March 24, 2018
William and Mary - Williamsburg, VA

Men's 800 Meters

PL PL PL PL PL PL NAMENAMENAMENAMENAMENAMEYEARYEARYEARYEARYEARYEARTEAMTEAMTEAMTEAMTEAMTEAMTIMETIMETIMETIMETIMETIME, Simon Rogers, John Owens, Miles Wolfe, Clayton Lacey, Blaine Short, Christopher SO-2FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1JR-3George MasonNavyWilliam and MaryWilliam and MaryWilliam and MaryWilliam and MaryDNF 31:01:52.109 1:51.621 25:01:55.6605 DNF DNF, Nicholas Nelson, Gregory Lacey, Blaine Wolfe, Clayton Atkins, Leon Atkins, Leon SR-4SR-4JR-3JR-3JR-3SO-2BuffaloNavyGeorge MasonNavyWilliam and MaryGeorge Mason1:51.621 51:01:57.43 31:01:52.109 7:01:58.1761 28:01:54.763 1:53.048 11.Nelson, Gregory Owens, Miles Atkins, Leon Lacey, Blaine Wolfe, Clayton Rohler, Devin FR-1SO-2SO-2JR-3JR-3FR-1William and MaryNavyBuffaloNavyBuffaloWilliam and Mary31:01:52.109 1:56.56 1:52.6489 1:51.621 1:52.6489 1:53.048, Dominic Heinicke-Peart, Matthew Schulte, Nathan Short, Christopher Heinicke-Peart, Matthew Schulte, Nathan SO-2FR-1SR-4JR-3FR-1SO-2George MasonWilliam and MaryGeorge MasonGeorge MasonWilliam and MaryWilliam and Mary28:01:54.763 7:01:58.1761 1:53.048 51:01:57.43 1:52.6489 28:01:57.33, Leon Wolfe, Clayton Short, Christopher Heinicke-Peart, Matthew Nelson, Gregory Owens, Miles JR-3FR-1JR-3FR-1FR-1FR-1William and MaryNavyWilliam and MaryGeorge MasonWilliam and MaryBuffalo1:51.621 1:51.621 28:01:54.763 25:01:55.6605 7:01:58.1761 28:01:57.33, Devin Schulte, Nathan Nelson, Gregory Schulte, Nathan Atkins, Leon Rogers, John FR-1SO-2FR-1SO-2SO-2SR-4George MasonGeorge MasonNavyWilliam and MaryWilliam and MaryWilliam and Mary1:52.6489 1:57.591 25:01:55.6605 28:01:54.763 51:01:57.43 1:51.621, Blaine Wolfe, Clayton Rogers, John Rogers, John Schulte, Nathan Franshaw, Dominic SO-2SR-4FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1BuffaloGeorge MasonWilliam and MaryWilliam and MaryNavyGeorge Mason1:53.048 1:51.621 1:56.56 1:53.048 28:01:54.763 1:59.16
10.10.8.  12.Franshaw, Dominic Heinicke-Peart, Matthew Petsch, Simon Lacey, Blaine Williams, Nicholas Lacey, Blaine SR-4SO-2FR-1FR-1SO-2SO-2BuffaloNavyNavyBuffaloWilliam and MaryGeorge Mason7:01:58.1761 1:51.621 28:01:57.33 25:01:55.6605 1:56.56 1:53.048 Owens, Miles Owens, Miles Wolfe, Clayton Atkins, Leon Schulte, Nathan Rogers, John JR-3FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1JR-3George MasonNavyBuffaloBuffaloNavyWilliam and Mary25:01:55.6605 1:51.621 51:01:57.43 28:01:54.763 1:53.048 1:59.16
2., Clayton Short, Christopher Rohler, Devin Rohler, Devin Schulte, Nathan Wolfe, Clayton FR-1SO-2FR-1SO-2SR-4SO-2William and MaryWilliam and MaryGeorge MasonNavyWilliam and MaryBuffalo1:51.621 1:57.591 1:57.591 7:01:58.1761 1:53.048 1:51.621, Nathan Lacey, Blaine Heinicke-Peart, Matthew Rogers, John Atkins, Leon Petsch, Simon FR-1SO-2SO-2JR-3SO-2SO-2NavyWilliam and MaryWilliam and MaryWilliam and MaryGeorge MasonGeorge Mason1:59.16 1:53.048 7:01:58.1761 31:01:52.109 1:57.591 1:51.621, Devin Petsch, Simon Franshaw, Dominic Heinicke-Peart, Matthew Wolfe, Clayton Heinicke-Peart, Matthew SO-2SO-2SO-2JR-3FR-1JR-3NavyNavyNavyGeorge MasonBuffaloGeorge Mason28:01:54.763 25:01:55.6605 1:59.16 1:59.16 1:57.591 1:52.6489
11.4. 7.1.8.Franshaw, Dominic Heinicke-Peart, Matthew Williams, Nicholas Owens, Miles Atkins, Leon Rogers, John JR-3FR-1SO-2SO-2JR-3FR-1William and MaryNavyNavyWilliam and MaryBuffaloBuffalo1:52.6489 1:56.56 DNF 1:52.6489 51:01:57.43 51:01:57.43
800 Meters Section 1
PLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIME, John Franshaw, Dominic Nelson, Gregory Wolfe, Clayton FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1NavyNavyNavyWilliam and Mary1:57.43650:01:55.66750:01:55.66738:01:57.59, Dominic Rohler, Devin Rogers, John Rohler, Devin FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1NavyNavyWilliam and MaryNavy1:59.161:57.4361:56.5650:01:55.667, Gregory Franshaw, Dominic Petsch, Simon Rogers, John FR-1SO-2FR-1SO-2NavyNavyNavyNavy1:57.43610:01:57.3310:01:57.3338:01:57.59, Simon Franshaw, Dominic Wolfe, Clayton Franshaw, Dominic FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1NavyNavyBuffaloNavy10:01:57.331:57.4361:57.43638:01:57.59, Gregory Rogers, John Rohler, Devin Nelson, Gregory FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1NavyGeorge MasonGeorge MasonBuffalo1:59.161:56.5638:01:57.5950:01:55.667, Devin Petsch, Simon Franshaw, Dominic Rogers, John FR-1FR-1SO-2FR-1NavyNavyNavyBuffalo1:56.5638:01:57.591:59.1638:01:57.59
800 Meters Section 2
1.4.Owens, Miles Atkins, Leon FR-1JR-3William and MaryBuffalo1:51.6247 1:51.6247
2. Lacey, Blaine Schulte, Nathan JR-3SO-2George MasonWilliam and Mary54:01:52.102 1:51.6247
3.11.Atkins, Leon Williams, Nicholas SO-2JR-3BuffaloBuffalo1:52.64261:52.6426
4.5.Schulte, Nathan Owens, Miles SR-4SO-2George MasonWilliam and Mary46:01:53.0408 54:01:52.102
5.3.Short, Christopher Atkins, Leon JR-3SO-2William and MaryNavy1:54.761:52.6426
11.4.Heinicke-Peart, Matthew Lacey, Blaine SO-2SO-2William and MaryWilliam and Mary17:01:58.17351:52.6426
 3.Williams, Nicholas Owens, Miles SO-2FR-1NavyWilliam and MaryDNF46:01:53.0408