May 15-16, 2019
North Central - Naperville, IL

Women's 100 Meters

1.15.Hyde, Andrea Eastham, Jessica JR-3SO-2Illinois CollegeAurora0012.161 9812.5824 0.70.7
2.7.Crawford, Aminah Darcey, Laura SO-2SO-2BeloitConcordia Univ. Chicago6212.22 813.47 0.70.7
3.5.Makope, Audrey Zima, Sydney FR-1JR-3St. NorbertSt. Norbert6112.35 813.47 0.70.7
4.12.Eastham, Jessica Soutthivong, Brianna JR-3SR-4Hardin-SimmonsSt. Norbert2212.36 0012.161 0.50.7
5.1.Bartz, Briana Eastham, Jessica JR-3FR-1RiponSt. Norbert12.3927 6212.22 0.50.5
6.8.Garcia, Stephanie Naibryf, Tali FR-1JR-3North Central (Ill.)U. of Chicago5612.4217 12.45 0.50.5
7.8.Armstrong, Kayla Horak, Carly SO-2SO-2Concordia Univ. ChicagoBeloit12.433 12.3927 0.70.7
8.15.Greer, Kearra Makope, Audrey JR-3SR-4Hardin-SimmonsU. of Chicago12.45 12.433 0.70.7
9.4.Warner, Destani Zima, Sydney SO-2SO-2Hardin-SimmonsSt. Norbert212.532 5612.4217 0.70.7
10.1.Naibryf, Tali Greer, Kearra SR-4JR-3U. of ChicagoSt. Norbert9812.5824 2212.36 0.50.5
11.15.Grove, Kelsey Eastham, Jessica JR-3 HeidelbergBeloit5212.62 12.3927 0.50.7
12.4.Darcey, Laura Johnson, AmberJR-3FR-1U. of ChicagoHardin-Simmons612.7286 6112.35 0.50.5
13.12.Horak, Carly Grove, Kelsey SO-2FR-1North Central (Ill.)St. Norbert2412.89 212.532 0.70.5
14.6.Zima, Sydney Eastham, Jessica FR-1JR-3St. NorbertU. of Chicago13.12 612.7286 0.70.7
15.1.Soutthivong, Brianna Graff, Caitlyn SR-4FR-1Bethany LutheranEXHIBITION013.402 6212.22 0.70.5
16.3.Graff, Caitlyn Darcey, Laura SR-4JR-3AuroraIllinois College813.47 13.12 0.70.7
 16.Johnson, AmberHorak, Carly   EXHIBITIONRipon014.498 9812.5824 0.70.5
100 Meters Section 1
W: 0.7
PLPLPLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIMETIMETIME, Brianna Soutthivong, Brianna Horak, Carly Graff, Caitlyn Horak, Carly Horak, Carly SO-2FR-1SO-2SR-4SR-4SR-4North Central (Ill.)AuroraNorth Central (Ill.)Bethany LutheranEXHIBITIONBethany Lutheran7314.497314.4912.8912.8913.4717314.49 14.Zima, Sydney Graff, Caitlyn Zima, Sydney Zima, Sydney Zima, Sydney Graff, Caitlyn FR-1 FR-1  SR-4St. NorbertNorth Central (Ill.)St. NorbertEXHIBITIONBethany LutheranEXHIBITION5813.4085913.12913.127314.495813.408513.471, AmberSoutthivong, Brianna Soutthivong, Brianna Zima, Sydney Soutthivong, Brianna Zima, Sydney SO-2FR-1SR-4FR-1 FR-1St. NorbertNorth Central (Ill.)Bethany LutheranBethany LutheranAuroraAurora5813.40857314.495813.40855813.4085913.1212.89 14.Zima, Sydney Soutthivong, Brianna Graff, Caitlyn Zima, Sydney Horak, Carly Soutthivong, Brianna SR-4SR-4SR-4SR-4SR-4SR-4Bethany LutheranSt. NorbertAuroraAuroraEXHIBITIONEXHIBITION13.4717314.4913.47113.4717314.497314.49
16.13. 14.  Johnson, AmberZima, Sydney Johnson, AmberJohnson, AmberGraff, Caitlyn Johnson, AmberFR-1SR-4 SR-4SO-2SR-4AuroraAuroraEXHIBITIONBethany LutheranBethany LutheranBethany Lutheran913.125813.40857314.497314.497314.497314.49
100 Meters Section 2
W: 0.5
PLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIME, Jessica Eastham, Jessica Darcey, Laura Naibryf, Tali JR-3JR-3JR-3JR-3U. of ChicagoHardin-SimmonsRiponRipon912.6240 12.3612.42912.6240, Laura Bartz, Briana Bartz, Briana Bartz, Briana JR-3JR-3JR-3JR-3HeidelbergRiponU. of ChicagoU. of Chicago9112.399112.39212.584912.6240, Briana Garcia, Stephanie Naibryf, Tali Garcia, Stephanie SR-4FR-1JR-3JR-3U. of ChicagoNorth Central (Ill.)RiponHeidelberg212.58412.422512.724912.6240, Laura Naibryf, Tali Eastham, Jessica Darcey, Laura SR-4SR-4JR-3SR-4U. of ChicagoU. of ChicagoHardin-SimmonsU. of Chicago9112.39212.584212.58412.36, Briana Grove, Kelsey Naibryf, Tali Eastham, Jessica JR-3JR-3FR-1JR-3HeidelbergHeidelbergU. of ChicagoRipon9112.39912.6240 12.4212.36, Jessica Darcey, Laura Grove, Kelsey Garcia, Stephanie JR-3JR-3JR-3SR-4U. of ChicagoU. of ChicagoU. of ChicagoHeidelberg12.422512.7242512.724212.584
100 Meters Section 3
W: 0.7
1.9.Hyde, Andrea Greer, Kearra JR-3SO-2Illinois CollegeHardin-Simmons8612.169412.4563
2.3.Crawford, Aminah Warner, Destani SO-2FR-1BeloitIllinois College312.22312.22
3.7.Makope, Audrey Crawford, Aminah FR-1SO-2St. NorbertBeloit12.35312.22
7.2.Armstrong, Kayla Crawford, Aminah SO-2JR-3Concordia Univ. ChicagoConcordia Univ. Chicago12.4358612.1694
8.7.Greer, Kearra Greer, Kearra JR-3SO-2Hardin-SimmonsHardin-Simmons12.456312.4563
9.7.Warner, Destani Greer, Kearra SO-2FR-1Hardin-SimmonsHardin-Simmons12.534312.22