May 16, 2018
North Central - Naperville, IL

Women's 100 Meters Finals

W: +0.0
PL PL PL PL PL PL NAMENAMENAMENAMENAMENAMEYEARYEARYEARYEARYEARYEARTEAMTEAMTEAMTEAMTEAMTEAMTIMETIMETIMETIMETIMETIME, Andrea Nemeth, Grace Hyde, Andrea Nemeth, Grace Bartz, Briana Nemeth, Grace SO-2FR-1FR-1JR-3JR-3SO-2Illinois CollegeIllinois CollegeIllinois CollegeAlbionBaldwin WallaceAlbion912.2448 112.67 912.2448 912.2448 1712.78 812.806, Layla Bartz, Briana Hyde, Andrea Bartz, Briana Hyde, Andrea Nemeth, Grace FR-1SO-2SO-2SO-2JR-3FR-1AlbionAlbionRhodesIllinois CollegeRhodesRhodes612.34 912.2448 1712.78 812.806 12.79 912.2448, Alice Wilks, Layla Bartz, Briana Bartz, Briana Hyde, Andrea Fugate, Alice SR-4FR-1SO-2FR-1SO-2SO-2RhodesRiponAlbionAlbionRhodesIllinois College112.67 12.79 112.67 112.67 12.79 912.2448, Ericka Coleman, Ericka Coleman, Ericka Coleman, Ericka Hyde, Andrea Wilks, Layla FR-1FR-1FR-1SR-4SR-4SO-2AlbionRhodesIllinois CollegeIllinois CollegeRiponIllinois College1712.78 812.806 812.806 1712.78 1712.78 912.2448, Grace Bartz, Briana Fugate, Alice Coleman, Ericka Nemeth, Grace Coleman, Ericka JR-3JR-3SR-4SO-2SR-4SO-2Baldwin WallaceAlbionRhodesAlbionAlbionBaldwin Wallace12.79 612.34 1712.78 812.806 912.2448 12.79, Briana Bartz, Briana Nemeth, Grace Nemeth, Grace Wilks, Layla Wilks, Layla SO-2SO-2SR-4JR-3SR-4FR-1RiponRiponAlbionRhodesAlbionRhodes812.806 612.34 612.34 912.2448 12.79 612.34

Women's 100 Meters Preliminaries

PL PL PL PL PL NAMENAMENAMENAMENAMEYEARYEARYEARYEARYEARTEAMTEAMTEAMTEAMTEAMTIMETIMETIMETIMETIME WIND WIND WIND WIND WIND, Nicole Grove, Kelsey Wilks, Layla Hyde, Andrea Lavey, Taylor JR-3SO-2 SO-2SO-2U. of ChicagoAlbionAlbionIllinois CollegeWashington U.314.22 913.24 212.80 7612.30 0613.1125 -, Crystal Nemeth, Grace Barclay, Vivian Lavey, Taylor Carrigan, Kirsten FR-1SO-2JR-3SO-2SO-2RhodesAlbionBaldwin WallaceOhio NorthernSt. Norbert314.64 314.22 2613.76 8812.649 9013.30 0.2-2.8-2.8-1.40.2, Abby Grace Coleman, Ericka Carrigan, Kirsten Wilks, Layla Fugate, Alice SO-2JR-3FR-1FR-1JR-3Wheaton (Ill.)St. NorbertWheaton (Ill.)AlbionSt. Norbert913.24 514.4428 713.03 12.6705 713.03 -1.4-1.4-1.4-2.80.2
17.3. 4.14.Pribitkin, Tesa Bartz, Briana Fugate, Alice Fugate, Alice Bartz, Briana SR-4SO-2SO-2SR-4SO-2Ohio NorthernAlbionAlbionRhodesSt. Norbert2613.76 6912.74 0613.1125 12.718 12.6705 0.2-2.8-2.8-1.40.2, Alice Nemeth, Grace Coleman, Ericka Nemeth, Grace Hyde, Andrea JR-3SO-2 JR-3SO-2Concordia Univ. ChicagoRhodesSt. NorbertBaldwin WallaceHeidelberg12.6705 9013.30 314.22 6912.74 713.2147 0.2-2.8-
12.8. 6.10.McIntyre, IngaPribitkin, Tesa Felcan, Jacqui Bartz, Briana Pribitkin, Tesa JR-3SO-2SO-2SO-2SO-2A Running Start TCBaldwin WallaceAlbionRiponSt. Norbert512.896 9013.30 0613.1125 212.80 2613.76 -2.80.2-2.80.2-1.4, Tesa Coleman, Ericka Holden, Crystal Coleman, Ericka Hyde, Andrea JR-3JR-3SO-2FR-1FR-1AlbionAlbionRiponAlbionHeidelberg913.24 212.80 12.718 512.896 212.80 -2.8-2.8-2.80.2-1.4, Alice Fugate, Alice Carrigan, Kirsten McGee, Abby Grace Althoff, Nicky JR-3FR-1SO-2JR-3SO-2HeidelbergSt. NorbertU. of ChicagoWheaton (Ill.)Wheaton (Ill.)12.718 6912.74 7612.30 713.03 6814.3571 0.2-1.4-2.8-2.80.2, Grace Holden, Crystal Holden, Crystal Grove, Kelsey Lavey, Taylor SO-2FR-1FR-1SO-2SO-2HeidelbergRiponAlbionHeidelbergWheaton (Ill.)6814.3571 9013.30 913.24 713.2147 913.24 0.2-2.8-2.8-2.80.2, Grace Pribitkin, Tesa Wilks, Layla Althoff, Nicky Bartz, Briana JR-3SO-2FR-1SO-2SO-2U. of ChicagoBaldwin WallaceOhio NorthernWashington U.Albion12.718 913.24 913.24 913.24 2613.76 -2.8-1.4-1.4-1.40.2, Alice Bartz, Briana Coleman, Ericka Kinser, Emily Coleman, Ericka SO-2FR-1FR-1SO-2SO-2U. of ChicagoWashington U.Ohio NorthernAlbionWheaton (Ill.)713.03 314.64 12.6705 9013.30 314.22 -2.80.2-1.4-2.8-1.4, Andrea Pribitkin, Tesa Barclay, Vivian Holden, Crystal Barth, Nicole JR-3SO-2SO-2FR-1SO-2U. of ChicagoAlbionConcordia Univ. ChicagoConcordia Univ. ChicagoIllinois College13.7535 7612.30 6912.74 13.7535 13.7535 -2.80.2-2.8-2.8-2.8, IngaMcGee, Abby Grace McIntyre, IngaBarclay, Vivian Wilks, Layla JR-3SO-2JR-3SR-4SO-2AlbionBaldwin WallaceWheaton (Ill.)U. of ChicagoBaldwin Wallace12.718 713.2147 6814.3571 2613.76 12.718 -2.80.2-1.4-2.8-1.4, IngaBarth, Nicole McIntyre, IngaCarrigan, Kirsten Nemeth, Grace FR-1SO-2SR-4SO-2SO-2Ohio NorthernA Running Start TCOhio NorthernSt. NorbertWheaton (Ill.)9013.30 913.24 6814.3571 314.22 314.64 0.2-, Layla Coleman, Ericka Grove, Kelsey Felcan, Jacqui Fugate, Alice SO-2SO-2FR-1JR-3 RhodesBaldwin WallaceWheaton (Ill.)Wheaton (Ill.)Ripon12.6705 9013.30 6814.3571 6814.3571 6912.74 0.20.2-1.4-1.40.2, Nicole Pribitkin, Tesa Fugate, Alice Pribitkin, Tesa Barth, Nicole SR-4FR-1SO-2SO-2JR-3Illinois CollegeWheaton (Ill.)U. of ChicagoU. of ChicagoRipon12.718 314.64 7612.30 514.4428 514.4428 -2.8-2.8-2.80.2-2.8, Grace Barth, Nicole McIntyre, IngaBarth, Nicole Coleman, Ericka FR-1SR-4SR-4JR-3SO-2Illinois CollegeConcordia Univ. ChicagoWashington U.St. NorbertA Running Start TC6912.74 7612.30 12.6705 314.64 6814.3571 -2.8-1.4-2.8-1.40.2
5.5.17. 6.Pribitkin, Tesa Carrigan, Kirsten Barth, Nicole McIntyre, IngaBarth, Nicole FR-1JR-3SR-4 JR-3Concordia Univ. ChicagoBaldwin WallaceAlbionA Running Start TCAlbion2613.76 6814.3571 913.24 0613.1125 913.24 -1.40.2-2.8-2.8-1.4
100 Meters Preliminaries Heat 1
W: -2.8
PLPLPLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIMETIMETIME McIntyre, IngaWilks, Layla Grove, Kelsey Wilks, Layla Wilks, Layla Holden, Crystal FR-1SO-2SO-2FR-1SO-2FR-1AlbionA Running Start TCAlbionAlbionHeidelbergAlbion8013.118013.119213.765712.67212.6728013.11 Kinser, Emily Wilks, Layla McIntyre, IngaMcGee, Abby Grace Barclay, Vivian McGee, Abby Grace SO-2 FR-1JR-3SR-4 AlbionU. of ChicagoAlbionWheaton (Ill.)AlbionAlbion6813.21 9213.765713.7532313.0312.6722313.03 Barclay, Vivian McGee, Abby Grace Barclay, Vivian Grove, Kelsey Wilks, Layla McIntyre, IngaFR-1 SO-2SO-2SR-4SO-2AlbionA Running Start TCWheaton (Ill.)HeidelbergA Running Start TCConcordia Univ. Chicago12.67212.6728013.116813.21 9213.76572313.03, Layla Kinser, Emily McGee, Abby Grace Kinser, Emily McIntyre, IngaBarclay, Vivian JR-3SO-2SO-2SO-2JR-3SR-4A Running Start TCA Running Start TCAlbionAlbionConcordia Univ. ChicagoU. of Chicago13.306813.21 13.3013.3013.75312.672 McGee, Abby Grace Holden, Crystal Holden, Crystal Holden, Crystal Kinser, Emily Holden, Crystal FR-1SO-2SR-4FR-1FR-1FR-1HeidelbergAlbionConcordia Univ. ChicagoConcordia Univ. ChicagoHeidelbergHeidelberg13.75312.67213.3013.75312.6722313.03 McGee, Abby Grace McIntyre, IngaWilks, Layla Barclay, Vivian McGee, Abby Grace Barclay, Vivian  JR-3FR-1SR-4FR-1 HeidelbergAlbionU. of ChicagoU. of ChicagoConcordia Univ. ChicagoWheaton (Ill.)12.67213.7532313.039213.765712.6728013.11
8. 12. 3.9.McIntyre, IngaMcIntyre, IngaGrove, Kelsey McIntyre, IngaBarclay, Vivian Kinser, Emily FR-1FR-1  JR-3SR-4Wheaton (Ill.)Wheaton (Ill.)U. of ChicagoA Running Start TCHeidelbergHeidelberg13.7532313.0313.308013.118013.118013.11
100 Meters Preliminaries Heat 2
W: -1.4
PLPLPLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIMETIMETIME, Jacqui Lavey, Taylor Barth, Nicole Barth, Nicole Felcan, Jacqui Althoff, Nicky SR-4SO-2JR-3SR-4JR-3SO-2Ohio NorthernOhio NorthernRhodesSt. NorbertRhodesWheaton (Ill.)12.71715512.64 14.354914.354912.717114.3549, Jacqui Fugate, Alice Felcan, Jacqui Althoff, Nicky Althoff, Nicky Althoff, Nicky SR-4SR-4JR-3SO-2JR-3SO-2RhodesRhodesWheaton (Ill.)Washington U.Washington U.Washington U.14.644412.717114.64445512.64 5512.64 12.7171, Nicky Althoff, Nicky Althoff, Nicky Althoff, Nicky Barth, Nicole Fugate, Alice SO-2SO-2SR-4JR-3SR-4SO-2Ohio NorthernWashington U.Wheaton (Ill.)Wheaton (Ill.)Wheaton (Ill.)Wheaton (Ill.)14.644413.244612.717114.644414.644413.2446, Alice Felcan, Jacqui Lavey, Taylor Althoff, Nicky Fugate, Alice Felcan, Jacqui JR-3JR-3JR-3SO-2SR-4SO-2St. NorbertWheaton (Ill.)Wheaton (Ill.)RhodesWheaton (Ill.)St. Norbert12.717114.35495512.64 12.717112.717112.7171, Nicole Barth, Nicole Lavey, Taylor Fugate, Alice Althoff, Nicky Fugate, Alice SR-4JR-3SR-4JR-3SR-4JR-3St. NorbertSt. NorbertWheaton (Ill.)Washington U.St. NorbertOhio Northern13.244614.64445512.64 5512.64 12.717112.7171
100 Meters Preliminaries Heat 3
W: 0.2
PLPLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIMETIME, Kirsten Hyde, Andrea Nemeth, Grace Hyde, Andrea Nemeth, Grace SO-2SO-2SO-2SO-2SO-2Baldwin WallaceIllinois CollegeSt. NorbertAlbionU. of Chicago1714.223912.3012.89712.8012.897, Kirsten Nemeth, Grace Pribitkin, Tesa Nemeth, Grace Bartz, Briana JR-3JR-3SO-2SO-2FR-1RiponBaldwin WallaceAlbionIllinois CollegeIllinois College614.445712.7440 1714.223912.3012.80, Briana Bartz, Briana Coleman, Ericka Coleman, Ericka Pribitkin, Tesa SO-2SO-2FR-1SO-2FR-1Baldwin WallaceRiponIllinois CollegeRiponBaldwin Wallace12.89712.8012.801714.223912.30, Briana Coleman, Ericka Pribitkin, Tesa Bartz, Briana Bartz, Briana SO-2FR-1SO-2SO-2SO-2St. NorbertAlbionIllinois CollegeU. of ChicagoIllinois College5712.7440 12.89712.803912.3012.897, Kirsten Carrigan, Kirsten Nemeth, Grace Nemeth, Grace Pribitkin, Tesa JR-3SO-2FR-1SO-2SO-2AlbionSt. NorbertAlbionU. of ChicagoU. of Chicago614.441714.223912.3012.80614.44, Ericka Pribitkin, Tesa Nemeth, Grace Nemeth, Grace Pribitkin, Tesa FR-1SO-2SO-2SO-2SO-2AlbionU. of ChicagoIllinois CollegeAlbionRipon5712.7440 614.4412.801714.225712.7440