STEP 1-Create a TFRRS Account

If you already have a DirectAthletics username/password for your institution(s), move on to STEP 2. If you do not have a DirectAthletics username/password for your team, follow the steps below:

1) Go to
2) On the right side (in the New Account Creation box), select your Division.
3) Select your team, choosing only what gender(s) you are registering. Enter your contact information - this information will be used only by the NCAA and the meet hosts. Lastly, enter the username and password you would like for your account. Please choose a username that is unique - common usernames like "bears" or "adam" or "track" are likely to be taken.
4) Click Continue and you will be logged in and brought to the roster registration process automatically.
5) Follow STEP 2 below to register your roster.

STEP 2-Setting Up Your Online Roster

Before entering any meets, you must first add all NCAA eligible athletes to TFRRS. This is a one-time process per athlete--once an athlete is assigned a TFRRS ID you will not need to add him/her again.

1) Login at (if you have not already)
2) You will be guided through a series of steps to add your athletes. Make sure you:
• Check off all athletes you wish to add to TFRRS
• Add or review the spelling of each athlete's First Name and Last Name
• Add Middle Initial (if available-highly recommended)
• Review each athlete's eligibility year for the current (or upcoming) season. Athletes with eligibility year 1-FR, 2-SO, 3-JR, and 4-SR will be eligible for championships consideration.
• We recommend adding all redshirts and active athletes to TFRRS--even if they are not eligible for the current season. All redshirts/unattached athletes should be assigned "Redshirt/Unattached" as their eligibility year.
Click "Submit" when finished. TFRRS IDs will automatically be assigned.
3) Continue importing athletes and adding athletes until your roster is complete. You can add/edit athletes at any time by logging into your account at

Understanding TFRRS IDs

• Every institution must register its eligible roster with the database before entering its first competition--this is essential for TFRRS to recognize your athletes when results are submitted
• Each athlete will automatically be assigned a unique TFRRS ID
• ID assignment is a one-time process per athlete (institutions do not need to re-register each athlete yearly)
• This unique ID will not change and will follow a student-athlete for his or her entire career
• Each institution will have access to its roster and TFRRS IDs at any time by logging in at Additionally, institutions can print their roster (click the Printer icon above your roster) and download their roster in text format (click the Excel logo above your roster)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Roster Registration and TFRRS IDs

When do I have to register my roster with TFRRS?
We recommend registering your roster with TFRRS as soon as possible. It is essential to register all eligible athletes with TFRRS before you enter your first indoor meet. TFRRS will not accept results for NCAA consideration for athletes that are not registered and assigned a TFRRS ID.

I already have most of my roster in DirectAthletics, will I need to re-type my roster in TFRRS?

No. When you login at using your DA username/password, you will be prompted to import your DA roster. All DA information (First Name, Last Name, Year) will be filled out in the forms and presented to you so that you can make any adjustments to year of eligibility or spelling corrections before submitting your roster to TFRRS.

What is the purpose of the TFRRS ID?

The TFRRS database will be responsible for tracking and compiling performances for hundreds of thousands of performances each season. TFRRS IDs will eliminate results matching errors, guarantee that there are no duplicate athletes, and allows for easy athlete deactivation (red-shirts) or transfer to other institutions. Having a unique ID is an essential element to any results tracking system.

How can I view/access my athletes' TFRRS IDs?

You can view your TFRRS IDs at any time by logging in at and viewing your roster. You can also download your roster in text format by clicking "Roster Download" on the roster page.

Can I make additions or changes to my roster on TFRRS?

Yes. If you need to correct the spelling of an existing athlete or adjust the eligibility status of an existing athlete, do not create a duplicate athlete. You can edit the existing athlete by logging in at Editing an existing athlete will not change the athlete's TFRRS ID. You can add new athletes to your TFRRS roster at any time. You can also change the eligibility year of an existing athlete (i.e. you redshirt an athlete after the start of the season).

Do I need to enter redshirts and ineligible athletes with TFRRS?

We encourage you to register your redshirt athletes and ineligible athletes with TFRRS. Make sure that any athletes on your TFRRS roster that are not eligible for the current (or upcoming) season are marked with "Redshirt/Unattached" for eligibility year. Results for athletes marked with "Redshirt/Unattached" will be ignored for purposes of NCAA consideration.