March 23, 2019
Wagner - Staten Island, NY

Women's 800 Meters

PL PL PL PL PL PL NAMENAMENAMENAMENAMENAMEYEARYEARYEARYEARYEARYEARTEAMTEAMTEAMTEAMTEAMTEAMTIMETIMETIMETIMETIMETIME , Zhoey Cruz, Diana Hernandez, AnabelRutherford, Sara Greentree, Anna Cruz, Diana FR-1JR-3FR-1SO-2SO-2SO-2WagnerSt. Francis (N.Y.)York (N.Y.)Queensborough CCWagnerSt. Francis (N.Y.)2:30.2231 14:02:51.34 14:02:51.34 2:26.22 48:02:23.235 48:02:23.235, Colleen Gallagher, Colleen Ourti, Aicha Greentree, Anna Cruz, Diana Hodzic, Ellma JR-3JR-3SO-2FR-1SR-4FR-1WagnerYork (N.Y.)Queensborough CCYork (N.Y.)Queens (N.Y.)Fashion Institute of Technolog2:26.22 22:02:48.777 10:02:39.3373 44:02:47.75 11:02:25.53 3:21.093, Monique Vasquez, Nancy Cuevas, Emely Neunie, Nakeema Pellegrini, Carolyn Cuevas, Emely FR-1JR-3JR-3FR-1JR-3SR-4SienaMolloySienaMolloySienaYork (N.Y.)48:02:23.235 33:02:47.240 50:04:22.57 53:02:49.01 2:26.22 2:47.1073, Alayna Bergeron, Monique Langan, Alayna Feaster, Sonja Martino, Emily Calle, Angie JR-3SO-2JR-3JR-3JR-3JR-3York (N.Y.)WagnerWagnerYork (N.Y.)MolloyYork (N.Y.)11:02:25.53 11:02:25.53 3:43.12 3:47.7675 2:30.2231 2:43.85, Nancy Ourti, Aicha Hernandez, AnabelRutherford, Sara Rutherford, Sara Langan, Alayna SO-2FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1SO-2York (N.Y.)York (N.Y.)York (N.Y.)Queensborough CCWagnerWagner2:41.29 48:02:23.235 44:02:47.75 22:02:48.777 10:02:39.3373 2:53.18, Diana Neunie, Nakeema Hodzic, Ellma Culhane, Shannon Browne, Brianna Culhane, Shannon FR-1FR-1 FR-1FR-1FR-1St. Francis (N.Y.)Queensborough CCFashion Institute of TechnologYork (N.Y.)St. Francis (N.Y.)Fashion Institute of Technolog2:47.1073 33:02:47.240 3:21.093 50:04:22.57 46:02:40.04 15:03:09.63, Monique Sachs, Sarah Greentree, Anna Ourti, Aicha Langan, Alayna Langan, Alayna JR-3FR-1FR-1FR-1SO-2JR-3York (N.Y.)York (N.Y.)Queens (N.Y.)Fashion Institute of TechnologFashion Institute of TechnologYork (N.Y.)2:43.85 3:21.093 2:47.1073 33:02:47.240 2:41.29 11:02:25.53, Nancy Gallagher, Colleen Calle, Angie Sachs, Sarah Cuevas, Emely Pellegrini, Carolyn FR-1FR-1FR-1JR-3SO-2SO-2York (N.Y.)Fashion Institute of TechnologQueensborough CCYork (N.Y.)York (N.Y.)York (N.Y.)50:04:22.57 10:02:39.3373 5:02:44.7522 10:02:39.3373 2:43.85 3:43.12, Alayna Starkey , Zhoey Langan, Alayna Feaster, Sonja Neunie, Nakeema Zapata, Yvonne  FR-1SO-2SO-2JR-3FR-1St. Francis (N.Y.)Fashion Institute of TechnologWagnerQueensborough CCQueens (N.Y.)York (N.Y.)14:02:51.34 3:47.7675 3:47.7675 3:47.7675 5:02:44.7522 2:30.2231, Sonja Greentree, Anna Bergeron, Monique Zapata, Yvonne Jia, Crystal Zapata, Yvonne FR-1FR-1FR-1JR-3SO-2FR-1MolloySt. Francis (N.Y.)York (N.Y.)St. Francis (N.Y.)Queens (N.Y.)Fashion Institute of Technolog14:02:51.34 10:02:39.3373 2:53.18 2:53.18 2:45.758 2:41.29, Sonja Sachs, Sarah Jia, Crystal Newland , Tyiera Gallagher, Colleen Martino, Emily FR-1FR-1JR-3FR-1SO-2FR-1Fashion Institute of TechnologSt. Francis (N.Y.)MolloySt. Francis (N.Y.)MolloyFashion Institute of Technolog22:02:48.777 3:47.7675 11:03:08.34 3:47.7675 2:47.1073 15:03:09.63, Crystal Martino, Emily Newland , Tyiera Greentree, Anna Newland , Tyiera Cruz, Diana FR-1FR-1JR-3SR-4FR-1FR-1WagnerMolloyMolloyYork (N.Y.)St. Francis (N.Y.)Wagner2:45.758 14:02:51.34 2:45.758 10:02:39.3373 33:02:47.240 5:02:44.7522, Crystal Jia, Crystal Greentree, Anna Cuevas, Emely Starkey , Zhoey Presume, Kaira  SO-2FR-1JR-3FR-1SO-2York (N.Y.)Queens (N.Y.)Queens (N.Y.)WagnerSt. Francis (N.Y.)Molloy2:53.18 3:43.12 3:47.7675 46:02:40.04 44:02:47.75 15:03:09.63, Carolyn Sachs, Sarah Starkey , Zhoey Presume, Kaira Cates, Tianna Gallagher, Colleen FR-1JR-3SO-2FR-1FR-1SO-2SienaQueens (N.Y.)St. Francis (N.Y.)St. Francis (N.Y.)St. Francis (N.Y.)York (N.Y.)33:02:47.240 14:02:51.34 3:02.95 2:47.1073 22:02:48.777 3:43.12, Alayna Cates, Tianna Ourti, Aicha Cuevas, Emely Culhane, Shannon Ourti, Aicha JR-3SO-2FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1MolloyMolloyQueensborough CCQueensborough CCFashion Institute of TechnologQueens (N.Y.)2:53.18 50:04:22.57 48:02:23.235 53:02:49.01 53:02:49.01 2:47.1073, Yvonne Martino, Emily Cruz, Diana Cates, Tianna Vasquez, Nancy Rodriguez, Monica FR-1JR-3FR-1FR-1JR-3FR-1Fashion Institute of TechnologQueens (N.Y.)Queensborough CCQueens (N.Y.)MolloyQueens (N.Y.)3:43.12 2:53.18 3:05.1594 3:02.95 14:02:51.34 22:02:48.777, Brianna Bergeron, Monique Jia, Crystal Gallagher, Colleen Feaster, Sonja Ourti, Aicha JR-3JR-3SO-2SO-2FR-1FR-1Queensborough CCSt. Francis (N.Y.)York (N.Y.)Queensborough CCFashion Institute of TechnologQueens (N.Y.)2:53.18 3:47.7675 2:41.29 48:02:23.235 2:53.18 3:43.12 , Tyiera Zapata, Yvonne Zapata, Yvonne Zapata, Yvonne Bergeron, Monique Langan, Alayna JR-3JR-3FR-1JR-3FR-1FR-1MolloyWagnerFashion Institute of TechnologSienaFashion Institute of TechnologMolloy3:21.093 50:04:22.57 3:47.7675 53:02:49.01 3:02.95 14:02:51.34, Nancy Gallagher, Colleen Hernandez, AnabelStarkey , Zhoey Hodzic, Ellma Starkey , Zhoey JR-3FR-1SO-2JR-3FR-1FR-1Fashion Institute of TechnologWagnerFashion Institute of TechnologFashion Institute of TechnologYork (N.Y.)Fashion Institute of Technolog53:02:49.01 11:02:25.53 2:26.22 14:02:51.34 3:05.1594 3:02.95 , Tyiera Presume, Kaira Rodriguez, Monica Vasquez, Nancy Sachs, Sarah Neunie, Nakeema FR-1 SO-2 FR-1JR-3MolloyYork (N.Y.)Queensborough CCSienaFashion Institute of TechnologQueens (N.Y.)3:21.093 3:43.12 44:02:47.75 3:21.093 11:03:08.34 46:02:40.04, Angie Sachs, Sarah Culhane, Shannon Hernandez, AnabelHernandez, AnabelZapata, Yvonne  FR-1FR-1FR-1 JR-3Queensborough CCWagnerWagnerYork (N.Y.)Queensborough CCQueens (N.Y.)50:04:22.57 2:26.22 3:43.12 48:02:23.235 15:03:09.63 15:03:09.63, Sonja Hernandez, AnabelCuevas, Emely Browne, Brianna Calle, Angie Bergeron, Monique JR-3SO-2JR-3FR-1JR-3FR-1Queens (N.Y.)WagnerMolloyQueens (N.Y.)Queens (N.Y.)Siena3:43.12 48:02:23.235 2:26.22 2:41.29 3:21.093 33:02:47.240, Monica Rodriguez, Monica Presume, Kaira Ourti, Aicha Rodriguez, Monica Neunie, Nakeema FR-1SO-2SO-2JR-3FR-1SO-2MolloyYork (N.Y.)MolloyQueens (N.Y.)York (N.Y.)Wagner48:02:23.235 2:30.2231 48:02:23.235 10:02:39.3373 3:32.655 10:02:39.3373, Alayna Cuevas, Emely Zapata, Yvonne Starkey , Zhoey Ourti, Aicha Presume, Kaira FR-1 SO-2JR-3FR-1JR-3SienaMolloySienaFashion Institute of TechnologQueensborough CCYork (N.Y.)2:30.2231 11:03:08.34 3:05.1594 50:04:22.57 3:43.12 3:21.093, Brianna Cuevas, Emely Ourti, Aicha Pellegrini, Carolyn Presume, Kaira Langan, Alayna FR-1FR-1FR-1JR-3FR-1SO-2York (N.Y.)St. Francis (N.Y.)York (N.Y.)SienaYork (N.Y.)York (N.Y.)2:45.758 22:02:48.777 14:02:51.34 50:04:22.57 3:47.7675 11:03:08.34, Emely Cuevas, Emely Ourti, Aicha Bergeron, Monique Zapata, Yvonne Culhane, Shannon FR-1JR-3FR-1SO-2JR-3FR-1York (N.Y.)Queens (N.Y.)Queens (N.Y.)Queensborough CCYork (N.Y.)Queensborough CC2:30.2231 11:03:08.34 3:47.7675 15:03:09.63 50:04:22.57 33:02:47.240
800 Meters Section 1
1.2.Greentree, Anna Martino, Emily SO-2SO-2WagnerMolloy2:23.23092:23.2309
2.4.Cruz, Diana Pellegrini, Carolyn SR-4SR-4Queens (N.Y.)Wagner10:02:25.53822:02:26.228
3.5.Pellegrini, Carolyn Rutherford, Sara JR-3FR-1SienaWagner22:02:26.22810:02:25.538
4.1.Martino, Emily Pellegrini, Carolyn JR-3FR-1MolloyWagner2:30.22082:39.33
5.4.Rutherford, Sara Cruz, Diana FR-1SR-4WagnerWagner2:39.332:23.2309
800 Meters Section 2
7.7.Langan, Alayna Cuevas, Emely SO-2SO-2Fashion Institute of TechnologFashion Institute of Technolog10:02:41.2982:44.7529
8.16.Cuevas, Emely Jia, Crystal SO-2SO-2York (N.Y.)Queens (N.Y.)2:43.852:44.7529
9.7.Neunie, Nakeema Vasquez, Nancy JR-3JR-3Queens (N.Y.)Molloy2:44.752954:02:45.756
10.7.Jia, Crystal Jia, Crystal SO-2JR-3Queens (N.Y.)Fashion Institute of Technolog54:02:45.7562:47.10
11.8.Gallagher, Colleen Cuevas, Emely SO-2SO-2MolloyMolloy2:47.1031:02:51.3477
15.9.Culhane, Shannon Culhane, Shannon FR-1SO-2Fashion Institute of TechnologFashion Institute of Technolog12:02:49.0154:02:45.756
16.11.Vasquez, Nancy Culhane, Shannon JR-3FR-1MolloyFashion Institute of Technolog31:02:51.347710:02:41.298
800 Meters Section 3
17.17.Feaster, Sonja Bergeron, Monique FR-1FR-1Fashion Institute of TechnologYork (N.Y.)45:02:53.18413:43.1289
18.22.Bergeron, Monique Calle, Angie FR-1FR-1Fashion Institute of TechnologFashion Institute of Technolog3:02.95449:03:08.341
20.18.Sachs, Sarah Bergeron, Monique FR-1JR-3Fashion Institute of TechnologQueensborough CC49:03:08.34145:02:53.1841
21.18.Hernandez, AnabelRodriguez, Monica   Queensborough CCFashion Institute of Technolog0:03:09.6373:02.954
22.21.Calle, Angie Hernandez, AnabelJR-3FR-1Queens (N.Y.)Queensborough CC31:03:21.0931:03:21.09
23.21.Rodriguez, Monica Sachs, Sarah FR-1JR-3York (N.Y.)Fashion Institute of Technolog3:32.6549:03:08.341
24.21.Ourti, Aicha Calle, Angie FR-1 Queensborough CCQueensborough CC3:43.12893:02.954
800 Meters Section 4
PLPLPLPLNAME NAME NAME NAME YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM TIMETIMETIMETIME, Yvonne Browne, Brianna Presume, Kaira Zapata, Yvonne FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1York (N.Y.)St. Francis (N.Y.)St. Francis (N.Y.)York (N.Y.)3:47.762:40.04652:47.2454:03:05.1570 , Zhoey Newland , Tyiera Presume, Kaira Newland , Tyiera FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1York (N.Y.)St. Francis (N.Y.)St. Francis (N.Y.)York (N.Y.)54:03:05.15702:47.242:48.7724:22.577, Ellma Starkey , Zhoey Cates, Tianna Cates, Tianna FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1York (N.Y.)St. Francis (N.Y.)York (N.Y.)York (N.Y.)2:48.7722:47.7554:03:05.15702:40.0465 , Zhoey Cates, Tianna Presume, Kaira Cates, Tianna FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1St. Francis (N.Y.)St. Francis (N.Y.)St. Francis (N.Y.)York (N.Y.)54:03:05.15702:48.7722:40.04654:22.577, Tianna Hodzic, Ellma Cates, Tianna Zapata, Yvonne FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1York (N.Y.)York (N.Y.)York (N.Y.)St. Francis (N.Y.)3:47.7654:03:05.15702:40.046554:03:05.1570, Ellma Presume, Kaira Cates, Tianna Browne, Brianna FR-1FR-1FR-1FR-1St. Francis (N.Y.)York (N.Y.)York (N.Y.)York (N.Y.)54:03:05.15703:47.762:48.7722:47.75 , Tyiera Zapata, Yvonne Zapata, Yvonne Presume, Kaira JR-3JR-3FR-1FR-1St. Francis (N.Y.)York (N.Y.)York (N.Y.)York (N.Y.)2:40.04654:22.5772:47.752:40.0465