.3455705570
10.4.Guataguira, Stephanie Jones, Tyanna FR-1FR-1North ParkNorth Park15:01:14.341:15.08--
11.10.Krevits, Zoey Guataguira, Stephanie FR-1FR-1Illinois TechNorth Park1:15.0838:01:07.42--
400 Meters Section 3
PLPLPLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIMETIMETIMESCSCSCSCSCSC, Crystal Gonzalez, Kimberly Holden, Crystal Lentz, Kristen Morales, Berenice Lentz, Kristen FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1SO-2Concordia Univ. ChicagoU. of ChicagoConcordia Univ. ChicagoU. of ChicagoConcordia Univ. ChicagoU. of Chicago1:03.9541:07.4301:07.4301:07.43029:01:05.9730:01:07.09711026532653844057110, Berenice Holden, Crystal Holden, Crystal Morales, Berenice Lentz, Kristen Lentz, Kristen JR-3FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1North ParkConcordia Univ. ChicagoConcordia Univ. ChicagoU. of ChicagoConcordia Univ. ChicagoNorth Park29:01:05.9729:01:05.971:07.43029:01:05.971:03.9541:07.430871104405711087110, Kristen Lentz, Kristen Lentz, Kristen Gonzalez, Kimberly Gonzalez, Kimberly Gonzalez, Kimberly SO-2SO-2FR-1FR-1JR-3FR-1U. of ChicagoConcordia Univ. ChicagoConcordia Univ. ChicagoConcordia Univ. ChicagoNorth ParkConcordia Univ. Chicago30:01:07.0929:01:05.971:03.95430:01:07.0929:01:05.971:03.954265344054405440571104405, Kimberly Holden, Crystal Lentz, Kristen Lentz, Kristen Holden, Crystal Gonzalez, Kimberly FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1SO-2FR-1Concordia Univ. ChicagoU. of ChicagoNorth ParkNorth ParkConcordia Univ. ChicagoNorth Park1:07.43030:01:07.0929:01:05.971:03.95429:01:05.9730:01:07.09440571104405265371108