December 7, 2019
Navy-Wesley A. Brown FH - Annapolis, MD
200m (Banked)

Men's 60 Hurdles Finals

1.4.Thompson, Clayton Thompson, Clayton JR-3SO-2NavyTexas State917.9679 8.3792
2.4.Mays, Treyvon Wargo, Hunter FR-1SR-4Texas StateUNATTACHED58.24 458.4987
3.5.Carter, Ian Carter, Ian SO-2SR-4Texas StateTexas State708.2979 917.9679
4.5.Williamson, Almighty Hurd, Cameron FR-1 Morgan StateNavy08.30 708.2979
5.2.Delgado, JosephWilliamson, Almighty  SR-4UNATTACHEDNavy78.37 78.37
6.1.Olivas, Julien Wargo, Hunter JR-3JR-3Texas StateTexas State8.3792 458.4987
7.2.Wargo, Hunter Mays, Treyvon SR-4JR-3NavyTexas State8.4777 708.2979
8.6.Hurd, Cameron Carter, Ian SR-4 NavyNavy458.4987 708.2979

Men's 60 Hurdles Preliminaries

PL PL PL PL PL PL NAMENAMENAMENAMENAMENAMEYEARYEARYEARYEARYEARYEARTEAMTEAMTEAMTEAMTEAMTEAMTIMETIMETIMETIMETIMETIME, Clayton Carter, Ian Campos, Diego Campos, Diego Wargo, Hunter Delgado, JosephJR-3SR-4 FR-1FR-1 NavyGeorgetownNavyTexas StateNavyNavy47.936 8.573 458.51 8.573 48.43 98.83, Almighty Thompson, Clayton Olivas, Julien Campos, Diego Campos, Diego Carter, Ian FR-1SR-4FR-1FR-1FR-1JR-3Morgan StateNavyPennTexas StateMorgan StatePenn28.205 58.5166 28.45 58.5166 8.274 458.51, Treyvon Campos, Diego Johnstone, Thomas Williamson, Almighty Mays, Treyvon Mays, Treyvon FR-1SO-2SO-2FR-1FR-1SO-2Texas StatePennTexas StateTexas StateUNATTACHEDNavy8.274 88.401 98.83 989.09 98.83 8.274, Cameron Williamson, Almighty Elters, Jared Jancek, Jacob Carter, Ian Williamson, Almighty SR-4FR-1FR-1FR-1SO-2FR-1NavyMorgan StateNavyPennNavyUNATTACHED28.36 48.416 458.51 88.401 989.09 28.36, Julien Wargo, Hunter Quarles, Malachi Layton, Daniel Olivas, Julien Delgado, JosephJR-3JR-3SO-2FR-1FR-1FR-1Texas StatePennTexas StateNavyNavyPenn88.401 98.83 748.90 28.45 88.401 018.428, JosephMays, Treyvon Campos, Diego Elters, Jared Carter, Ian Swenson, Conrad  FR-1FR-1JR-3FR-1FR-1UNATTACHEDNavyNavyNavyPennMorgan State48.416 47.936 28.45 28.205 28.36 58.558, Hunter Olivas, Julien Olivas, Julien Thompson, Clayton Williamson, Almighty Wada-Law, Masaki SR-4SO-2FR-1SO-2SO-2SO-2NavyUNATTACHEDNavyNavyWilliam and MaryNavy018.428 8.573 989.09 8.858 88.401 88.401, Ian Campos, Diego Elters, Jared Kizer, Duane Campos, Diego Olivas, Julien SO-2SO-2SO-2SR-4FR-1JR-3Texas StatePennNavyPennNavyUNATTACHED48.43 018.428 8.274 47.936 98.83 458.51, Jared Quarles, Malachi Mays, Treyvon Layton, Daniel Layton, Daniel Hurd, Cameron SO-2FR-1JR-3JR-3JR-3JR-3PennMorgan StateMorgan StateMorgan StateNavyTexas State28.45 989.09 58.5166 989.09 48.43 28.36, Enoch Mays, Treyvon Quarles, Malachi Hurd, Cameron Olivas, Julien Williamson, Almighty SO-2JR-3FR-1FR-1SR-4SR-4PennWilliam and MaryMorgan StateNavyUNATTACHEDNavy458.51 8.858 8.573 28.205 28.45 748.90, Daniel Quarles, Malachi Olivas, Julien Jancek, Jacob Elters, Jared Swenson, Conrad FR-1JR-3FR-1SO-2JR-3 William and MaryMorgan StateNavyNavyUNATTACHEDNavy58.5166 98.83 8.274 8.573 47.936 98.83, Malachi Johnstone, Thomas Olivas, Julien Wada-Law, Masaki Johnstone, Thomas Cheung, Enoch FR-1FR-1FR-1SO-2FR-1FR-1GeorgetownMorgan StatePennWilliam and MaryMorgan StateNavy58.558 28.205 8.858 58.558 28.36 8.274, Duane Williamson, Almighty Hurd, Cameron Cheung, Enoch Layton, Daniel Kizer, Duane FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1Morgan StatePennTexas StatePennNavyNavy8.573 748.90 88.401 458.51 8.858 8.274, Thomas Quarles, Malachi Mays, Treyvon Elters, Jared Carter, Ian Delgado, JosephJR-3FR-1FR-1FR-1JR-3SR-4NavyNavyNavyPennNavyNavy98.83 458.51 748.90 018.428 8.573 8.858, Conrad Kizer, Duane Kizer, Duane Elters, Jared Quarles, Malachi Kizer, Duane FR-1SR-4JR-3SR-4  NavyPennNavyGeorgetownPennTexas State8.858 989.09 018.428 28.45 98.83 88.401, Masaki Wargo, Hunter Wada-Law, Masaki Jancek, Jacob Delgado, JosephCheung, Enoch FR-1SO-2FR-1SO-2JR-3JR-3PennPennTexas StateTexas StateTexas StateTexas State748.90 8.274 28.45 58.558 8.858 48.416, Jacob Wada-Law, Masaki Cheung, Enoch Wada-Law, Masaki Jancek, Jacob Wargo, Hunter SO-2FR-1FR-1SR-4FR-1SO-2NavyNavyNavyNavyUNATTACHEDTexas State989.09 8.274 8.274 88.401 8.858 8.858, Diego Olivas, Julien Johnstone, Thomas Hurd, Cameron Campos, Diego Swenson, Conrad FR-1SO-2SO-2FR-1  NavyNavyNavyUNATTACHEDTexas StateTexas State219.34 47.936 219.34 748.90 28.36 8.573
60 Hurdles Preliminaries Heat 1
8.1.7.Swenson, Conrad Thompson, Clayton Wargo, Hunter SO-2JR-3JR-3NavyNavyNavy098.414437.9317 799.34
6.2.7.Campos, Diego Williamson, Almighty Thompson, Clayton FR-1FR-1FR-1NavyMorgan StateNavy8.20 8.20 098.4144
15.6.6.Thompson, Clayton Delgado, JosephWilliamson, Almighty SR-4 FR-1NavyUNATTACHEDMorgan State798.426098.4144799.34
6.7.6.Carter, Ian Wargo, Hunter Swenson, Conrad FR-1SR-4 NavyNavyNavy878.4372798.426799.34
8.8.2.Carter, Ian Carter, Ian Wargo, Hunter  SO-2SO-2UNATTACHEDTexas StateNavy878.4372878.4372799.34
15.15.6.Swenson, Conrad Swenson, Conrad Swenson, Conrad SO-2FR-1SO-2NavyNavyUNATTACHED798.4268.858.85
15.18.2.Williamson, Almighty Campos, Diego Campos, Diego FR-1FR-1SO-2NavyNavyUNATTACHED098.4144799.34878.4372
60 Hurdles Preliminaries Heat 2
PLPLPLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIMETIMETIME, Jared Hurd, Cameron Kizer, Duane Quarles, Malachi Kizer, Duane Kizer, Duane FR-1SR-4FR-1SR-4FR-1SO-2GeorgetownNavyNavyPennNavyGeorgetown8.55298.36448.4548.458.558.55, Daniel Elters, Jared Quarles, Malachi Quarles, Malachi Hurd, Cameron Kizer, Duane FR-1SO-2FR-1FR-1FR-1SR-4NavyPennWilliam and MaryGeorgetownGeorgetownNavy298.36448.45298.364298.364288.51298.364, Malachi Layton, Daniel Layton, Daniel Hurd, Cameron Kizer, Duane Kizer, Duane FR-1FR-1SR-4FR-1FR-1SR-4Morgan StateWilliam and MaryMorgan StateWilliam and MaryWilliam and MaryMorgan State298.364288.51298.3648.57298.364298.364, Malachi Quarles, Malachi Quarles, Malachi Kizer, Duane Kizer, Duane Kizer, Duane FR-1FR-1SO-2SR-4FR-1FR-1William and MaryGeorgetownGeorgetownWilliam and MaryWilliam and MaryWilliam and Mary8.558.55288.518.55298.364298.364, Duane Kizer, Duane Elters, Jared Layton, Daniel Hurd, Cameron Layton, Daniel SO-2FR-1FR-1SO-2FR-1FR-1William and MaryMorgan StatePennNavyWilliam and MaryWilliam and Mary8.578.578.57288.5148.45288.51
60 Hurdles Preliminaries Heat 3
PLPLPLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIMETIMETIME, Enoch Mays, Treyvon Olivas, Julien Wada-Law, Masaki Mays, Treyvon Olivas, Julien JR-3FR-1JR-3SO-2SO-2JR-3Texas StateTexas StatePennPennTexas StatePenn58.514718.27868.836958.51478.40258.5147, Masaki Olivas, Julien Wada-Law, Masaki Cheung, Enoch Mays, Treyvon Cheung, Enoch FR-1JR-3SO-2FR-1FR-1FR-1Texas StateTexas StateTexas StatePennPennPenn9.09598.40218.2789.095918.278658.900, Julien Cheung, Enoch Johnstone, Thomas Johnstone, Thomas Johnstone, Thomas Wada-Law, Masaki JR-3SO-2JR-3FR-1JR-3SO-2NavyPennPennNavyNavyNavy68.836958.51478.4029.0959658.90058.5147, Thomas Johnstone, Thomas Johnstone, Thomas Olivas, Julien Jancek, Jacob Cheung, Enoch FR-1JR-3SO-2JR-3FR-1JR-3Texas StateNavyTexas StateNavyTexas StateNavy68.836968.836968.836968.83698.40258.5147, Enoch Wada-Law, Masaki Wada-Law, Masaki Cheung, Enoch Wada-Law, Masaki Johnstone, Thomas FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1SO-2SO-2Texas StatePennPennNavyNavyTexas State18.278658.90018.2789.095918.27868.8369, Enoch Jancek, Jacob Johnstone, Thomas Cheung, Enoch Wada-Law, Masaki Wada-Law, Masaki FR-1SO-2FR-1FR-1FR-1SO-2NavyNavyTexas StatePennNavyTexas State8.4029.095968.836968.836958.514718.278