If you are not using DirectAthletics to collect your meet entries, you must add your meet to TFRRS before uploading meet results:

1) Login to your Meet Director/Timer account at the top left of this page. If you don't have an account, you can create one HERE.

2) Click "Create Meet"

3) Add your Meet Name, Sport, Meet Date(s), Venue, and confirm whether the meet is eligible for NCAA championship consideration.

4) Click "Submit"

5) Once the meet is added, you can download TFRRS rosters (optional) and upload meet results.


1) Set up a TFRRS Meet Director/Timer Account- If you do not use DirectAthletics for your meet entries, you will need to set up a free Meet Director/Timer account on TFRRS. This is a one-time process that registers you with TFRRS. You must log in to your Meet Director/Timer account to upload meet results or download rosters from TFRRS.

2) Add your Meet(s) to TFRRS- Before you upload results for a meet, you will need to add the basic meet information to TFRRS (meet name, dates, venue, etc.) This process takes only a couple minutes per meet. Once a meet is added to your TFRRS account, you will be able to download TFRRS rosters and upload meet results.

3) Make Sure your Entry Process Supports TFRRS IDs- It is the responsibility of college meet directors/timers to collect valid TFRRS IDs from their attending institutions, regardless of the meet entry method. This is no different than collecting USATF #'s or AAU #'s from entrants at a club meet. 

 If you are using DirectAthletics for your meet entry process, valid TFRRS IDs will automatically download with your entries/rosters. If you are not using DirectAthletics, you should make sure that your meet entry process supports the collection of TFRRS IDs from your attending institutions. To facilitate the meet entry process, there are two ways that meet hosts and institutions can download rosters with TFRRS IDs in electronic format at no cost:

 1. Institutions can download their complete rosters with TFRRS IDs at any time by logging into their account at
 2. Meet directors/timers can download the complete rosters of any TFRRS institution by adding their meet to TFRRS in their meet director/timer account

4) Make Sure your Meet Management Software Exports Results in TFRRS Format- If you are not using Hy-Tek's MEET MANAGER to run your meet, please make sure that you or meet management software can format results in TFRRS' CSV format or can interface with TFRRS directly. If your meet management software is not currently compatible with TFRRS, we encourage you and your software's developers to read our CSV format listed HERE.

5) Make Sure you Upload your Meet Results Promptly-   We encourage all college meet hosts to upload meet results as soon as possible after the end of competition. However if you have either NCAA Division I or Division II institutions in attendance at your meet, it will be your responsibility to submit meet results to TFRRS by midnight Eastern time, one day after the completion of a competition. If your meet results are not uploaded properly in the designated time frame, they may not be considered for championships.  


1) Open your MeetPro database for the completed meet you would like to upload.

2) Open the "TFRRS" menu and select "Login". Enter your username and password and click "OK"

3) Select the corresponding TFRRS meet and click "Upload".


1) Open your Hy-Tek database for the completed meet you would like to upload.

2) Click File, Export, Results for Team Manager.

3) Click "OK" and your meet results will export.

4) Save the exported .TCL/zip file to your hard drive or disk.

5) Login to your Meet Director/Timer account at or and click the Upload Results link next to the meet you are uploading.


If you do not use MeetPro or Hy-Tek's MEET MANAGER, you can upload meet results to TFRRS in a CSV (comma-separated values) file format.

If you or your meet management software would like to use the CSV file format, you can test your CSV results files HERE.


Before you download rosters from TFRRS, you must have a Meet Director/Timer account and add your meet to TFRRS.

1) Login to your Meet Director/Timer account at and click Download Rosters next to the meet you wish to download.

2) Search for the TFRRS teams you would like to download. When your list of teams is complete, click "Finished".

Downloading a Hy-Tek File

1) Follow the link to "Download a Hy-Tek Semi-Colon Delimited File".

2) Save the entry file to your hard drive or disk.

3) Open your Hy-Tek MEET MANAGER database.

4) Click File, Import, Semi-Colon Delimited Rosters/Entries to import the downloaded file.

Downloading a CSV File

1) Follow the link to "Download a CSV File"

2) The CSV file will download and can be opened in Excel or any text editor/spreadsheet.

Note About Importing More Than Once- If you need to re-import rosters for any reason, it is highly recommended that you Purge your Teams/Athletes/Entries/Relays before re-importing. If possible, it is always best to import rosters into a database with no existing athletes or teams.

To Purge Teams/Athletes/Entries/Relays, go to File, Purge, Remove Data Selectively. Check off Teams, and Athletes, Entries and Relays will also be checked automatically. Click OK to confirm.


This section answers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about how the Track & Field Results Reporting System (TFRRS) works for meet directors and timers. If you have any questions about uploading results to TFRRS or meet director/timer procedures for using TFRRS, please email

1) How do meet results get uploaded to TFRRS?

 Meet hosts using Hy-Tek's MEET MANAGER can upload results directly from the software by uploading an exported Hy-Tek results file.

  Non-Hy-Tek users can upload a CSV file in a standardized TFRRS format. All meet management software developers are encouraged to export in this format or implement a direct connection to TFRRS using the Web Services API.

2) As a meet director/timer, do I need an account to upload meet results to TFRRS?

 You can sign up for a free meet director/timer account at any time. Creating a meet director account is easy--once you have an account, you can upload results for as many meets as you'd like. Meet director/timer accounts ensure that only certified meet hosts and timers can submit results to TFRRS and allow the site administrators to contact the "owner" of the results easily. Accounts also allow meet directors/timers to make corrections to previously submitted meet results.

 If your meets are hosted on DirectAthletics already, you do not need a separate TFRRS meet director account.

3) What happens if I need to correct meet results I have already submitted to TFRRS?

 To make corrections to results that have already been submitted, the meet director/timer should make the correction in their meet management software and re-upload the results to TFRRS. The meet results will be corrected online.

4) When I report my meet results, how will TFRRS match my results to each athlete?

 Each institution is responsible for registering its roster(s) with TFRRS before the start of competition. When a new athlete is added to TFRRS, the athlete is assigned a unique TFRRS tracking ID. This ID will never change and will be used by TFRRS to track an athlete's performances from all meet results reported.

5) What is the purpose of the TFRRS ID?

  The TFRRS database will be responsible for tracking and compiling performances for hundreds of thousands of performances each season. TFRRS IDs will eliminate results matching errors, guarantee that there are no duplicate athletes, and allows for easy athlete deactivation (redshirts) or transfer to other institutions.

6) What does a TFRRS ID look like?

 A standard TFRRS ID is 14-digits and is an algorithm of a 6-digit number, first 3 letters of the First Name, Middle Initial (if available, else *) and the first 4 letters of Last Name

 Coaches can view or download their TFRRS IDs by logging into their TFRRS account. TFRRS will recognize a standard TFRRS ID for any meet results you upload

7) What is a "Single-Meet" TFRRS ID?

 All meet directors/timers can download TFRRS rosters into their meet management software at no charge for the purposes of running their meet. If you wish to download TFRRS rosters for free, each athlete will download with a "single-meet" TFRRS ID. This ID is valid for uploading results for that meet only. There is no limit to how many meets you can set up on TFRRS, but you will need to re-download rosters for each meet that you are hosting.

8) I use DirectAthletics to collect my meet entries. Will TFRRS IDs download automatically with my entries?

  Yes. All TFRRS athletes entered into meets on DirectAthletics will download with a valid ID. We encourage meet directors to download complete rosters for every team in attendance along with those athletes with entries. This will facilitate easy changes and adds on meet day.

9) To use TFRRS, do I have to use DirectAthletics for my meet entries?

No. Meet hosts may use whatever meet entry method they choose.

10) If I don't use DirectAthletics for my entry process, how can I collect TFRRS IDs from my entering teams?

 It is the responsibility of college meet directors/timers to collect valid TFRRS IDs from their entering teams, regardless of their meet entry method. This is no different than collecting USATF #'s or AAU #'s from entrants at a club meet.

 For the purposes of running a meet, any meet host or timer can download the rosters of TFRRS teams (with valid single-meet TFRRS IDs) for no charge.

 Additionally, coaches registered with TFRRS can print out or download their TFRRS rosters (with IDs) to facilitate the entry process for coaches and meet hosts.

11) When I import or type TFRRS IDs into Hy-Tek's MEET MANAGER, where do they go?

 TFRRS IDs should be added or imported into the Registration ID# field. Each athlete in MEET MANAGER has a Registration ID# field. If you have worked with USATF or AAU numbers, this is often where you will see them. NOTE: This field is completely different than Comp#.

 Registration ID# can be imported into Hy-Tek's MEET MANAGER using both the TCL entries import and Semi-Colon Delimited entries import. To manually enter a Registration ID#, make sure the field is active by going to Setup, Athlete/Relay Preferences, and checking "Enter Registration Numbers".

 When you upload/export results, TFRRS IDs will automatically be included as part of the meet results.

12) What happens if I don't have or know the TFRRS ID of an athlete at my meet?

  The best practice for college meet directors/timers is to collect complete rosters from all schools in attendance at your meet. This will allow for quick adds and changes on meet day, even if an athlete wasn't originally entered in any events.

 However, if you do not have a valid ID for an athlete on-site, you can run the meet as usual and import or input the ID into your meet management software any time before you upload results to TFRRS.

13) Do I have to use Hy-Tek to run my meet?

 No. TFRRS allows results to be uploaded in a standardized, publicly available CSV (text) format. Additionally, we have published a Web Services API for developers of any meet management software to upload meet results directly from their software. We are encouraging all meet management software developers to implement either the CSV export or full Web Services. Meet management software developers can click HERE to download the latest API.

14) I'm a software developer and would like to make my meet management software compatible with TFRRS. How do I do this?

 Please download the latest version of the TFRRS Web Services API HERE.